Saturday, July 10, 2010

Memphis—It’s Delicious

Small sized DELICIOUS  SUSPICIOUS cover Hi y’all—it’s Cherry, one of the Graces at Aunt Pat’s barbeque restaurant. What’s a Grace, you ask? Well, we’re docents over at Graceland (one of my favorite places on this Earth) and we’re also regulars over at our friend, Lulu Taylor’s, restaurant. It’s a great life—dividing our time between the King…and Lulu, the Queen of Barbeque.

That’s not to say we didn’t have some rough times at the restaurant for a while. When that sassy miss from the Cooking Channel kept mouthing off at Aunt Pat’s? Well, I knew that spelled trouble. Sure enough, she was deader than a doornail in less time than you can say “red beans and rice.” But some people, just need killin’.

Now, that unpleasantness is all put behind us. And—somehow—we’ve got to be practically famous! News crews talking to us, and this book, Delicious and Suspicious, has been released to tell our story. And it cracks me up how these reporters seem to want my opinion on things.

So, completely unsolicited, I’m going to give my Top 5 reasons for loving Memphis:

ribs The amazing food. Seriously, y’all. And I can’t narrow my favorite between pulled pork and baked beans.

The best music you’ve ever heard. And the Back Porch Band plays the blues right there at Aunt Pat’s restaurant for your listening enjoying.

Those amazing Peabody ducks in the gorgeous Peabody hotel. Killer characters2Those ducks are the cutest things you’ve ever laid your eyes on. And somehow they don’t seem out of place in that magnificent hotel.

Graceland. Naturally, that’s going to be high on my list, since I spend as much time as possible over there. Where else can you go and feKiller characters1el amazing serenity in the midst of jungle prints?

The people of Memphis. And I’m not just talking about Lulu and the other Graces. The people of Memphis are warm and welcoming and make you feel like you’ve just found a best friend with every person you meet.

If you can’t fit a trip to Memphis into your summer, maybe you’ll enjoy a virtual trip to the city by reading Delicious and Suspicious. We can spend a lot more time together then—cutting up at Aunt Pat’s.

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  1. Cherry---Pulled pork and back porch blues get my vote any day.

  2. I am sold, Cherry! I can't wait to visit Memphis now. What an ambassador you are. But until it cools down, my visit is going to be by reading Delicious and Suspicious - this weekend!

    Charlotte Adams

    Closet Confidential: a Charlotte Adams mystery

  3. Pulled pork, live music... I'll be on the next train. Or wait, did the last one already leave?

  4. Hi Cherry,

    Nice to meet you. I'm a big Elvis fan. Maybe I can visit Memphis on my honeymoon. Of course, first I have to set a wedding date. ;)


  5. Cherry, it's good to see you're keeping everyone straight around Aunt Pat's. After that last nasty food critic you can't be too careful. Have a glass of sweet tea for me.

    Thoughts in Progress

  6. I've always wanted to visit Memphis and perhaps I'll make that trip virtually and in person.

    Okay, so what exactly is "pulled pork?"

  7. Hey, I know all about Memphis. I grew up there! My brother still lives in the area. I don't get back there much, but I've got lots of great memories and can (usually) still find my way around town pretty well. Looking forward to reading "Delicious and Suspicious."

  8. Also, I have a (small) complaint here. Under "This Month's New Titles" it still has the June listings. Where are July's?? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks for getting this updated.

  9. Geez, Cherry - has the board of tourism thought of hiring you??

  10. Oh, and Dru ... I've never had Memphis pulled pork, but back in my omnivorous days, I ate plenty of the stuff in James City County, Virginia: it's pork that's been reduced to shreds in a BBQ sauce (the nature of the sauce varies from region to region). Virginia pulled pork is especially good on a sandwich, topped with coleslaw. Oh my heavens!

    (Now I try to recreate that with bbq seitan and coleslaw. Tasty, but not quite the same. :) )

  11. I have yet to try coleslaw ON my bbq sandwich. I'm a Texas girl, though, so our bbq is usually beef brisket, not pork, and sliced, not shredded. Now that I'm a transplant to Illinois, bbq of any sort is hard to come by. I could probably make a fortune with a good bbq restaurant here...Skye doesn't know what she's missing!

  12. Maggie--Mine too! We'll love hanging out with you.

    Rayna--Come right on! It couldn't be a long flight from India...right? :)

    Mary Jane--I'll admit it's just a little toasty right now in Memphis. Might be a slight temperature shock from Canada!

    Janet--They're saving a seat for you! Come along. :)

    Skye--Hope you'll set that date soon! And...did you know there's a wedding chapel right on the grounds of Graceland? It holds about 100 people, but it's a great place to get married.

    Mason--Girl, I'm *working* on keeping everyone straight, but they seem bound and determined to get into trouble no matter what I do!

    Dru--It's pork pulled right off the bone--so more of a shredded meat than big blocks of meat. :)

    signlady217--It's rough when you move away from a place--usually it ends up changing faster than we want it to. And we'll get those new releases out there for your viewing pleasure right away! :) Thanks for the interest.

    Wendy--No ma'am, they *haven't*, but if you wanted to put a little bug in their ear, I'd sure appreciate it!

    Skye needs to find out what she's missing! Mmm...coleslaw!

  13. Hi Cherry. It is so nice to meet you.
    My family and I evacuated from a hurricane about 10 years ago to Memphis. The people were absolutely wonderful to us. We stayed an extra 2 days to play tourist. Love Memphis bar-b-que and of coarse Graceland. I purchased your book last Friday. I plan on reading it this week.

  14. One long weekend in Memphis with my husband, two years ago, made me fall in love. With the people, with Beale Street and all those little plazas filled with soul-deep music... with the food (oh, the FOOD!)... with the Peabody, where we stayed, with its Sunday brunch and its charming ducks...and with Bernard J. Lansky, a gracious, elegant gentleman whose tailor shop is located in the Peabody.

    I can't wait to go back. This time, I'm going to look for Aunt Pat's!