Sunday, June 27, 2010

Men: Can't live with them can't shoot them!

Well, I suppose I could shoot
them, but then I'd be the one
being carted off to jail and
where's the fun in that?

It all started when my friend
Tenley Morse asked me,
Brenna Miller, to move to
Morse Point and help her
run her specialty shop called
Vintage Papers. I teach
decoupage there, and after a
crime infested, hectic life in
Boston, it was exactly the
change I needed. I was just
beginning to acclimate to
small town living when the
mayor turned up dead
in a trunk that I found.
Not good.

And the man accused of the murder is my landlord,
Nate Williams, who I happen to have a scorching crush on.
Really, not good. In an effort to help Nate out, I decided
to do some sleuthing of my own.
That's when I met
Dom Cappicola.
Yes, Cappicola, as in the
mobster family known
for sinking the bodies
of people they don't like
into the Atlantic.
But here's the thing, Dom
likes me. I mean he likes
me and he says he is trying
to make the family business

Now what's a girl to do?
Pine for Nate, who might
be a killer?
Or date a man who quite
probably is a killer?

What would you do?
Other than shoot them, that is.



  1. Hi Brenna,

    I vote for Nate and if you would only tell Nate how you feel then perhaps he'll tell you how he feels and then you can kiss and, well, I'll let you figure that one out.

  2. Brenna, nice to meet you. You are in quite a pickle, so to speak. Go for Nate, less likely to break your heart.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Oh Brenna! What a dilemma! I vote for Nate, too, but let Dom down easily...really easily. Make him think it's his idea. You don't want to go swimming with concrete shoes...


  4. Hi Brenna,

    Nice to meet you. Torn between two lovers? I can relate. Good luck.


  5. Oh boy! What a dilemma! The most efficient way for me to figure this out is to read the book, Brenna. Can't wait! In the meantime, don't shoot!

    Charlotte Adams
    Charlotte Adams mysteries

  6. Boy, oh boy, can I relate, Brenna! I don't think I'm in a position to give advice in the man department (I don't have a good track record in that department). But I find that a pint and a spoon beats a gun any day of the week.

  7. So, I've got three votes for Nate, two undecided and one suggestion of a pint and spoon. I made
    a smores casserole in STUCK ON MURDER. What ice cream would go best with that? Because the only man in my life that I can truly stand right now is Nate's golden retriever Hank and I do believe I have some Frosty Paws doggie ice cream for him in my freezer. I'm thinking the two of us can hunker down, eat our sweets and ignore the world.

  8. Smores casserole? Yum! I think plain vanilla ice cream would work perfectly.


  9. Tough choice!! I guess I'll opt to read the book and find out what you did.

  10. I vote for Dom. Partially because he should be given a chance and partially because my gut says Nate has a good chance of being the killer. :)

  11. At least you don't have a curse hanging over your love life. I may have found the man of my dreams, but Cupid (he's not as cute as he seems) is going to mess it up.

    Bring the guys and come meet my dad, Oscar, the King of Love himself. He'll be able to tell you which guy is your one true love...

  12. Brenna, in Scoop to Kill (my next misadventure, September 2010) I have a recipe for Peanut Butter 'Smores Ice Cream Cake. With your casserole, you could use vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, or maybe a really rich caramel swirl? Or opt for B&J's Phish Food which has chocolate and swirl of marshmallow.

    I'd leave the Frosty Paws for Hank.

    And, Lucy, I could use your dad's services, but I'm (perpetually) short on funds. Would he work for ice cream?

  13. Not sure what I'd do. Might have to read the book and guess along with the rest of your readers! But a scorching crush is so hard to cool down, and Dom...well, you have to give him credit for wanting to do the right thing. Hmmm.

  14. Hi Brenna, I think I'm voting for Nate, but I have to admit, this is a tough call! I bet you'll come to the right decision, though--always trust your instincts.