Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Series Alert! coming from @LindaWiken in July

By Lizzie Turner from the Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries by Erika Chase

Hi y'all. I'm so delighted today to introduce, and do a quick quizzing, of a new stable mate. That's what I call it when my author has a new series coming out. But to make it really confusing, my author Erika, will be writing this series as Linda Wiken, which by the way, is her real name. The series is the Dinner Club Mysteries and here's her main gal, J.J. Tanner to tell us all about it.

Erika:  Welcome, J.J. A dinner club series sounds real taste-tempting. Is it?

J.J.:  Well, if you like cookbooks, recipes and talk about food, then yes, it is! I'll tell you a bit about it. The Culinary Capers Dinner Club meets once a month and we rotate homes.The host gets to choose a real cookbook and from it, the entree while the remaining four members choose a side dish or dessert to go with it. And of course, we get to be pretty good at solving murders, too. Because there's always one of those.

Erika: And, are there recipes?

J.J.:  For sure. And I promise, no poisons are ever used in the recipes or as a murder weapon!

Erika: Where is it set?

J.J.:  Well, I live in the suburbs of Burlington, VT is a small (author's note -- fictitious) village of Half Moon Bay, right on the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain.

Erika:  And what do you do, besides catch killers, I mean?

J.J.:  So glad you asked. I'm an event planner. Anything special coming up? I'd love to help.

Erika:   Ahem, we'll have to see. One final question, what does J.J. stand for?

J.J.:  Oh, my...look at the time. Gotta run! Thanks for the chat, Erika.

The countdown is on for TOASTING UP TROUBLE the first in the Dinner Club Mystery series 
 coming July, 2016! Stay tuned, there will be give-aways!

 Writing as Erika Chase:

Look for A KILLER READ,  (#2 on the Barnes and Noble Mystery Bestseller List and an Agatha Award nominee for Best First Mystery),  READ AND BURIED, COVER STORY, BOOK FAIR AND FOUL, and LAW AND AUTHOR on-line or at your favorite bookstore.


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Monday, May 30, 2016

Decorating the Lighthouse!

By Charlene, academic librarian at the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library from the series by Eva Gates

I bet you’ve been wondering what all the decorations and bunting mean on the cover of Eva Gate’s newest book, haven’t you?

For those of you who haven’t read Reading Up A Storm yet (and why not, I might ask) let me explain. It was my idea and I’m so excited about it.

With the municipal elections coming up (Go Team Connor!) I was in a meeting with representatives of other libraries and we got to talking about what we can do to remind people about the importance of getting out and voting. Women and minorities in particular, sometimes need to be reminded of just how hard-won their right to vote was.  Other libraries are doing historical displays – posters calling for Votes for Women, or old campaign-literature and the like.

But I had the brilliant idea of using the lighthouse itself!

The lighthouse can been seen from miles away (that is kinda the point of it, isn’t it) so we’ll use it to remind everyone about the election, and voting. It’ll get everyone talking anyway.

We’re going to decorate the entire outside of the lighthouse tower with ribbons and bunting and rosettes!

It’s a big job, so we’ll make a big splash our of it. Do it on a Sunday afternoon, and invite the whole town to come out with kids and picnics. We’ll have games for kids, the firetruck will be there, and a job for everyone.

It’s my job to draw up the plan. I think I’ll assign Connor to help Lucy attach the bunting to her apartment window. They need a good sharp nudge, the both of them.

Reading Up A Storm, the third Lighthouse Library mystery by Eva Gates was released on April 5th.
Eva is also Vicki Delany, author of the Year Round Christmas series from Berkley Prime Crime and the Constable Molly Smith series from Poisoned Pen Press. To find out what’s happening with Vicki and Eva’s books, you can follow them on Facebook at Vicki Delany and Eva Gates, or write to Vicki@vickidelany.com and sign up for their quarterly newsletter. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend with Audrey Bloom

Image [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Wedding season is upon us, and our coolers are just bursting with color. All kinds of lovely blooms for our June brides!

And, of course, my personal fridge is stocked to the point of bursting for a big barbecue tomorrow: hot dogs, hamburgers, and a fat, juicy watermelon. Nick even helped me clean up the old fire pit for s’mores in the evening, if the mosquitoes don’t eat us alive first. Chester and Luna have already started circling my ankles, begging for their share of leftover burgers.

By Šarūnas Burdulis via Wikimedia Commons
But before we start with any of that, it’s time to put in a few more hours in the shop, breaking out the red, white, and blue flowers for Memorial Day, or as Grandma May used to always call it, Decoration Day. We see a few folks come in for graveside flowers—or sometimes just a single red poppy, used to honor our fallen troops since Flanders Fields in WWI.  And yes, many go for the real deal instead of the artificial ones, to show off at the big parade.

Flowers have been a big part of Memorial Day from the beginning. In fact, that’s how it all got started, when a group of women honored the fallen soldiers at Gettysburg by decorating their graves with flowers. 

Unfortunately, we’ve added a few more wars and many more fallen soldiers to commemorate.

Image [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

So, as you enjoy your weekend with family and friends(and you should—these are the freedoms that those men and women gave their lives for!), take time to place a flowers on a grave, wave the flag at a parade, hold your loved ones close, and/or join in for one minute of silence at 3pm on Memorial Day for the National Moment of Remembrance.

Oh, and please, leave the onion out of the potato salad.

What are your plans for Memorial Day?

You can read more from Audrey Bloom in the Bridal Bouquet Shop mysteries by Beverly Allen, from Berkley Prime Crime.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Filling My Days with Journaling, Scrapbooking, and FOOD!

By: Annie Chamovitz

From: The Cumberland Creek Mystery Series
Author: Mollie Cox Bryan
            Book 5 Title: Scrapbook of the Dead

So these days,  I’m at a bit of a loss. I’ve stopped working as a feeelancer. My boys seems to be off on their own more often, and you can only scrub your kitchen floor so many times. Right? So, I’ve been writing a lot. Or should I say journaling? I’m not really working on any specific book or idea for a book. I’m just journaling about my day, my feelings, and sometimes my hopes and dreams. I’d never admit that to any of my old reporter friends. But they are really no longer a part of my life, anyway.
Of course, I’ve been keeping up with my scrapbooking friends. Sheila’s business is going very strong—as is Vera’s dance studio. I admire them for following their passion. DeeAnn has still not retired from her bakery business, though she threatens to from time to time. I swear she makes the best scones on the planet.
But speaking of baking, I’ve been doing a lot of it myself. I’ve not been known to be a successful baker. I always get busy doing something else and let it go too long. I’ll never be as good of a baker as DeeAnn, but I’m doing okay.
The other thing I’ve been filling my day with is cooking. That’s right. Cooking. This is an activity my husband and the boys have gotten behind one hundred percent. I’ve always made excellent tomato sauce—so my spaghetti and pizza have always been in great demand around here. But now, my crew will eat just about anything I sit in front of them—including some very healthy salads. The newest one is so simple that my younger son made it the other day. It is delicious and oh so good for you. Here’s the recipe from Two Peas and their Pod (one of my favorite food blogs).


1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
2 avocados, pitted, and chopped
1/3 cup chopped cilantro
2 tablespoons green onion
1/3 cup feta cheese
Juice of 1 lime
Salt and black pepper, to taste


1. In a medium bowl, combine chickpeas, avocado, cilantro, green onion, feta cheese, and lime juice. Stir until mixed well. Season with salt and pepper. Serve.

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