Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Spatula Wars!

Hi, Melanie Cooper here. I'm in a bit of
jam, and I'm not talking raspberry or
boysenberry, either.

Okay, so my best friend and business
partner Angie DeLaura had to stop me
from flinging buttercream frosting
all over the windshield of my rival
baker's delivery van. I snapped, I admit
it. Olivia Puckett has been driving by our
bakery Fairy Tale Cupcakes fifteen times
a day. She's beginning to get on my
very last nerve. Does this mean
I am overly emotional or prone to
murder? I think not.

Unfortunately, the police find it highly
suspicious that my other business partner's
fiance turned up dead with one of my cupcakes
in her hand. It looks bad, I admit, but I
swear I'm not a killer. Tate, the other business
partner, has been Angie's and my friend since we
were kids. I'd never harm anyone he loved, truly,
even if she is, um, make that was the most
narcissistic and vapid person I've ever met.

Now Angie on the other hand, she's known for her
hot temper and I have just discovered that she's
actually in love with Tate. With his bride allegedly
dead by cupcake while taste testing the cupcakes
Angie and I were baking for their wedding, well,
let's just say I think I need to find out who the
real murderer is before we both get
iced for good.


  1. Melanie--Sounds like you *are* in a jam--hope you find that killer soon!

  2. Whoa! That's a pretty pickle you're in. Good luck, sister!

  3. Why does Olivia Puckett drive past your bakery fifteen times a day?

  4. I guess we can't put Olivia in a cake and send her off somewhere, or can we?

  5. Hi Melanie,

    Sounds like a sticky situation. There's something about weddings that just bring out the worst in some people. I'm sure glad my cousin's is over.


  6. So glad the buttercream was spared from being flung. It's far too yummy to be wasted on a windshield!


  7. Quite the sticky situation! Yikes! Weddings seem like perfection, but in reality they are stressful fits that are best when they are over! Good Luck!


  8. Hi Melanie. Guess I'll just have to read your story to find out who the real murderer is.

  9. Just have one of your delicious cupcakes. The sugar will give you energy and help get the detective juices flowing.

  10. I just finished this one yesterday and LOVED IT!!
    Now I can't wait for Buttercream Bumpoff.

  11. Death by cupcake...yowsers. I want to hear more about Olivia, she's up to something, that's for sure.

  12. OMG...don't waste the buttercream on Olivia! Make some of that nasty stuff make with shortening...probably even harder to get off the van...hee hee!