Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Operation: Hijack The Blog

Welcome to Killer Characters! I’m Ellery Adams and I write the Books By The Bay Mysteries. I started writing when…hold on…
Hey! Stop that! What are you doing? Is that duct tape?

Enough of her. Authors, authors. They’re a verbose bunch, are they not? I’m Olivia Limoges and I’m an aspiring author too, but I don’t bore hundreds of people with the minutiae of my daily existence. If I let Ellery continue, she’d tell you what she had for breakfast and what Facebook game she’s playing.
Then again, I don’t spend half my life sitting at a computer. I have a five-star restaurant to oversee, a novel to write, and the lighthouse keeper’s cottage to renovate. Not only that, but people continue to drop dead in my idyllic coastal town of Oyster Bay, North Carolina.
However, seeing that Captain Haviland (my standard poodle) and I have already taken our morning walk on the beach where we found an unusual coin with the help of my metal detector, I do have a moment to welcome you to this blog.
From here on out, consider this url hijacked by us, a collection of fascinating fictional personalities. Expect the unexpected. You never know which character will appear and what we’ll say.

And if there’s a question you’ve always wanted to ask a character, now’s your chance. Without our authors hanging around, we’re free to tell you our deepest, darkest secrets.
Isn’t this going to be fun?


  1. Hi Olivia, now you stop that and un-duct tape Ellery so she can continue to tell us about your adventures.

    It's nice to meet you and I can't wait to hear from the rest of the gang.

    Have a good Monday.

  2. Hi Olivia. I'm very pleased to meet you. I'm right in the middle of your story and I can't wait until it's time to go home so that I can see what else happens with you and the rest of the writing group. Looking forward to spending more time with you (And Ellery)

  3. Duct tape? Oh, no! Poor Ellery!

  4. Oh Olivia, I can see this is going to be an interesting blog. Can't wait to meet the rest of the gang.
    No deep, dark question just who's the cute dog?

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. Looking forward to reading this blog, very interesting. I live in Oxford, NC and love to read about coastal towns.
    God Bless!

  6. On behalf of your authors, I have to object to the duct tape, Olivia. Please let Ellery go. We'll let you all have the blog, just don't hurt us.

  7. Olivia, I've met you before (I read A KILLER PLOT and really enjoyed your attitude), but I'd appreciate it if you'd let my pal Ellery go. After all, Alison Kerby from my NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED) is blogging here tomorrow, and I'm allergic to duct tape.

  8. Duct tape has so many uses. I once taped a wayward muffler back onto an acquaintance's car when I was in boarding school. I didn't have a car, of course, because my grandmother insisted I be chauffeured around for privacy's sake.

    I dislike that my comments will appear in my author's name, but I am too intrigued by the posts I see here to remain mute.

    The gorgeous animal on the KILLER PLOT button is my standard poodle, Captain Haviland. I named him after the fine French ceramic company as my own last name hails from that region as well. Though I have a few pieces, our family fortune stems from oak barrels - the kind used to store rare cognacs and the like. But don't be fooled by my wealth - my father was an alcoholic fisherman and life wasn't always rosy for this little rich girl.

    Be quiet, Ellery! I am allowed to be frank with these fair folk...

  9. I can tell this will be a daily stop from here on in.

  10. Olivia, as a fellow standard poodle lover (I had a black one named Lucy that was truly the most wonderful standard, ever -- no offense, Capt H) I can't wait to dive into your next adventure! But you really need to let Ellery go. She is your author, after all!

  11. Olivia! Please let Ellery go. She has much to celebrate today. I'm sure she'll agree to walk the pooch.

    MJ (very worried)

  12. Congrats on a killer kick-off to your blog!! And Ellery, er, I mean Olivia - okay, BOTH of you! Congrats on an equally killer series debut! :)

    ~ Cleo
    Coffeehouse Mystery.com

  13. Nice to get to know you better, Olivia. I'm looking forward to reading what Ellery has to write about you in the books; looking forward, too, to hearing from other characters.

    Now, forget the duct tape. Negotiation carries less risk of retaliation!

  14. What have these characters DONE with their authors? That's what *I* want to know. :) Especially considering their seemingly constant connection with murder!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  15. Thanks for giving us more wonderful stories all the time. Looking forward to reading this blog daily!

  16. I love how you chose the name - Captain Haviland! Have you always had dogs, Ellery? Is he your first poodle?

  17. Olivia I love your name! I have a character who may sneak in here from time to time who shares it, but she goes by Ollie.

    Love the other names in your life, too! Limoges, Haviland! I know I'm going to really enjoy your adventures!


  18. I'm with Elizabeth! I'm a little worried now...

    I'm loving A Killer Plot, Ellery--can't wait to see what happens next.

  19. Olivia, don't make me get stern with you, young lady. Let Ellery go.
    (Run, Ellery, run!).
    My husband pointed out that this whole thing has the plot of a Twilight Zone episode (leave it to him to put a weird spin on just about anything...ask Julie..). Anyway, I'm loving the concept and can't wait to hear more from everyone.

  20. What a great start to the Killer Characters blog. Ellery, er Olivia, is going to be a hard act to follow.


  21. Olivia, I'm a fellow Tarheel! (well, by way of New York) I did live in Kinston, North Carolina for 10 years. How did you get into crime-solving? Isn't it a rather dangerous profession for a nice Southern girl? Just wondering...

  22. Nice Southern girl? I think not. I am polite, but that's different. And I've let Ellery go. She's in the tub soaking her sore wrists.

    HAviland is my first poodle. I've had other dogs and cats in my life, but Captain Haviland is by far the smartest and most loyal animal I've ever known. I couldn't live without him.

    Ah, here comes my author now. She is smiling. Apparently today was a good day despite my mischievousness. She says that many of you folks have gone out of your way to support her and she wants to send her heartfelt thanks.

    Drivel. I"m off to serve myself a generous cocktail.

  23. I'm not a big fan of blogs in general,but I think I'll try to remember to check this one fairly often!

  24. Congrats! Looking forward to another cool mystery blog

  25. Olivia, I'm very relieved that you took the duct tape off Ellery. I was about to come over with Wolf to save Ellery. Honey, you *need* her. But since you let her go, I've made a nice pitcher of Strawberry Margaritas that we can share while we commiserate about Ellery and Krista.

    ~ Sophie

  26. Big congrats ladies! I know how hard it is to start up a new blog!! You've hooked me.

  27. Hey Olivia, I've a question about your novel in progress. I've always been intrigued by the Ancient Egyptians--heh just look at my blog's design--so I was wondering if we'll see more of it and more of the books being written by the Bayside Book Writers?