Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Happiest Time of the Year

Tomorrow is Labor Day. You know what that means. A mere 111 days to Christmas! Those of us who inhabit the Domestic Diva Mysteries are excited for another reason -- only 92 days until The Diva Cooks A Goose is in bookstores. Natasha has already begun crafting her Christmas cards.

I always look forward to Christmas. Who doesn't love spiked eggnog, hot chocolate, and Christmas cookies? Blazing fires . . . the smell of freshly cut pine . . . the silence when snow falls -- what a wonderful season. What's your favorite part of the holiday season?

Of course, we domestic divas knock ourselves out when it comes to Christmas, but the decorations, fancy food, and festivities are all part of the fun. By the way, Natasha wants me to tell you that pink and turquoise are the new red and green. (Not at my house, they're not!)

My mother, the family matriarch, decreed that my brother George, and his wife, Laci, would host our Christmas Day celebration this year. I'm preparing the traditional Bauer family Christmas Eve feast of goose the night before, and I'm really looking forward to being a guest on Christmas Day and letting someone else do all the work.

Rumor has it that Laci's sister is expecting a Christmas Day marriage proposal, so that should be a lot of fun. Her parents are coming down from Pennsylvania, which means they will have both set of in-laws in the same house! My sister, Hannah, will be bunking with me, and I have a feeling we'll be happy to get a break from our mom who is intent on finding husbands for her daughters.

One Thanksgiving, she rustled up Humphrey, a slight, pale undertaker who had a crush on me when we were in high school. I was so involved in my own teen angst that I didn't even know about it. Mom's other brilliant idea was to get me back together with my ex-husband, Mars. For heaven's sake, he'd already moved in with Natasha! What was she thinking?

No wonder family members get on each other's nerves over the holidays. All that pressure and excitement, and sometimes, one of them does something that leads to murder . . . .

Sophie Winston
Domestic Diva Mysteries


  1. Sophie, can't wait for your next adventure (oh, I mean holiday celebration). Looking forward to it. Happy Labor Day.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Pink and turquoise, Sophie? Christmas around Natasha and her decorating ideas should be extra fun for your readers. Why do I suspect things may go wrong for you, though?

    My favorite part of Christmas is the food, especially when someone else cooks it. Good luck, Sophie...

  3. Looking forward to the holidays with you and your family. Will Wolf be attending as well?

    What I look for most during the holiday is getting out the Christmas music.

    BTW...I like what you're doing on your website.

  4. Uh oh! Christmas could be murder, Sophie. I remember Humphrey and wish you good luck. Can't wait for the book!

    Charlotte Adams

  5. Mason, gee, how did you know my Christmas would be an adventure? Happy Labor Day to you, too!

    Janet, how could you think anything would go wrong? Especially with Natasha around. ; )

    Dru, Wolf will be away for the holiday, which means I will have to deal with the dreaded Kenner. Ugh!

    Thanks for saying that about the website. Krista reworked it, but a lot of people had difficulties with it, so it's undergoing more renovation. I'll let Krista know that you like it. Thanks!

    ~Sophie Winston

  6. For the past couple of years, our Christmases have been "no boys allowed": Bree, Alice, Peachy, and I do it up right. We have tons of food, adult beverages, singing (thank you, Bree), and laughter.

    My favorite part, though, is decorating the tree. Our house has a big wide door. Technically, it's a coffin door, but Alice dubbed it the "Christmas Tree Door" when we moved in. We can bring a nice-sized tree into the living room without mangling its pretty needles. And then Alice's paper angels and handprint turkeys mingle with the lovely crazy quilt ornaments that Peachy sews and Bree embellishes, the colored fairy lights, and the tin icicles that have been in the family since Peachy was a new bride. Every ornament brings back memories. Love it!

  7. Hi Sophie,

    I have a huge extended family so any holiday gathering is a powder keg of possible strife. On the other hand, the food is amazing.

    Best of luck with your Christmas.

    Skye Denison

  8. Family bliss, family woe. Ho ho ho. I hear a Christmas song coming on.~Avery

  9. I love ALL of Christmas! Last year my favorite part was capturing the delighted wonder on the face of my 16-month-old grandson when he first saw the Christmas tree (the local paper printed that photo). Wonder what my favorite part will be this year?

  10. Tally, that sounds lovely. You're so right about each ornament bringing back memories.

    Skye, "powder keg" sums it up for a lot of families! Fortunately, most of us don't resort to murder.

    That's so cute, Avery! You better watch it or Krista will steal that phrase!

    Laineshots, we prepare and prepare and it's usually the unexpected that makes the holiday so special!

    ~ Sophie

  11. Sophie, I know from my psych practice that holidays can be deadly! Tempers flare, old issues come simmering to the surface, etc etc. Sometimes peace and goodwill are the last thing people are thinking about! I hope all will be calm and peaceful for your christmas celebration.

  12. Oh my gosh--I can't think of Christmas so soon. Though can't wait for The Diva Cooks a Goose!

  13. My 7 year old, Lady K, would agree that pink would be a good color for Christmas. Thank you for the symmetrical countdown for the holiday, too. 111 days to get the shopping accomplished.
    Looking forward to DH's smoked turkey, the mashed potatoes and the biscuits or rolls. And I love the smell of the tree. And seeing the sparkly lights.

  14. Mary, I fear there are some people in the new book who could use your advice! Family dynamics and all . . .

    Thanks, Heather! It does seem too soon to be thinking about the holidays, but after this wickedly hot summer we've had, I'm looking forward to cool weather and a few romantic snowflakes drifting around. BTW, Natasha says to tell you that you should have started your Christmas plans the day after last Christmas.

    Vickie, you're so lucky to have a husband who smokes turkey! Yum! Hmm, wonder if I could get Wolf to do that?

    ~ Sophie