Monday, July 19, 2010


So far this morning, there's been no sign of Laura or any of her characters.

This just screams of a mystery, doesn't it?

Julie, do you know where Ronny Tooney has been? Any chance he's involved in this disappearance?


  1. After all, he did make Grace vanish for a day or so when he wanted to take over.

  2. It is really odd and a pattern in emerging. We amateur sleuths check out that kind of thing. Too early to call the police. Let's just snoop a bit ...

    Charlotte Adams (who likes a challenge)

  3. Grace returns, then Beth disappears. Uh-oh. I'm not liking this...

  4. Never fear, Beth is here! Or, rather, Beth's stand-in, Marina, is. I'm a little late, I know. Sorry sorry sorry. Beth would say that's typical, but she's such a stickler for being on time. That silly girl even shows up on time to doctor's appointments.

    And the only Ronny I know was in 2nd grade. He kept pulling my pigtails and calling me clever names like "Red Head." I still hate him. Not that I carry a grudge, of course...

  5. That was you, Laura? Hey, sorry about pulling your pigtails.
    But I would have found Beth, or Marina, if you guys had given me half a chance. I just checked in here and the mystery's already solved.

    Can't a wannabe PI ever catch a break?

    Next time somebody disappears call me, okay?

    Ronny Tooney

  6. I am so confused. Too many characters to keep up with this morning. I just have one thing to say. Give Ronny Tooney a break. He's not a bad guy, just a bit too eager. I like him.

  7. So Laura is missing?? Whenever anyone disappears on a Monday morning, I immediately think, "uh-oh, someone had a wild week-end." Not that that is necessarily true...just sayin'...