Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Name is Mr. Cat

As told to Denise Swanson

My name is not Bingo, although that’s what my human Skye Denison insists on calling me. Okay, it’s not her fault. She took me in when her grandmother was murdered and Antonia was such a Sweet Old Lady, I allowed her to call me by this ridiculous moniker. (She claimed even though she played the game every Friday night at the Lions Hall, the only time she got to say the word Bingo was when she was talking to me.)

I’ve had quite an adventurous life since Skye became my roommate. At first we lived in this cute little octagonal cottage and I was happy. But then Skye let her, now, ex-boyfriend’s mother move in with us for a week or so, and the fur hit the fan. Bunny was a middle-aged Barbie looking for a sugar daddy Ken, which of course didn’t work out at all.

Then Skye rented her cottage to this horrible TV person and her annoying little dog, and we had to move in with the parental units. Let me tell you, staying with May Denison, an animal hater, was no treat. For a Smart Cookie, Skye can be pretty dense sometimes.

We never did go back to the cottage. Skye inherited a run down money pit of a house and we moved there instead. Too bad she hired a Real Bad Boy to fix it up. You would not believe what he did to me.

Interestingly enough, after that fiasco, when Skye started dating the chief of police, I started noticing a “presence” in the house. Did you know that cats can sense ghost before humans do? I’ve gotten glimpses of her, an older lady, but she disappears when I try to communicate with her. And wooee, this is one spirit determined to keep Skye single. The ghost can be a Royal Pain, but I think there’s still Wedding Belles in Skye’s future.

What? You want to know my real name? I’ll give you a hint; it befits my handsome appearance, noble demeanor, and high intelligence. For now just call me Mr. Cat.


  1. Mr. Cat, I'm glad you're there to keep an eye on Skye. I'm sure the ghostly presence is a friendy one, but you never know. And you're right, humans are pretty much cluless about these things. Cats are also great judges of character, I know that Skye will be safe on your watch. My motto is: every house needs a cat. Or two...or eight..glad you talked with us today!

  2. It doesn't surprise me that cats would be more aware of a presence than people are! I'm sure you're keeping an eye on Skye and will keep her safe!

  3. I'm glad you're keeping an eye on Skye.

  4. Hi, Mr. Cat. I'm a cat, too. My human servant, who owns the yarn shop in Threadville, calls me Lucy, and I have to admit that the name has more dignity than Bingo. C'mon, whisper your real name in my ear. I won't tell. If you don't, I'll make up names for you that you might like less...



  5. Hi, Mr. Cat. I love the feeling of a ghostly presence. A ghost can be friendly and pesky and adventuresome, all at the same time. What fun for you!


  6. Hello, Mr. Cat - Hmmm, a ghostly presense that's determined to keep Skye single? Sounds like you've got your paws full.

    Take care -

  7. Cats are very tasty. Hang around for a while, Mr. Cat, and we'll be right over to eat you, er, meet you.

    Truffle and Sweet Marie.

    Charlotte Adams mysteries

  8. Clearing throat -- um, that presence, not "presense." Sheesh. Sorry about that, Mr. Cat. When will "post-a-comment" boxes include spell-check?


  9. Mary, I really like being an only cat, but appreciate your sentiment.
    Elizabeth, Avery, and Dru, thank you. I love Skye and will protect her with my life.
    Lucy, come closer Do you like my name?
    Truffle and Sweet Marie, I heard the same things about weiner dogs.
    Paige, I need spell check, too.

  10. Bing--,er, Mr. Cat, it seems you've endured a lot. That ghost alone would have had me running for the hills. You deserve a little extra cat nip or something.

  11. Mr. Cat,
    How do you keep yourself in such well groomed shape between Skye's crazy life and the ghost? You look great. Not sure what May Denison's problem was/is with cats. You seem to know what you're doing.

  12. Hi Mr Cat,
    I am a dog who has his eye on you and Skye and all your adventures! Please keep them coming as this is when my human and I sit close and enjoy your stories!

  13. Mmmmm, yes, Mr. Cat. I love your name. And what a handsome fellow! Purr, purr.