Friday, September 3, 2010

Boy Trouble

By Tally Jones
Mysteries a la Mode

When I was in high school, I couldn't wait to grow up. I could handle putting on a little weight, live with a little silver in my hair, accept a few lines on my face. It would all be worth it once I got married, settled down, and put boy trouble behind me.

I did get married-right out of high school-and I settled down. Unfortunately, my husband Wayne did not. Fast forward 17 years, and I've got the pounds, the grays, and the wrinkles, but instead of wedded bliss (and tranquility), I'm divorced, unsettled, and have boy trouble out the yin yang.

On the one hand, I've got Finn Harper. Finn and I were high school sweethearts, joined at the hip (and the lips) for junior and senior year. For reasons that don't bear repeating here, we, uh, went our separate ways just before graduation.

Oh, o.k., I admit it: I dumped him.

And I've spent many a long and lonely night wondering if I made a mistake. Did I give my soulmate the old heave-ho? Last year, Finn came back to town and dredged up all sorts of memories and regrets. But we've both changed so much. Is there still enough spark left in those embers to start a fire? I just don't know.

What's more, Finn's still his old bad boy self. I might just be too old for all that raw emotion.

On the other hand, lately I've been looking more closely at an old friend named Cal McCormack. Cal's a detective, and in light of recent events, our paths have crossed a few times. I won't lie: Cal's a good looking man. Tall, broad-shouldered, with eyes the breathtaking blue of a prairie sky. He's also as honest as the day is long and as dependable as a good hound dog.

Just to make my life more difficult? Cal and Finn can't stand each other.

So here I am, old enough to know better, caught between fire and steel. In short, I've got boy trouble in spades.

Any advice?

You can read all about Tally's boy trouble (and a murder or two) in Scoop to Kill, available next Tuesday!

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  1. For the long haul, choose the guy whom you're willing to stand by (and who'll stand by you) if you have growth spurts at different times.

  2. s there still enough spark left in those embers to start a fire?

    If the inferno in I Scream, You Scream was any indication, I'd say so!

    Can't wait to read more about these guys. Cal is dreamy, but there's something about a bad boy...

  3. Cleone - I like that idea of growth spurts. Maybe Finn and I haven't grown apart, we've just grown at different rates?

    Heather - We did kick up a blaze, didn't we? I just wish I knew if it was more than hormones and nostalgia. :)

  4. All this, and ice cream, too...yum!

  5. Yes there's something about a bad boy, but there's also something to be said for the one who makes you feel at peace. Try imagining life without either one - which one would you be sadder to not have around?

  6. Those bad boys know how to have wild and craxy adventures that Tally would crave, especially with Bree hanging around her. But sometime just be reliable is just as good.

    Oh I don't know what to do, but I wish you good luck in choosing.

  7. Hi Tally,

    Enjoy them both. No need to make a decision for a couple (or a couple dozen) more books.

    Denise Swanson

  8. Sounds like a great book. I love both covers, too.

    Will have to look for it just to see who she chooses. Maybe both?


  9. Tally,

    I have no advice - they are both appealing in their own ways, huh? Enjoy "researching" the answer.

    Can't wait for "Scoop!"


  10. Whoa--Cal? CAL?? After the hard time he gave you in "I Scream"? I have GOT to get "Scoop To Kill" right now!

    I'm with the "enjoy both of them" side. Have fun!

  11. Bad boys might be exciting, but for the long haul - I wonder?

    Best to keep juggling them both for awhile. It works for me.

    `Molly Pink

  12. Laine -- I know what you mean. I never had an inkling there might be something with Cal. But, well, you'll see ... Still waters run deep, you know?

    I love the advice to keep them both on the line until I make a decision. Y'all sound like Bree. That's what she's telling me. I'm not sure I've got the feminine wiles to pull that off. But maybe I need to try. :)

  13. On the other hand: I once saw a box of cards on Peter's Gramma Sylvia's desk, which caused me to pause. A woman was standing among her flowers. The caption: "I should have raised more hell and fewer dahlias"

  14. LOL - Love that, Cleone!

    Wendy, here ... FWIW, Tally may be dithering, but I know who she should be with. Someday, I might let her in on the secret. Mwah-ha-ha (laughing evilly). :)

  15. Bad boys can be awful sweeeeet. My favorite song is "I'm No Angel" - Gregg Allman....He might steal your diamonds, but he'll bring you back some gold....

  16. Bad boy = good reading!

    Charlotte Adams

  17. Solid and reliable is what my house needs to be when the ground shakes but I'll take the "what's next, who knows, who cares, just hold my hand and kiss me stupid" man every time.

    Pick Finn and the fire Tally, be a rebel, just say no to the cop/detective buzz cut by the book boyfriend.