Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Everyone needs a BFF

Hi everyone, Dr. Maggie Walsh here, from The Talk Radio Mysteries. As fans of WYME know, I tackle tough topics every day on my radio show here in Cypress Grove. But today I'd like to tackle a lighter subject: friendship. Promise not to get all soft and mushy on you like a Hallmark card, but did you know that having close friends is a predictor of good mental health? When I had my practice back in Manhattan, I used to write "socially isolated" in many of my patients' charts. Can you really feel alone in a crowd? Yes! I think everyone has had that sensation from time to time.

A new study on females suffering from depression shows that talking to a good friend--just 30 minutes a week- is as effective as an anti-depressant.

Talking to a friend puts everything in perspective and is a proven mood-enhancer.

So have a good week, everyone, and remember, talk to a friend!! It's like instant Prozac.


  1. You said it, Dr. Maggie! Thanks for reminding us. that our friends are also part of our mental health regime as well as being fun and bailing us out of jail as required.

    I wish we lived in the same town!

    Charlotte Adams.

  2. We talk to each other here at Killer Characters and to the other characters in our books. A lot.

    How many of our authors claim they're talking to their dogs or cats when the "animal" closest to them is the computer mouse?

  3. I forgot to add that pets are a big indicator of a patient's happiness and emotional well-being. (my 8 cats just reminded me of that oversight, sorry about that!)

  4. Hi Dr. Maggie,

    I totally agree with you. Most of the kids I see for counseling in the Scumble River schools don't have close friends. And I don't know what I'd do without my BFF Trixie and my cat Bingo.

    Skye Denison

  5. Cats are the best! They always agree with us (or at least, they keep silent when they disagree (grin)

  6. You can't have a girl's weekend without friends. Treasure them always.

  7. Yes, a girl's week-end!! Those are wonderful.

  8. My girlfriends and my dog (soon to be dogS when we pick up our rescue puppy Saturday!)....nothin' can make the clouds fly like that combo!