Saturday, August 14, 2010


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Gosh, Truffle, I sure wish we had opposable thumbs, we could do a better job at this. These little black keys are hard to work even with our small paws. We’ve been at it for hours. What if we miss our third morning nap? We could end too exhausted to burrow under blankies.

Stop fussing, Sweet Marie! It’s coming out okay. I have to work fast before Charlotte comes back. Remember how upset she got about the toilet paper that time?

That’s true. She does get kind of crazy. I’ll never get over her reaction to the lost shoes!

I hear you. And the missing keys? Whoa. She loves this machine and we could be in big trouble.

It's worth it! I think we are connecting with people. Readers.

That’s the idea.

Hello? Hello? Woof? Are you there? We are Truffle and Sweet Marie, the real stars of the Charlotte Adams mysteries and today we have control of the keyboard. At last! We don’t think it should be all human visitors to Killer Characters. What about the pets? Lots of readers just care about the pets. People are kind of boring and all look alike. Some readers believe that there should be no mysteries at all without a dog, or, if you must, a C-A-T. Animals are the best part of cozy mysteries. Trust us. If you are one of these intelligent readers, you can send us treats and we will be your friends. Really. We are both very warm and cuddly and we have worked up a set of … what would you say they were, Sweet Marie?

Demands, I think, Truffle. Or maybe a manifesto.

Right. We Truffle and Sweet Marie—“

That should be Sweet Marie and Truffle. Ladies first, also alphabetical order.

What do dogs know about alphabetical order? Fine. We, Sweet Marie and Truffle, do hereby demand:

  • More treats.
  • Bigger treats.
  • The best spot on the sofa always.
  • To sleep in the people bed.
  • A new soft blankie in every room.
  • No baths ever.
  • No trips to the vet. We shouldn’t even have to mention this.
  • The right to bark at the pizza delivery guy. He keeps coming back anyway.
  • That nobody can get mad at us if we lie on the freshly starched white pillow cases (that’s such a nice feeling)
  • To get thanked (not chastised!) for biting the nosy police lady on the ankle whenever she tries to take Charlotte away.
  • No snow and cold weather ever.
  • People food.
  • Credit for everything we do to make the books better. Didn’t we help save Charlotte’s life?
  • A place on the covers. Recognition. How about: Closet Confidential: A Truffle and Sweet Marie mystery
  • And we want Jack to stay here all the time because—

Listen! She’s coming. Truffle, get off the chair and back to the sofa, under the blanket. She’ll never find us there. We’ll have to try again later. These people like us., they really do. They’ll send treats, I just know it!

But will they make sure we’re all right? Oops. Run!!!


  1. hi hi hi Truffle & Sweet Marie! Westie Darby from Ohio here...I took over my mommy's 'puter to say hello to you and say DOGS RULE!!!! More treats are ALWAYS good, and that "no vet rule" is awesome. I think you two would be great at solving mysteries if Charlotte would just get outta the way! ARRROOOOOOOO to you!

  2. LOL Sweet Marie and Truffle!

    I hope some of your demands are met. I'm giving you a virtual head rub {{{rub}}}.

  3. You're right - we love you and are sending you lots and lots of treats. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Sweet Marie and Truffle,
    So nice to be able to talk with you here! How did you get control of the computer? Charlotte is so organized, I would have thought she'd lock her keyboard so you two couldn't get into trouble!

    I am so enjoying CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL and every scene with you two is so much fun. Keep keeping Charlotte safe, okay?


  5. Hi Sweet Marie and Truffle,

    Although my human loves canines, her father has a huge Lab called Chocolate, I'm of the persuation that cats rule and dogs drool.

    Bingo (Skye Denison's black cat)

  6. MJ, I just love your princesses, no matter what their names (or sex). Lying on starched white pillow cases, eh?

  7. Sweet Marie and Truffle, please don't tell Charlotte but yes you 2 are my favorites!!!!!! Keep up your mischievous and charming ways and wreak as much havoc as possible you colorful darling little pups you! Oh and btw, your favorites are on their way! :D


  8. Westie Darby - we can form a club!

    Dru, we knew you'd give us pats and Janet, thanks for the treats!

    Cheryl, yes, starched! Why does that upset her?

    Dear Bingo, don't walk down any dark alleys.

    Julie: thanks for your kind words about Closet Confidential, which should be a Truffle and Sweet Marie mystery.

    Ritaestelle, we feel the love!


    Truffle and Sweet Marie

    Truffle and Sweet Marie mysteries

  9. Truffle and Sweet Marie - HEY!!!!

    My mom told me you were here, but I had to sneak in while she's not around 'cause I wanted to ask a favor. If people send you some "homemade" treats will you send me one or two, please? Dad and I canNOT get her into the kitchen to do much cooking these days and we're feeling a little underappreciated and underloved and undernourished.

    (HEY to your cute Mom!).

    Harley Doodle Barley
    voting for "Truffle and Sweet Marie Mysteries" to be added to the books - that rocks!

  10. Oh Harley! You are a hero of ours and we love you. Your mom is probably really busy with her fab blog

    Great pictures of you by the way! We will send treats.

    Love, Truffle and Sweet Marie

    Truffle and Sweet Marie mysteries

  11. I love you list, sweet doggies! But my three would ask you to add fish. Fish and catnip. They cannot get enough. Those things must be tasty and delicious.

  12. Oh my gosh what cute dogs. I think they love all of the pampering. I hope they get lots of treats in the mail.

  13. Thanks, Jillian. You seem like such a nice idea, but we know you hang around with cats. We don't know what to think!

    Hi MaryC - thanks! We know you like us in the books too.

    Truffle and Sweet Marie

  14. Oops, Jillian - we mean you are a nice lady, not a nice 'idea'. We know you are real.

    T & SM

  15. Well, aren't you two just too cute for words? LOL. You certainly are a handful, but you are charming. I have a cat who behaves just the same except his keyboarding isn't in English.

  16. Your cat sounds very interesting. Do you think it would taste good? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Truffle and Sweet Marie.

    Truffle and Sweet Marie mysteries

  17. To your list, I'd like to add never being left alone and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

  18. Sweet Marie and Truffle for President(s)! Now that's a slate of demands I can get behind!

  19. Grendel, you could almost be a dog. We have amended the list.

    Thanks, Shel. We would need a campaign organizer and we think you'd be just right.

    Truffle and Sweet Marie

    Truffle and Sweet Marie mysteries

  20. Aha! Truffle and Sweet Marie, I see you've added your name to the mysteries. Good for you. Now I'm sending more treats.

  21. Thanks, Janet! We figured out how to do it!

    Big doggie kisses!

    Truffle and Sweet Marie

  22. Truffle and Sweet Marie are my new faves and my new BFF's!

  23. Woo-hoo! YES to Sweet Marie & Truffle Mysteries!!! And you can have other doggies in your town help you solve the cases...sounds like a winner series to me! ARRROOOOOOO!


  24. Just back from holidays and C-A-T-ching up on posts. My C-A-T-S love both of you chocolate bars, oops, they mean doggies and thoroughly approve of your manifesto. Go treats, go!