Monday, August 30, 2010

Here Comes Trouble

By Nina Quinn

I’m baaaack!

Really, I’ve been here all along, lurking in the background. I’m good at that. Lurking. Just ask my family. Though they might call it snooping. They might be right (don’t tell them I said that).

It’s not like I can help that I’m nosy, er, curious. And apparently I’m not the only one. There have been lots of questions about me lately. From readers nosy curious about where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, and most importantly, if I’ll be coming back for good.

Honestly, with that last one, I’d like to know the answer, too. But I don’t know. Supposedly, Weeding Out Trouble, the fifth book in my series was the last (sniffle, sniffle), but I’m the optimistic sort. I’d like to think "never say never." You know I can’t stay out of trouble no matter how hard I try, so there are lots of stories still to tell.

Especially now that Riley’s starting college; Kevin’s dating again (no, I don’t want to talk about that); everyone’s pressuring me and Bobby to make wedding plans (what ever happened to long engagements, I ask you?); Ana has sent more of her parolees to me for jobs; and Brickhouse Krauss and Mr. Cabrera are currently “off” again. She’s hedging her bets by breaking up with him every couple of weeks, because she’s desperate to avoid what happens to all his girlfriends eventually. You know, that dying thing. Can’t say I blame her a bit. Oh, and my sister, Maria? She’s thinking about having kids. KIDS! She can barely take care of her dog.

So, you see, trouble tends to follow me around. There are still lots of adventures to be had. Even if you don’t get the chance to read about them in a book again, I’ll pop here from time to time to let you know how things are going. Just don’t ask me about Kevin. Even if you are nos-- er, curious. Okay?


From Heather: Readers often ask if our characters are anything like ourselves. Most often, no, though there might be a trait or two that sneaks in. Nina, like me, has a Dr Pepper addiction (and, oh my gosh, just saw the cutest Dr Pepper lunch box, the old fashioned metal kind, at Old Navy the other day, but I resisted buying it, because really, I don’t need a lunchbox…but So. Cute.), and like Nina, I’m really nosy, er, curious. I can’t help it. So far it hasn’t gotten me into trouble though. How about you, are you nosy?


  1. ~~~Hi Nina~~~

    It's good to see you again. I'm glad to know the recent going-ons around your neck of the wood.

    I'm not nosy or curious, I'm inquisitive. I like that word better.

    Have a great day.

  2. Dr. Pepper! Mmm! I think I have something in common with you and Nina too!

    I might be nosy sometimes... :)

  3. Fellow Dr Pepper girls - just FYI, one of the recipes in Scoop to Kill is a Raspberry-Dr Pepper Milkshake. Sounds weird, but it's really good. :)

    Nina, it's so good to see you again! You know, you were my first foray into the world of cozy mysteries? I'm delighted to hear you're still getting in a little trouble. Keeps life interesting!!!

  4. Nosy, who me? Sure, I keep binoculars near the window. Those are for watching birds.

    Oh, wait, what are those folks across the street doing now?

  5. Nina! I've missed you! I always loved your gardening mysteries. I'm optimistic that there will be more books in the series too. Fingers crossed!


  6. {{Nina}}

    I've missed you. Glad you can stop in here and let us catch up. I totally agree with you about long engagements.


  7. Elizabeth, I knew you had impeccable taste!

    Wendy, I'm a bit scared, but I'll trust you. :) And that Nina does love trouble! (How funny Nina was one of your first cozies!)

    LOL, Janet! Stick to the bird story. No one will be the wiser.

    Julie, I miss Nina too. More books would be SO nice.

    LOL, Skye! Nina knew you'd understand.

    Lori, I think Nina needs to come around more often, don't you?

  8. You know those old lunch boxes make great storage place for odds and ends. Just sayin'.

    Both my mom and I loved the Nina books, so we are hoping she'll be back.

  9. Hi, Nina. Good to hear from you. Great idea to keep us updated. I would buy another book. I enjoyed them so much. pen21 from B&N

  10. Hi Nina,

    I've missed you! I would love to hear more about your adventures.

  11. Tarri, you might be on to something. I may just need a lunch box after all...

    Hi Luanne! Good to see you here. Like Nina said, "Never say never" about another book, but for now, I have a feeling you'll be seeing her here again.

    Lisa, now that Nina's been let loose, you'll definitely hear from her again!

  12. I think that Dr. P lunchbox would make an adorable stash for "odds & ends" in your office or even your car! :-)

  13. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that Nina will be with us for a
    L-O-N-G time to come!

  14. sstude (is that you, Sara???), I did get some b-day cash--I might just have to get that lunch box after all. I'm easily swayed. :)

    It would be nice, Molly! There's always hope.

  15. Nina, I just met you in Trouble in Spades and I sure hope to be meeting you again and maybe you can get Heather to tell more of your tales. I loved It!!!!!