Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Questions for an Italian hunk

by Kate Collins

Dear Readers,

I’m so sorry to disappoint you. I’d asked Marco to write a blog for you, but he declined. I even had Abby ask, but no. He said he’s not good with words, he’s good with actions. I think Abby would verify that. But we did get him to agree to be interviewed. The transcript is as follows:

Kate: I don’t mean to embarrass you, Marco, but do you realize that you are the object of many women’s fantasies?

Marco: (With a shrug) If it makes them feel better.

Kate: You come from a large Italian-American family. Six siblings, right? How do you get along?

Marco: Considering three of them live in other parts of the country, we get along fine. My sister Gina and my little brother Rafe live here in New Chapel, and we’ve had our differences, but we still love each other deep down. Usually. That’s what makes a family. No matter what, families are there for each other.

Kate: Being that you turn women’s heads wherever you go, what attracted you to Abby?

Marco: You say that like there’s something wrong with her.

Kate: Well, let’s be honest. Abby is short, busty, hot-tempered, and has green eyes, red hair, and freckles, nearly the opposite of your Italian good looks.

Marco: Is that how you see Abby?

Kate: That’s how I see her, yes.

Marco: You must need glasses. I see a beautiful person inside and out. Someone who has this, I don’t know what the right word is, joy, maybe. Yeah, that’s it. A joy for life. A hunger for new experiences. See, that’s how I am. That’s why something clicked between us the first time we met. Well, it did for me, anyway. I feel relaxed around her. I don’t need to pretend to be someone I’m not. She accepts me with all my flaws and I do the same with her. We respect each other’s differences.

Kate: All your flaws? Seriously? What flaws do you have?

Marco: Everyone has flaws. Even you, Kate. (A flicker of a grin)

Kate: Please. Don’t get me started on MY flaws. I could write a book . . . oh, wait. I don’t need more books to write. I’ve got one coming out this October 5th and another next April – but you knew that.

Marco: (glancing around) Are we done yet?

Kate: One more question. You went into the Army Rangers after college, then you joined the police force, but you only stayed a year. Why?

Marco: It had a lot to do with respect. I had a commander who didn’t respect his men or the people he served. If you’re going to be a police officer, you need to stand for something, and I wasn’t seeing it. I kind of gave him a hard time, too. If you want to know the truth, it was a lot easier being an Army Ranger. I had more control and I got way more respect.

Kate: You’ve mentioned respect quite a bit in this interview. It must be a main theme in your life.

Marco: It’s the only theme, as far as I’m concerned. I learned this from my mom: when two people respect and admire each other, their bond will be a strong as steel. That’s another reason why Abby and I fit so well. She admires me and I admire her - what she does and who she is. Speaking of which – (Standing) Gotta go. Abby is waiting.

Kate: Thanks, Marco. Abby is a lucky woman. Hey, if the readers have any questions ....?

Marco: Send em my way.

Readers, what do you think is the most important “theme” in a strong relationship? Can opposites not only attract, but stay together, or will their opposing qualities break down their relationship over time?

And of course, if you have any questions for Marco, write them down. I’ll do my best.



  1. Wow, Kate, you really got Marco to come out of his shell. LOL. Respect. That about sums it up for me, too. I think we have to respect those we love. When we start to question the way they live, treat people, react...questions about integrity invite doubt. So I'm with Marco. Oh....heart be still. Did I just say that? Abby's with Marco. But a girl can dream.


  2. You need respect and communications.

    I love seeing the love that Marco has for Abby.

  3. Marco, you and Abby are lucky to have found each other. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview.


  4. Marco,

    Great interview. You do too have a way with words.


  5. Thanks for that, Kate. Helloooo, Marco!

    He's . . . something!

    Paige (blushing)

  6. Yes, Marco and Abby are just one dynamite couple!

    Luuuv sharing life with them through your pages, Kate!

    Let's for a theme that makes for one mighty strong relationship, I'm going to say...Unconditional Love.

    It's that unconditional love that forever connects two hearts. That's the Gorilla Glue that gives them
    their HEA...forever, always, and beyond the pages.

    Marco and Abby's Brand of Love Wishes --- D. D. Scott

  7. Okay, Marco, I guess you'll do. I wasn't quite sure you were appreciative enough of our girl Abby's joy, zest, and brightness, but I see you treasure all those things. No wonder it works so well--and together, you two are formidable!

  8. LOL Kate you did get Marco to come out and talk loved the interview. Compromise and listening to each other makes a good marriage work.

  9. Hey Marco, I really like how you stand up to your author. Why are they always pushing us to say and do things we don't want to? I love the way you talk about Abby. Respect, yes, but so much more! I hope Jack Reilly reads this.

    Charlotte Adams

    Closet Confidential: a Charlotte Adams mystery

  10. I once saw an interview with Carl Reiner. When asked his secret to a long marriage, he said "Find someone who can stand you." Although funny, it's also very true. We all do such bonehead things sometimes...

  11. Great interview. Marco, you are one of my favorite male characters.
    I agree with Dru. Respect and communication are so very important for a successful relationship.