Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's Get This Party Started!

By Bree Michaels
from Wendy Lyn Watson's Mysteries a la Mode

For the last two months, my cousin--Miss Goody Two-Shoes herself, Tally Jones--has told you a little about life in Dalliance, Texas. To hear Tally tell it, we sit around churning ice cream and knitting doilies all gosh-darned day. She makes it sound like we live in Mayberry.

With all due respect to the woman who puts a roof over my head and cash in my pocket, Dalliance ain't no Mayberry. We've got a night life here that'd put a curl in Aunt Bea's lovely blue hair and sorely tempt Sheriff Taylor to pull that stick out of ... well, you get the picture. We know how to party.

My personal favorite hangout is the Bar None. Most nights, it's a standard honky tonk: long necks and fried pickles from the bar, pool tables and a juke box that runs to top forty country and western. A fine time, to be sure. On Wednesdays, though, they have karaoke, and boy-oh-boy is that a blast. You wouldn't believe how well some of these cowboys can sing when you get a couple of cocktails in 'em.

We've also got bluegrass on the courthouse square every Friday night. Not a real band, mind you, just a bunch of bubbas who like to pick and strum. But the music is hot, hot, hot, and on sultry summer evenings, with the fairy lights in the post oaks, folks get to flirting and dancing. It's a mighty fine time.

If your tastes are a bit more cosmopolitan, Dalliance has its own gay bar. O.K., Maudie McGee's is also a bowling alley. But whatever. We've got two fancy-pants wine bars. And don't forget the amateur Mexican wrestling.

Seriously, Tally's all work and no play, but Dalliance has fun for everyone. What's your pleasure? Are you in for karaoke? Or techno-bowling? A wine tasting? Or maybe dancing to some bluegrass in your bare feet? Come on, 'fess up!

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  1. Bree -- you had me at "fried pickles." I'm so there. See you September 7.


  2. Hey Bree, if I come to Dalliance, I want to party with you.

  3. Willow - Fried pickles are the bomb! Slices of dill pickles dipped in batter and deep-fried. Dip them in ranch dressing, and yum! They're not good for the waistline, but they're totally addictive.

    Paige - it's a date!

    Dru - you come on down, doll, and we'll do it up right. :)

  4. I'm in for fried pickles! Can't wait for September 7th to pick up Scoop to Kill! Great cover. And you're a hoot!


  5. Hi Bree,
    A gay bowling alley? Don't tell Bunny or she'll feel a need to do something to make Bunny Lanes compete.

  6. I do believe that I've spent a weekend in Dalliance. It was a blast. LOL

  7. I just tried my first fried pickles a couple of weeks ago. Absolutly yum! Dalliance sounds like my kind of place :)

  8. Bree, Dalliance sounds like a fun town! Dancing shoes are going on!


  9. I also love fried pickles. Yum yum! I think I'll join Avery on that dance floor. Just don't ask me to sing karaoke unless you all (y'all?) bring ear plugs!

  10. Hey Mare - I think I saw you on the square! Come back soon. :)

    Sure is a lot of love for the fried pickles. You folks have excellent taste.

    And Miss Heather, if you wait till about midnight, the gang at the Bar None would go crazy for a cat in heat. Get enough liquor in them, and you don't need to carry a tune.

  11. I'm kinda curious about this techno-bowling thing.

  12. I loved the first book and can't wait for this one to come out :-)


  13. Happy Belated Birthday Heather..Going to POFFice tomorrow,BNBooks ,especially deeply,desperately Will be there ..I can't wait to read it and Post on Your day here or Before..We are Chatting about DD on BN of course..Much Success..Susan Vtc

  14. I love the idea of fried pickles. Someone told me there is such a thing as fried Twinkies..but I haven't come across them yet. I want to go to Dalliance and hang out with you!