Sunday, July 18, 2010

Made it this time!

by Grace Wheaton

Before I get started, let me apologize for missing my spot last month. I suppose I should be grateful that Ronny Tooney stepped in on my behalf to alert you all to my disappearance, but it's difficult to be grateful to Ronny for anything. He wanted me to hire him to look into the murder, but that's a job for the Emberstowne detectives, not an amateur sleuth.

Of course, thanks to my author, that's what people are calling me now. I had no intention of solving a mystery. I came here for family reasons and started working at Marshfield Manor just recently. It's a gorgeous, 150 room mansion that also serves as a popular tourist destination. We have a hotel on the premises, and wonderful artifacts and priceless antiques I can't wait to catalog. That is, when I find the time!

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You see, the head curator and director of Marshfield Manor, Abe Vargas, was murdered in Bennett Marshfield's study. Unfortunately, a concurrent (and major) crime in a nearby town required task force efforts more than our single murder did, so it was left up to Emberstowne's finest to find Abe's killer. It really isn't their fault that they have no on-the-job experience. For the most part Emberstowne is idyllic, quiet. It's a tourist town with Marshfield Manor as its crowning jewel.

Anyway, when the detectives stalled in their investigation I tried helping out a little. But believe me, I had no intention of interfering with their work. None. It just so happened that...

Wait... rather than have me explain the whole situation, maybe you can just pick up Grace Under Pressure and read all about it. You'll meet my acerbic assistant, Frances (she isn't reading this, is she?), Bennett Marshfield, who owns the manor and lives there too, and Jack Embers...

Hmm....What can I tell you about Jack? He's very good-looking, and he seems like a great guy. There's just something behind his eyes though, something I can't put my finger on. Secrets...

Maybe one of these days, when he and I finally get out on a date without my roommates along for company, I'll find out what he's hiding. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by here today. I hope you visit Marshfield soon.
Come for the tour... Stay for the murder...

~ Grace


  1. Hello Grace, nice to meet you. I definitely have to pick up a copy of GRACE UNDER PRESSURE and see what is going on. Sounds like you have made a wonderful amateur sleuth whether you wanted to or not. LOL Best of luck.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Hmm...a man with secrets! Good luck finding out what he's hiding. Still, a man of mystery is very intriguing, so don't find out TOO much. :)

  3. Grace, despite being worried, we gave ourselves a stunning behind-the-scenes tour of Marshfield Manor while we searched for you. You just have to see the trunks of antique linens in one of the attics! I can't describe which wing and which stairs - there are so many. I'll have to come show you.

  4. Hi Mason! So nice to meet you, too. I really didn't expect to get so personally involved in all the trouble at Marshfield, but I have to admit, it was exciting. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Elizabeth - I know... he's so circumspect, but I have a feeling he might open up eventually if I just give him time. I hope so. Thanks for stopping by today.

    Willow, really? That's wonderful to hear! I've only been at Marshfield for a few months and all this amateur sleuthing - what with helping investigate the murder and some of my own family secretes - I haven't had a chance to explore the mansion as much as I would like to. You have an open invitation to visit any time. I can't wait!


  5. Hi Grace,

    I'm so glad you're okay. And really being an amateur sleuth is a lot of fun. I bet once you've gotten 3 or 4 murders under your belt you'll love it. Of course, now that the police have hired me as their psych consultant it's a lot easier to investigate.

  6. I love a man with secrets. Well, fictional men at least!

    I have GuP on my TBR pile--at the top. Just need to find the time to read it.

  7. Grace, we're so relieved that you're back safe and sound. I have mixed feelings about Ronny. He certainly was worried about you!

    ~ Sophie
    Domestic Diva Mysteries

  8. Hi Grace. I love your first story. I look forward to reading more about you. I am especially interested in how your relationship with Bennett will develop. I have a question. Where is Emberstowne? Did you ever tell us which state this cozy little tourist town is in?

  9. Hi Grace,

    I love a man with secrets because discovering them will be so intimate.

  10. Hi Skye,

    Oh my gosh, you've been involved in that many murders? You must be an amazing woman. I hope you and I can meet in person someday. Maybe you can give me some tips. My author has me involved in a new murder now... This wasn't part of my job description!

    Heather - I agree. Jack seems to be worth the effort to pry. A little at least...

    Sophie, thank you for being so worried. I'm so happy to be back, safe and sound. Well, for now at least. I seem to be stuck in another mess now... but my author is not giving me any hints about how this is going to turn out. Think maybe she doesn't know yet herself?

    Annette - Thank you!! I'm hopeful that my relationship with Bennett develops, too. He's such a wonderful man and I get the sense he's as happy to have me in his life as I am to have him in mine. We'll see. As long as Frances doesn't poke her nose in and mess things up, of course!

    Dru -I hope so. Fingers crossed this brings us closer together (He seems like such a good guy.) I hope whatever his secrets are, I worry they might push us apart. I wish I knew...


  11. Stay for the murder! That's an invitation I can't refuse.

  12. Phew. Glad you're okay, Grace -- I'm dying (okay, maybe not the best word considering the murder and all) to know what those secrets are behind Jack's eyes. Can't wait to find out.


  13. Hi, Grace, sorry I was a bit late for your appearance Sunday, but I was chatting with your cohort in crime, July Hyzy at the Writer's Chatroom. I do look forward to catching up with you and accept your invitation to the 'tour' and what follows ^_^


  14. Hi Paige, *grin* - I hear you. Maybe "dying to know" isn't the best choice, but I feel exactly the same way. He's quite the enigma.

    Kate - it was so great chatting with you and the group! Thanks for the great questions and I hope you enjoy your tour...



  15. I'm just glad you're all right, Grace! We were a bit worried and we didn't entirely trust that Jack.

    Welcome back!

    Charlotte Adams


  16. Did I say didn't trust Jack? I've been thinking too much about my own friend, Jack, lately and it clouds my thinking. I meant Ronny. I don't know, Grace. You better watch out that guy!

    Charlotte Adams (blushing!)

  17. Wow--I want to go to Marshfield Manor right away! It looks fabulous. And I can't wait to hear more about the mysteries lurking there.

  18. I have read Grace under pressure and its very intersting i never though jespon would be involved i thought it would be jack or ronny tooney weird name anyway...