Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quick, Before Kelly Comes Back. . .

by Jennifer, friend of Kelly Flynn in
Maggie Sefton's SKEIN OF THE CRIME

Hey, everybody, I’m Jennifer, one of Kelly’s best friends. I waitress here at Pete's Cafe and also sell real estate. I told Lambspun shop owner Mimi to distract Kelly for a few minutes so I could add my two cents to what Megan was telling you last time we had a chance on this blog. This is kind of weird, sending out secret messages via blog posts, but both Megan and I agree that Kelly will never talk about what happened between her and Steve, least of all to you guys. We’re her closest friends, and she still doesn’t like talking about it. So, it’s up to us---the Gang---to keep you guys updated on what’s happening in Kelly’s & Steve’s lives.

Steve’s another story. He KNOWS he acted like a horse’s as*. . .uh, idiot. But we’re his friends, and we know why. He just went crazy for a while. Losing his business here in Fort Connor. Heck, he’d been building it up for over ten years, ever since he finished his architecture degree. He’d done a great job, too, then. . .it all went down the tubes. Evaporated in that housing bubble that hit every builder in Colorado. No matter how smart he was or how hard he worked, Steve couldn’t stop it. His business went belly-up like every other builder’s.

And that’s when everything started going bad for Kelly & Steve, too. Steve kinda lost it for a while. That’s why he walked out. He’d asked Kelly an important question, and. . . it didn’t go well. Kelly’s kind of blunt sometimes. Well, most of the time. And. . .uh, oh. . .I think I hear her voice.

Darn! I thought I’d get to talk more. Okay. . .one last thing. We all know Kelly still loves Steve, and Steve adores Kelly but doesn’t know how to win her back, and. . .and we’re hoping there’s a way. . .and. . .oh, hi. . .hope you don’t mind, Kelly. Had to check my office email---end of transmission.


  1. Love the cover on the book - looks like another fun read!

  2. Thanks for telling us all this, Jennifer. I can't wait to read more about Kelly and Steve and all of you!

  3. My fingers are crossed for Kelly and Steve, Jennifer. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    Charlotte Adams

  4. I hope things can work out for them both.

  5. Thanks for the update, Jennifer!


  6. I'm glad you're keeping us in the loop, Jennifer!! I think you're "telling it like it is" ahd we appreciate it.

  7. Hope it'll work out between Kelly and Steve, Jennifer! Fingers crossed.

  8. Kelly -- could you pass a message on to Jennifer, please? Just tell her, "thanks for the update." She'll know what it means.


  9. Thanks for the update Jennifer. I would love to see Kelly and Steve back together.
    But with Kelly's history of losing everyone she loves, Steve stands a pretty slim chance of living happily ever after with Kelly.

  10. Kaye, Janet, & MJ---Thanks. We're keeping our fingers crossed too.

  11. Dru, Denise, & Mary---Well, we figured you guys needed to hear it straight. And yeah...I am telling it like it is.

  12. Thanks, Riley.

    Whoa, Paige! No way could I tell Kelly. She'd know Megan & I were up to something. We're trying to flying beneath her radar. Not easy, when you're talking about Sherlock Flynn.

    Oooooo, don't say that, Annette! We're all hoping that Kelly & Steve can have a fresh start. They're so great together.