Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Mom Made Me Do This

By Jenna Kennedy (Beth’s daughter)
From Laura Alden’s Murder at the PTA

Hi! I’m Jenna. My mom is Beth Kennedy. She owns the Children’s Bookshelf – that’s a kid’s bookstore in Rynwood, Wisconsin – and now she’s doing stuff for the PTA, too. She was supposed to write this, but she says it’s a good opportunity for me to do some writing, that I’m a good writer and should practice more.

Riight. I think she’s just busy and wants one less thing to do. You know, she could tell me she’s busy and I’d be okay with doing something to help her out, but since I’m only ten, she thinks I’m too young to understand.

I don’t think moms remember what it’s like to be ten. Dads probably don’t either, but I don’t know as much about dads. My mom and dad got divorced last year. It didn’t bother me much since Dad was always gone on business anyway, but my little brother Oliver (he’s only 7) is back to sleeping with all his stuffed animals. And I mean ALL of them.

Oh, yeah. Mom said I should introduce myself. Umm…I’m in fifth grade and I’ve been playing soccer since I was a little kid. First I was a center, then the goalie quit and I said I’d try it. I looove playing goal. The best is when someone on the other team breaks away and runs straight at me and it’s all up to me to stop her from scoring. I like that part a lot. Well, not when they score on me. That part stinks. So I try not to let that happen very often.

I haven’t told mom yet, but what I really want to do is play hockey. I already know how to skate, and I already know how to be a goalie, so it shouldn’t take me long to learn, right? And the rules for hockey look a lot like the rules for soccer. Easy-peasy!

Hey, do you think Evan – that’s my mom’s new friend – plays hockey? If he does, do you think he’d teach me? That’d be really cool!


  1. Why not ask Evan if he knows how to play hockey? Sometimes it's nice to take a break from soccer--so much running!

  2. Jen, do you get to spend much time hanging out in your mother's bookstore?

  3. Jen, I think you're a very good writer, and I was delighted to see you write. Do more of it! You might find you have a gift for something else, in addition to hockey and soccer, of course.

  4. Nice to meet you, Jenna. Definitely tell your mom you'd like to play hockey, and ask Evan if he plays. I bet he'd love to help you learn!

    Take care -

  5. Hi Jenna,

    What a lovely name. I hope your mom will let you play hockey. Even though I never liked any sports, I love it that girls are playing so many now a days.


  6. From Jenna:

    Ms. Craig/Adams: Well, I guess I could ask Evan, but he's so tall it makes it hard to talk to him sometimes. Maybe I'll get my mom to ask him.

    Ms. Bolin: When I was little I used to be in the bookstore a lot. Now Oliver and I go over to Mrs. Neff's after school which is a lot more fun than having to be quiet in the back room of the store.

    Ms. Aames: Thank you for saying I can write. My mom gave me a diary for my birthday but I haven't written very much in it. She says when I'm grown up I'll be glad I did. Sometimes I think she's right, but when I try to write it all looks really dumb.

    Ms. Shelton and Ms. Denison: I sure hope you're right about mom letting me play hockey. Once she said something about always wanting to play as a kid, so maybe there's a chance?

    Bye for now,

  7. Hi Jenna,
    My girls were into music and the arts, not sports, but I know from talking with my friends how much fun their kids have had playing soccer and hockey. Nice to meet you and good luck!


  8. From Jenna:

    Thanks, Ms. Hyzy! I used to take piano, but my teacher moved away and Mom said since I hadn't practiced hardly at all anyway, that she wasn't going to spend money on lessons. I don't mind piano, really, but if I'm going to practice doing something, I guess I want to be outside.

    See ya,

  9. You sound like a cool kid, Jenna.

    You should play hockey if that's what makes you happy. You might be able to convince your mom it's a good idea if you tell her that lots of good colleges offer girls' hockey scholarships. (No way could I afford to go to college without a scholarship--or ten--so I learned all about what's out there.)

  10. Hi, Ms. Anders -- that's a really good idea! Just the other day Mom was saying how the cost for a year of college used to be less than the price of a used car. I know it's a lot more than that now, so she must be worried about how much it costs. All I have to do is get really really good at playing hockey. Cool!