Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Hope I Don't Get Caught

By Nicole Amato, from Tracy Weber’s newest Downward Dog Mystery, A Fatal Twist

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late. Mom’s probably already at yoga class. She’s going to be so mad. But that’s nothing compared to Dick Head.
Oops did I say that out loud?

Don’t tell my mom I called him that, OK? His real name is Doctor Richard Jones, and he’s my mom’s husband. I moved in with my mom and Richard two years ago after my dad died. Richard hates me. Sure, he acted nice enough until I moved in, but ever since then he’s been trying to get rid of me. As if spending thirty days in that rehab place he sent me to last year wasn’t bad enough, now he’s threatening to send me to boarding school. If he finds out I stole that money…

Do you think he’ll turn me into the cops? He wouldn’t let me go to jail, would he? I’m only 16.

If Richard threatens me, I’ll tell him that I know he’s cheating on Mom again. He promised her he’d never have another affair, but he’s been “working” awfully late the last few months. I mean sure, he delivers babies and women can go into labor any time, but every night? Mom can’t be that blind, can she?

Maybe I’ll get lucky and this Christmas he’ll grow a heart like the Grinch did. Heck even if his heart did grow three sizes, it would still be smaller than a hummingbird’s.

I can’t talk anymore. I’m pulling into the parking lot of the yoga studio where my mom takes classes. Well, where Mom and I both take yoga. I didn’t think I’d like it, but the teacher, Kate, isn’t all that bad.

Oh, no! It’s even later than I thought. Class started fifteen minutes ago. Wish me luck that Mom doesn’t tell Richard…


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Good luck!

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy, Merry, Seasons’ Greetings or Bah Humbug

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A Day in the Life Devereaux Sinclair by Denise Swanson

Hi! Dev here.

I’m not much for holidays. Since it was just Gran and me for so many years, we tended to mostly ignore the hoopla between November 1 and January 1. Yes, we ate turkey and had a Christmas tree, but that was about it.

However since I opened Devereaux’s Dime Store and Gift Baskets, I am now a part of the retail nation and am forced to acknowledge the holiday season. Still, I’m not ready to celebrate multiple times, which comes with the territory when you’re dating two guys. At least, Jake and his Uncle Tony came to our house, but I was forced to accompany Noah to dinner with his mother. An experience, I won’t soon forget.

Anyway Thanksgiving is over and it’s now Christmas full steam ahead. Dad and Jake shook off their turkey stupor and helped me transform the dime store from a fall festival into a winter wonderland.  
There hasn’t been any snow yet, which isn’t unusual for our part of Missouri. But the temperatures are dropping so we could have a white Christmas. And that’s fine with me as long as it snow Christmas Eve and melts on December 26.

Truth be told, now that my father is back with us, I do feel a bit more festive than previously. But I do have one big worry. I’m afraid either Jake or Noah or both will have a tiny velvet box under the tree for me, which means I sure as shooting better make up my mind between them ASAP.

You can read more about Dev in Between a Book and a Hard Place, the fifth book in the Devereaux’s Dime Store a humorous romantic mystery series. 

Denise also writes the Scumble River mysteries, the Change of Heart romances, the Delicious Love romances.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

All You Need For Christmas is Fudge...and a good book or two

Allie here with the Candy-Coated mystery series. First off I wanted to show off the newest cover for the series. Isn't it great? Oh Fudge is set at The Original Mackinac Island Butterfly House. My fur babies get into more trouble when my cousin makes a surprise visit. Don't forget to put it on your 2017 TBR list (Out Aug 2017)

For Christmas we have a little e-short, All I Want for Christmas Is Fudge. This is a short novella written by my best friend that gives you a glimpse into Mackinac Island at Christmas time. What a magical place.

Of course there's no mention of the mess my love life is in these days in the Christmas book. It's the holidays, who wants to talk about messes when there's all this wonderful sparkle and glitter and evergreens and twinkle lights.

My favorite holiday tradition-besides fudge - is tree trimming, stringing popcorn and cranberries for the tree. Making homemade ornaments. Do people do that where you live? I also like to put a cookie tree up in the kitchen. A cookie tree is decorated with sugar cookies and gingerbread. I think there should be a tree in every room. A cup of hot cocoa and a good book read by firelight or in my case twinkle lights makes the season bright.

We are giving away a copy of All You Need is Fudge. Please leave a comment about your favorite Holiday tradition and Mal will pick a winner. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Starting our celebrating early!

by J.J. Tanner from the Dinner Club Mysteries 
            by Linda Wiken

I get very excited about Christmas! I love the lights, the decorations, the festivities but most of all I love that it's a time of year that brings out the warmth and friendliness in everyone. It also helps that Burlington, VT can usually be counted on for a White Christmas. That's my all-time favorite Christmas movie, by the way.

This year will be even more special because on Saturday, we're heading to nearby (1 1/2 hour drive) Woodstock for their annual Wassail Weekend. There's so much to see and do. Lots of food, music, and crafts...oh, and the famous Wassail Parade in the afternoon. Did I mention food? Think hot and tangy chili , mulled cider, and of course, the popular Wassail Feast at the Woodstock Inn that happens right after the lighting of The Green.

It's truly magical and what makes it even more special this year is who I'm going with. Tyler Devine! Can you believe it? My favorite (don't tell him I called him that!) PI has some Christmas spirit! It promises to be a very special day.

What special happening or person will light up your Christmas this year?

SEASON'S READINGS! Leave a comment, along with your email contact, and your name goes into the draw for an early Christmas gift -- signed copies of Toasting Up Trouble, and the second in the Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries, Read and Buried -- because it's set at Christmas. Contest closes Friday, Dec. 9, noon EST.

I, along with all of my friends in the Culinary Capers Dinner Club wish all of you and yours a very Merry Christmas. And to those who celebrate some other special time of year, our best to you! 

The first book in the Dinner Club Mystery series is now available at the bookstore of your choice, and on-line; also as an e-book.

Book #2 - Roux the Day - comes in March, 2017!

 Writing as Erika Chase:

Look for A KILLER READ,  (#2 on the Barnes and Noble Mystery Bestseller List and an Agatha Award nominee for Best First Mystery),  READ AND BURIED, COVER STORY, BOOK FAIR AND FOUL, and LAW AND AUTHOR on-line or at your favorite bookstore.


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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I Feel Like Dancing!

by Samantha Kidd, Former fashion buyer turned amateur sleuth
as written by Diane Vallere
It’s amazing. Glorious. Fantastic. Did I mention Amazing? I’m talking about vacation the week before Christmas. And you know why it’s so amazing? Because I work in a department store—the kind where customers destroy tables of sweaters so they can find that size Medium for their Aunt Sally, only to change their mind and decide on a necklace instead. My friend Eddie is the visual director for the store and he can’t get through a sentence without using five curse words. He shaves his head this time every year because otherwise he’d just pull his hair out.

So how, you might be wondering, did I get vacation this time of year? That’s the other glorious part. I have a job at Tradava, but not in the store. I work in the advertising division on their magalog. (it’s a cross between a magazine and a catalog. Fashion people like to make up words.) While the rest of the store is focused on complimentary gift wrap on purchases over $25, I’ve been working on the spring/summer catalog, trying to predict what people will be wearing in May. Don’t tell anybody, but sometimes, when I’m not sure which trends are going to be hot, I rely on my trusty Magic 8-ball.

In two days, my boyfriend, shoe designer Nick Taylor, is going to come home from Italy. I’ve known him for over a decade but most of that time was as business colleagues. This is our second attempt at a relationship and I have high hopes that we’ve worked out the kinks. He does travel six months out of the year, which makes it a lot easier to hide my junk food habit and tendency to stick my nose into police business. Hey, it happens.

My friend Cat is eight months pregnant and I’m going to kick off my vacation with a girls’ night in at her house. Movies, popcorn, and the knowledge that I can sleep in as long as I want tomorrow…this holiday season has the makings of the best one EVER. 
Season's Readings! Comment below with your favorite holiday outfit and be entered to win a full ebook set of the Samantha Kidd mystery series: that's five books + book 6, Pearls Gone Wild, due out later this month!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas? Meow...Humbug!

By the coolest of cool cats, Jerry Garcia, from Kylie Logan’s League of Literary Ladies Mysteries

Deck the halls?

Hey baby, if you haven’t caught on, it’s a cruel trick.  Shiny garland?  Twinkling lights?  Sparkling packages?  And a tree in the house?

It’s like someone invented Christmas traditions just to drive us cool cats crazy.

But have no fear, when you’re a groovy guy like me, you know how to get around the holiday machinations of humans.

Trees are made for climbing.  Wrapping paper is designed to be shredded.  And those cute twinkly lights?  One quick bite through the cord take care of those.

In fact, the only holiday tradition around here worth keeping is SEASON’S READINGS.

That’s right, I’m joining the other Killer Characters and offering you a chance to win a copy of Kylie Logan’s “And Then There Were Nuns.”  Yeah, yeah, it’s a mystery, and a pretty good one from what I’ve heard, but let’s face it, the only real reason to read it is for the cat.

So get your act together, leave a comment, and I’ll have that Kylie chick pick a winner by end of day, December 7.

Good luck!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Can’t Wait!

by Quincy
from the FAT CAT series by Janet Cantrell


Christmas at the apartment I let Chase live in with me is one of my favorite days of the year. Lots of people come over, Anna Larson, Julie Larson, Mike Ramos, maybe even Jay Wright. They all like to pet me and I usually let them.

But the best time is when they start ripping paper and throwing ribbons on the floor. What fun! I’m pretty sure they do that just for me. What I can’t understand is why they don’t do it more often. Once a year is hardly enough.

Is Quincy right? Should we have Christmas more than once a year? As wonderful as it is, I think it would be too exhausting. This is me, Janet, the author. I’m giving away signed copies of all three Fat Cat books (unless you already have some or all of them), and a kitten calendar for 2017. You need a calendar, right? Please leave a comment telling me which book(s) you want, and I’ll pick a winner at the end of Tuesday, the 6th.