Friday, August 27, 2010

Bridezilla? Who are you calling a bridezilla?

So, my fiance has these two friends, they're women.
I don't like them. I'm Christie Stevens, a fashion
designer on the rise and what are they? Cupcake
bakers. Puleeeze...why would my man Tate Harper have
anything to do with them?
Yeah, yeah, he invested in their bakery Fairy Tale
Cupcakes. So what? Once I finish sinking my hooks into
him with his "I do" at our wedding, that little threesome
of buddies since childhood will be history.
I'm going to be a superstar, I tell ya! So what could he
possibly see in them with me around? I heard there's even
a short film about me on You Tube. Let's just take a peek,
shall we?

NOOOOOOOOOOO! I am going to be rich and famous! You can't kill me off!
I forbid it! Do you hear me? Oh, fine. I'm calling my lawyer...



  1. Love the trailer. Ordered the book after seeing it.

  2. Okay, this is the first time I've seen a blog post by a dead character that wasn't a ghost. PLEASE tell me she's not going to be a ghost, because I was really glad to get rid of her the first time. (Sorry Christie, but you were a real witch, you know...)

  3. I just LOVE this trailer! She's the QUEEN of the Bridezillas!

  4. Don't blame the victim, they say, but really ... Christie, you make it difficult.

    Love the trailer!

    Charlotte Adams

    Closet Confidential: a Charlotte Adams mystery

  5. Sorry, Christie,

    No one deserves to be murdered. Although many come mighty close.


  6. Love this trailer! Sorry we couldn't get to know you better, Christie (NOT!)


  7. Sorry Christie...the author has other plans for Tate.

  8. Bridezilla, lose the 'tude and you might not lose the man. :) On the other hand, you might!


  9. I may just leave my fictional dimension and come back as a ghost and haunt that little threesome. Thanks for the idea, Shel.
    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha... Christie

  10. Love this trailer! Can't wait to read the book.

  11. Christie.. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't do it! You're MUCH HAPPIER where you are now...really!!!