Saturday, September 18, 2010

The inside scoop on Grace ...

Bruce: "Hello there readers! It's so great to visit Killer Characters today. My name is Bruce. Sitting next to me here is my partner, Scott."

Scott (waving): "Hi everyone!"

Bruce: "We're secondary characters in Julie Hyzy's new Manor House Mystery, Grace Under Pressure."

Scott: "We're Grace Wheaton's roommates. She refers to us as 'The Hardy Boys at 35.' Don't you love it?"

Bruce: "We own a wine and tchotchke shop in Embertstowne and sell some of the best merlot you ever tasted."

Scott: "That's Grace's favorite - merlot. But we're also famous for our Riesling. That's it at the right. We can hardly keep it in stock."

Bruce: "Grace is really busy so we're sitting in for her. You should see what's going on at Marshfield Manor these days."

Scott: "Don't give anything away."

Bruce: "I won't. Well, not much at least. You see, our author just put the finishing touches on the second book in the series. She's really excited about it, but what she puts our Grace through is just shameful."

Scott: "Tell them about Jack."

Bruce (rolls his eyes): "Oh the man of mystery? We got to know him a little bit in the first book, Grace Under Pressure."

Scott: "I think Grace is smitten."

Bruce: "But that was before she found out where he got that scar. And the whole story behind it."

Scott (shooting a warning look): "You're coming awfully close to talking about the new story. Let's stick to the first one. After all, our author hasn't even gotten approval on the second book's title yet. She submitted it as Murder Most Civil."

Bruce: "I like that. Fitting."

Scott: "It is. But right now we want to tell you about our Grace. The poor girl came here just over a year ago because her mother was dying and the house she lived in was falling apart. They needed to take in boarders just to make ends meet."

Bruce: "That's where we came in. Scott and I had an apartment outside of Emberstowne. It was a little farther away from Amethyst Cellars - our wine shop - than we liked."

Scott: "Did you know that Amethyst Cellars was named in honor of our author's mom? Her birthstone was amethyst."

Bruce (nods): "Anyway, when our lease was up we went looking. And found Grace."

Scott: "That was a lucky day for us. She's one of the nicest people I've ever known."

Bruce: "No argument here. But the poor girl lets everyone walk all over her."

Scott (interrupting): "Correction. Past tense. She used to let everyone walk all over her. She's getting much stronger these days."

Bruce: "Yeah. Tough times here for a while. Whatever doesn't kill you, right?"

Scott: "Did you have to put it that way?"

Bruce: "I mean that Grace is starting to show a little moxie. Especially with that assistant of hers."

Scott (shudders): "That Frances. What a piece of work. Know who she reminds me of?"

Bruce: "Who?"

Scott: "Roz, that cranky creature from the movie Monsters, Inc. She's such a nosy thing. All she does is cause trouble and complain, complain, complain. "

Bruce: "Uh, Scott. You do know that Frances blogged here last month, don't you?"

Scott: "Seriously? Will she read our comments here?"

Bruce: "You better believe it. Frances gets her nose into everything."

Scott: "Umm... hey Frances. If you're reading this, try to remember that Roz is a really great character. One of my favorites from that movie."

Bruce: "Nice try, buddy."

Scott (whispering): "You don't think she'll take this out on Grace, do you?"

Bruce: "We better take off now, before we get our best friend into worse trouble."

Scott: "Good plan. Hey everybody, check out Grace Under Pressure by Julie Hyzy to learn more about the :::cough::: lovely Frances, our girl, Grace, and about us, her charming and delightful roommates."

Bruce: "And next time you're in Emberstowne, stop by Amethyst Cellars for a glass of wine. On the house. Do you enjoy wine? What's your favorite?"


  1. Hi Bruce and Scott! Thanks for the inside scoop on Grace. It sounds like she's really standing up against Frances..a good thing!

    Oh, I love all kinds of wines. I've been enjoying different Cabs lately. :)

  2. It's good to have that update, Bruce and Scott. I enjoyed your visit here on KC. And I can't wait to read Murder Most Civil. Hope the title stays.

    It would be great to drop in to your shop someday. Sounds like fun! I enjoy wine too and I am sure you'd make great recommendations.

    I'm glad you have Grace's back.

    Charlotte Adams

  3. Hi Bruce and Scott, it's so nice to meet you. I'm glad you're friends with Grace and letting us know what is going on with her.

    I can't wait to read more about Grace and Jack.

  4. Those bottles of wine look delish, Bruce. I know it's a little early for wine (it's only 9 in the morning here in Delaware) but you know what they say, "It's gotta be five o'clock somewhere!"

  5. Good to hear from you guys. I love how you look out for Grace. As for wine (nothing like a good mystery and a good bottle (er glass) of wine. I prefer a good Riesling.

  6. Loved you both in Grace Under Pressure. I think you make great roommates for Grace. I'm glad she has both of you to come home to. Do you have larger roles in the next story?

  7. Hi Bruce and Scott,

    You sound like wonderful friends. I've just started drinking wine lately and like white merlot. Any recommendations?

    Skye Denison

  8. Scott and Bruce: Is Grace having any luck getting that roof fixed? I know it was leaking in Grace Under Pressure and I've been worried about the situation...

  9. Bruce and Scott, I really love a good cabernet. Whitehall from Napa is great in 2007.


  10. Love you guys.
    Thanks for supporting Grace when she needs a friend.

  11. Ahh....Reisling....lovely lovely Reisling....One of my favorites. Tonight DH and I shared a nifty Refosco from one of our favorite California wineries.

    Your wine shop sounds wonderful and I look forward to getting to know you two and Grace (and even Frances) better when I get the first in this series.

  12. Okay, I knew it. I suspected that Grace had the best roommates ever, and I was right. You guys rock! I'll be right in to let you sell me a bottle of your favorite Reisling.

    Can't wait to read more about the goings-on in Emberstowne. Can't you two hurry that up a little?