Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Heart is Broken . . .

By Frannie May Armstrong

Do you believe in love at first sight? I sure as heck didn't -- and then I met Jim Roth.

That was five years ago.

I had been the receptionist at the Stoneham, New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce for a full five years at that time, and I was lonely as an armadillo in Alaska.  And then I met Jim and my life changed forever . . . .

Heart of texas Okay, what's a girl from the Heart of Texas doing way up here in Yankee territory anyway? Well . . . I kinda got the skiing bug--or at least the idea that I wanted to be a sexy ski bunny at the tender age of nineteen.  I hitch-hiked all the way from Abilene, Texas to New England on a winter vacation way back when and I kinda just ... stayed. My family thought I was crazy.  My Mama thought I was a traitor--but if you've never seen snow in your whole life and then it falls on your face like the frozen tears from the Angel of Joy . . . well, ya gotta give up and embrace it, don't'cha think?

Of course, it's now thirty years later and my economic situation really wouldn't let me relocate . . .

Palm trees Except . . . about ten years back, I went on a group tour to Honolulu.  When I saw those palm trees and felt the tropical rain on my skin and the earth born again in living, seething, liquid rock . . . I knew the only thing stopping me from leaving New Hampshire forever was money.

And then I met Jim.  I was thinking that we might be soul mates, destined to spend our declining years on black sand beaches and laying a wreath at the Arizona Memorial every December 7th . . . .

Oh, we had plans.

That was before Lorna Barrett went into way too much detail about Jim and me and . . well, now . . . the life we'd planned is now drastically changed.  It's fair to say MY life is now drastically changed forever.

Arizona memorial Last night I saw a shooting star in the sky and wished upon it . . . but I'm not hopeful.  I see a future alone.  Yet I still see myself someday placing that wreath on a white memorial above the green sea, only I'll be by myself.

All alone.

Growing old without the one you love really stinks.

I could sure use a few words of encouragement.  Anybody got any to share?

==================== To find out more about Frannie's predicament, you might like to read Chapter & Hearse by Lorna Barrett.  Of course, if you haven't read any of the Booktown Mysteries, the first book, Murder Is Binding, is a very good place to start.

Check out Lorna's web site or her blog.


  1. You've just got to keep hoping, Frannie. Love finds a way...and I'm sure you and Jim will somehow end up together.

  2. Hang in there Frannie. I know you're sad now, but things will get better!

  3. Wait, wait, wait! Didn't Jim get killed?

  4. Sniff...YES!!! That's why my heart is broken

  5. Frannie, You are special. You have your own style of dress, your own style of speech. You have your dreams. Jim may be gone, but you still have you. Frannie in like an armadillo in a puppy farm. You stand out. You are like fresh air.

  6. Aw, Frannie. Hang in there. Your future's in pretty good hands.


  7. I'd hold that Lorna Barrett's feet to the fire and make her fix things!

  8. I am sorry for your loss, Frannie. I am reading Chapter & Hearse now and holding my breath.

    Why do authors always have to show off their power of life and death over us?

    With kindest thoughts,

    Charlotte Adams

  9. Frannie, something will come your way, you just have to believe. In the meantime, do something fun. Take a cruise. Have a girl's weekend. Surround yourself with your friends, and everything will be okay at that moment.

  10. Poor Frannie! Maybe Lorna has something really special in store for you. Dru has some good advice, and I'll throw in eating lots of chocolate. Nothing wrong with a little comfort food.

  11. Frannie: I know your soulmate is out there. You have your pizzazz sense of self and style and enjoy your own company. I know you are alone, but you aren't lonely. When we are comfortable in our skin, that's when love comes along. Or at least really excellent like.
    I know Lorna has something special in mind.

  12. Frannie, buy a new Hawaiian shirt. Go on - you deserve it. And then use Misa's idea.

  13. Frannie,

    You really can't trust those writers. I'm so sorry for your loss. I keep my eye on my biographer Denise Swanson all the time.


  14. Hang in there Fraannie. You are an original. That little NH town needs more people like you. You'll find someone new and better than Jim. Just stay away from that Bob Kelly. He makes my skin crawl.