Thursday, August 17, 2017

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - And Giveaway!

by Chloe Ellefson, living history museum curator

of the Chloe Ellefson Mysteries

by Kathleen Ernst

I love my guy, but he can be a bit overprotective. That's to be expected, I guess. Roelke McKenna is a cop. It's his job to anticipate trouble.

Me, I prefer to look on the bright side. That's why I'm excited about my new temporary assignment. I'm employed at a large historic site called Old World Wisconsin, but this week I'm on loan to one of the state's smaller historic sites.

Pendarvis is in Mineral Point, in southwestern Wisconsin. The region attracted white lead miners in the 1820s. Most were transient single men but in the 1830s, experienced miners from Cornwall began immigrating to the area. And lots of them brought their families.

Two of the old Cornish homes preserved at Pendarvis.
The presence of women and children transformed a rather wild mining camp into a respectable community.

Pendarvis is a charming historic site, and Mineral Point a lovely town known for its artisans and gorgeous old buildings. I can't wait to start learning as much as I can about those early Cornish settlers.

Roelke has expressed doubts about the trip. And yes, it's true that I've stumbled into more than my share of trouble while exploring historic sites and museums. I've even tripped over a body or two.

But I'm determined to have fun helping the curator at Pendarvis. I remain optimistic. What could possibly go wrong?

* * *
Want to read Mining For Justice? Leave a comment and you'll be entered for a chance to win a copy. Please include an email (ex., joe.smith at The giveaway ends at midnight on Monday, August 21. The winner will be announced on August 22.

Mining For Justice is available for pre-order, and will be released on October 8.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Who Is this Guy?

Hi, Evie Bloomfield here.

Well summer is in full swing here on Mackinac Island and that’s terrific if you don’t count the guy dead at the end of the pier next to a bottle of primo Champagne. And to top it off our police chief, Nate Sutter knows the guy.

Nate says he doesn’t but the look on Nate’s face when the saw the body was more than who’s this. It was more like Yikes!

The thing with Nate is that he used to be a Detroit cop and was working undercover right before he came to the island. But no one seems to know undercover what? No one can tie bows, hang bunting, arrange flowers, and suggest an event menu like Nate.

These are definitely not the usual requirements for police duty in Detroit or anywhere else. So what was this undercover work Nate was doing back in Detroit? And who is the dead guy at the pier. And how in the world does expensive Champagne play into all this?

Right now Nate’s passing the whole thing off as someone who imbibed and slipped and fell and knocked his head against the pier. I don’t think so. There’s way more to his dead person than just drunken stroll off the boat.

So my question to you all is, do you like Champagne? When was the last time you drank it and was it a special occasion? I’ll give away three lighted pens and note pad from the answers.

Have a good summer.
Hugs, Evie

Tandem Demise
November, 2017
Cycle Path Mystery series

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

You didn't hear this from me . . .

I'm Rita and just so you know, I don't like to let on about anything I know, especially to the cops.  They make me nervous.  No reason, they just do.  They stare at you until you start blabbing, even if you're not guilty of a thing you still feel like you are.  That's why I didn't want to tell them anything when they came around asking questions about the murder. 

I mean, what do I know?  I just worked with her, here at the bar, I really don't know much about her life.  I admit I was curious about some stuff, but I never asked her anything.  Not that she'd tell me anyway.  She was pretty closemouthed but I knew there were a lot of things going on in her life that maybe shouldn't have been going on. 

Then that friend of her family came by, what was her name?  Oh, yeah, Julia.  That one just hung out at the bar until I finally broke down and talked to her.  She wasn't going to go away, I could tell.

I told her what I knew, which wasn't much, but I suspected there was some hot romance going on.  One night she got all dolled up and rushed out the back door.  I peeked.  I couldn't resist.  Couldn't see who was driving but I saw her get into a real expensive car.  I think whoever this guy was, he was giving her some nice jewelry too.  She was wearing some new things I hadn't seen her with before.

The next day, I kinda hinted . . . like where were you going all dressed up?  You looked really nice.  Her lips were sewn shut.  She wouldn't tell me a damn thing.  Okay, I thought.  Keep your secrets and I'll keep mine. 

I just hope this doesn't bring any trouble to my door!  You can find out what happens in All Signs Point to Murder.  A brand new book in the Zodiac Mysteries, just out last week.  Hope you enjoy my small part in the story. 

What do you think?  Should I have told Julia more? 

You can visit my author Connie di Marco at her website, at Facebook and Twitter @askzodia to learn more about Julia and the Zodiac Mysteries.

Monday, August 14, 2017


By Hitchcock the Cat of the Bad Luck Cat Mysteries by Kay Finch
You may have heard of me – Hitchcock, the bad luck cat. Sigh.  I know I’m not bad luck, and my owner Sabrina knows I’m not bad luck.  Some people in the Texas Hill Country like me, but there are too many who go out of their way to avoid me. Who in their right mind believes that a cat can be bad luck anyway? Sadly, too many people. I encourage them all to learn more about me – I was quite helpful to Sabrina in THE BLACK CAT SEES HIS SHADOW and she might not be here to tell the tale if not for my heroic action.

Sabrina absolutely appreciates her black cat – me. This Thursday, August 17th, is the official BLACK CAT APPRECIATION DAY. I encourage all of you to spread the word and tell everyone you meet that black cats are the most wonderful, loving, affectionate, great, incredible, excellent, marvelous, amazing, brilliant, fabulous, fantastic, terrific, superb pets you could possibly ever own.  Did I say awesome? Well, we are.

Did you know there is also a HUG YOUR CAT DAY? Guess we missed that back in June but you can hug me any day of the year. I hear there’s a TAKE YOUR CAT TO THE VET DAY later this month – don’t mind if you skip that one.  I don’t mind celebrating NATIONAL DOG DAY on the 26th with my friend Angie, the yellow Lab. Sabrina mentioned NATIONAL BOOK LOVERS DAY on the 9th, and since she’s a writer and her BFF, Tyanne, is a bookseller, I’m sure I’ll hear all about NATIONAL READ A BOOK DAY next month.
Would you believe that today is CREAMSICLE DAY – what’s up with that? How about I take the “cream” part and you can have the “sicle.”
Don’t forget – Thursday is the biggie.  Appreciate a black cat – appreciate ALL black cats – on Thursday and every day. I'd love to hear comments about your favorite black cat - or any cat for that matter!

Kay Finch is the National Best-Selling Author of the Bad Luck Cat Mysteries, Black Cat Crossing, The Black Cat Knocks on Wood, and The Black Cat Sees His Shadow. She’s a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division. Kay lives with her husband and their rescue pets in a Houston suburb. Visit the author at

Sunday, August 13, 2017

No! I don't want a cracker! But what about a GIVEAWAY?

Preorder today! 
"Kiwi want a cracker?" Shm...if I hear that one more time, I might take my big talon and poke someone's eye out.

I want exactly what is on the menu of all the other heart beating creatures in this motel. Day in and day guest of The Inn are welcomed with big warm, out of the oven cookies and a glass of whatever that is, while I have to sit in this huge cage in the middle of the entrance watching them. I've got some pretty cool digs.

And I love the fact the guests of the Inn can come in and run a fingertip down my gorgeous feathers. But then. . . .
"Kiwi want a cracker?"
Humans! Are you kidding me??? There's an open container right here in my cage, if I wanted a cracker, don't you think I just get one? No. I don't want a cracker.

Oh no. . . here comes someone who's very nosy and loves to gossip from our small town of Cottonwood, Kentucky. That's what I do all day long. I sit here in this cage and listen to small town gossip. It's a bit entertaining at times because I'll hear on thing and by the  end of the day, that one thing has been spun around so many tongues, it's not at all the truth. Sometimes I like to repeat the gossip just to stir the pot.

So I just sit here and entertain them. Sometimes they ask me to show my pretty wings or repeat them.

They think it's fun and get me to repeat them. They beg and plead. . .Hold on. That big gossip just came in the door said something that might be important.

What did you say? Hey! Come back here! What did you say?
Huh. They didn't pay any attention to my questions. I even spread my wings to get their attention.

I swear they said, "I came from Beryle's and couldn't find the book. Couldn't find the book. Glad she's dead. Glad she's dead."

Did they mean Berlye Stone? The famous author from Cottonwood? She's. . .dead?

Have you ever tried to get a bird to talk to you? Leave a comment and be entered to win a print/signed copy of SOUTHERN FRIED, the second book in the series, along with an IT'S A SOUTHERN MYSTERY Y'ALL measuring spoon and SOUTHERN MYSTERY tote.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

A True Throwback

by Marcy Singer of Wicked Stitch by Amanda Lee

Don't you love Renaissance Faires? I do. I enjoy celebrating bygone times and events steeped in culture and tradition.

When the RenFaire came to Tallulah Falls, I really enjoyed having a booth there. In addition to other embroidery kits and completed pieces, I highlighted blackwork embroidery because it was popular in England during the 16th and 17th centuries.

If you think you'd be interested in blackwork--either to put on your Renaissance Faire costume or tea towels, pillowcases, etc., then check out The Blackwork Embroidery Archives for some tips and free patterns.

If you aren't terribly interested in blackwork, but you really would like to attend a Renaissance Faire, then check the RenList to find one near you. Whether you dress up or not, be sure to enjoy other people's costumes, the entertainment, the food, and the vendors! It's fun to pretend to step back in time...especially when you can step back into time (and electricity, and modern plumbing, and medicine, and hygiene! LOL!).

Do you enjoy Renaissance Faires? Or is there another type of festival you prefer?

I'm having a giveaway featuring Wicked Stitch at Fresh Fiction this month. The contest runs from August 7 - August 28 and is part of their Dog Days of August celebration. Wicked Stitch was first published in April of 2015, received great reviews, and was nominated for RT Book Reviews Amateur Sleuth award for 2015. In the Fresh Fiction giveaway, one reader will win a signed paperback copy of the book and a $10 Amazon gift card. You may enter at

Friday, August 11, 2017

Can't Eat Just One!

By Missy from Sparkle Abbey's Pampered Pets Mystery series

Hi everyone! It’s Missy, Mel's bulldog. Mel and Betty are knee deep in inventory management. I have no idea what that means, but it keeps them busy. So I offered to share with you the recipe for my favorite treat. And if you know anything about dogs, we LOVE treats! 

I call these sweet potato jerky strips, but I heard Mel talking to her friend Darby, and she called them sweet potato chips. Honestly, I don't care what we call them, I just want to eat ALL of them! They are quick, simple, and delicious!

If decide to try out the recipe, let us know how they turned out.

Missy's Sweet Potato Jerky Strips

You’ll need:

3 large sweet potatoes
Baking sheet
Cooling rack

Preheat oven to 250° F

Scrub those sweet potatoes. No need to peel.

Cut the potatoes lengthwise into 1/3″ slices, no smaller than 1/4″. Keep in mind, the thinner 

the slice, the shorter the cooking time.

Place sliced potatoes on a baking sheet in a single layer.

Bake for about 3 hours. Turning over after 1 ½ hours.

Cool completely on a wire rack. Depending on thickness this could take 30 minutes to 1 hour. As the treats cool, they will harden.

For desired chewiness – Baking 3 hours creates a soft, chewy dog treat. If your pooch prefers crunchy treats, bake for an additional 20-30 minutes. 


Sparkle Abbey is actually two people, Mary Lee Woods and Anita Carter, who write the national best-selling Pampered Pets cozy mystery series. They are friends as well as neighbors so they often write at ML’s dining room table or at the Starbucks up the street. If they could write anywhere, you would find them on the beach with their laptops and, depending on the time of day, either an iced tea or a margarita. They chose to use Sparkle Abbey as their pen name because they liked the idea of combining the names of two of their rescue pets, Sparkle (ML's cat) and Abby (Anita's dog).

Raiders of the Lost Bark is the eighth book in the series.

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