Friday, July 30, 2010

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

By Dovie Valentine

Such sass, my granddaughter Lucy has.

She thinks she’s so clever, and that I don’t know what she’s trying to do.

That girl is trying to match-make, and if you know Lucy, you know she doesn’t do that so well. The worse part is who she’s trying to match.


Shush now. I know you’re all saying that I deserve what’s coming to me, just because I tried to match Lucy a couple of times, but didn’t I find her Sean? Nobody seems to want to give me credit for that match. Noooo.

Hush again. If I hadn’t been trying to set her up with the local butcher, then she wouldn’t have been trying to so hard to avoid me, and wouldn’t have been spending so much time investigating that murder, ipso facto, spending time with Sean. Therefore, she should be thanking me (a great-grandchild would be nice) instead of trying to find a match for me.

Oh, for the love of Pete. Quiet down. I shouldn’t just go along with it. I’m not ready for any kind of long-term commitment. Or short term either. How do you feel about blind dates? Me? I’m not so fond of them.

Right, technically this isn’t a blind date. I’ve seen the man in question— what would that make it? A deaf date? (How do these terms even get started?) Lucy had the nerve to invite him to my home without telling me first—it’s not like I would ever do that to her.

What? Oh right. Well, water under the bridge. Forgive and forget.

What’s that? Yes, yes, the man she chose for me is rather handsome. So fit. So strong. Has all his hair and teeth (hey, that’s a plus at my—ah—his age).

Perhaps I might give short term dating another try. Just this once. Just don’t tell Lucy. I don’t want it going to her head.

What? You all want some credit? I see Lucy’s not the only one with sass.

Okay, I’ll give you a teeny tiny bit of credit, but that’s it. Don’t press your luck. Now, what should I wear on this date? You don’t think he’ll take me to do something athletic, do you? Oh, for the love. What did I get myself into?


  1. Time for me to check out all of your adventures, Dovie!! Sounds like you are proving that life is never defined by your age but by your enthusiasm!!
    look forward to meeting you and your granddaughter!!

    Once I get to know you gals I'll be happy to chat you up on my new girls of a certain age need to stick together!!! Come visit me sometime...we can chat about boys!!

  2. Hi Dovie. After Lucy, you are my favorite character in Truly Madly.
    I am so happy your next adventure will be out next week. I can't wait to read what happens on your date.

  3. Hi, Dovie! In my opinion you can't go wrong with a nice sundress. Unless it's winter, and then you can go wrong, I guess! But be sure to wear comfortable shoes! Save the high heels for the dinner date in the expensive restaurant. And have fun!!

  4. Hi Dovie,

    Just be yourself and wear what makes you comfortable.

  5. Hi Booklover--age is but a number, and in my case, it's one I try hard to erase!

    Annette, I can tell you're a woman of good taste. I'd rather not be knocked off your favorite list, so when you read the next adventure, just pay no mind to the pages when I call Lucy to bail me out of jail. Though that was quite exciting--and a picture in the Globe to boot!

    Zita, it's Christmastime here in my world, a bit out of season for a sundress, but slinky is always in season.

    Dru, great advice I'll be sure to take.

  6. Dovie, it's easy to sew beads and sequins to a sweater. Come up my notions shop, Buttons and Bows, in Elderberry Bay, Pennsylvania, and I'll help you place whatever decorations you choose.

    No matchmaking for me, though, please, but my daughter Haylee (she's not technically *my* daughter, three of us share her, but that's a long story) who owns the fabric store, could use some help in that department. The last guy she dated has just been convicted of embezzling!

    Oh, yes, please come.

  7. Hey Dovie. I'm right there with you. Don't tell my granddaughters, but I still got a little sass in my fras, if you catch my meaning. I still enjoy a little romance. A little flirting. Maybe even a little necking.

    But I'm way too set in my ways to shack up with man again. Heck, I've been running my own home for decades, and I'm not ready to deal with dirty boy socks all over my house. So I agree with you: have fun, but keep your independence.

  8. Dovie -- Well, I can't wait to meet the lucky guy! Try to have fun. See you next week.


  9. Enjoy yourself, Dovie. Don't worry about what to wear, he'll be too dazzled to notice anyway.

  10. Just go with the flow, Dovie. Order a martini & go from there.

  11. Hi Dovie..You must remember me Douglas's Sister Susan.Well Doug is with The Angels,and he asked that I keep in touch..Doug left you a "Little Something" in his will,we know how smitten he was with you..We can send a car to pick you up or a Plane..Please let us know..He asked that you wear 'Your Charcoal Grey Sweater" and Slacks" Looking forward seeing you again Dovie,Susan,The "Vermonts"...

  12. I think Dovie should be careful--I married my "deaf" date--and I think she needs a man around to help take Dovie's focus off Lucy. :)

  13. She should be,the family is not what they appear to be..She needs a Real man..Alive and totally focised on her..Lucy will be getting into some "Situations" I imagine Heather..Next Week..I can't wait What is a deaf date? lol

  14. Dovie,

    You can't go wrong with nice black slacks and twin set--or a jacket from Colodwater Creek.

    May Denison (Skye's mom)

  15. Having all your teeth is a *very* important trait, I think!

    Hope your date goes well. And..turnabout is fair play after your previous matchmaking attempts for Lucy! :)

  16. Dovie - I loved hearing *your* perspective on all this! Enjoy your date!


  17. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with jeans and a nice top!

  18. I think a couple of mimosas can make a great ice-breaker, Dovie. Just have fun and see what happens.

  19. Dovie, So nice of you to stop by and tell us what is going on. Teeth is good, hair - not so important - bald and beautiful is OK. I am just starting the new book and I am so glad you are there to "help" Lucy. Luanne(pen21)