Monday, September 13, 2010

Ragdoll Cats Rule!

From Rags, sometimes star of
The Long Quiche Goodbye, by Avery Aames

Purrrrrr. I mean, pssssst. Get this. I'm in the office at The Cheese Shop and I'm all alone and Charlotte doesn't have a clue that I know how to type. How cool is that? I'm not truly sneaky, but I heard about all these other pals of mine getting a chance to write a note to readers, and well, I had to take a moment to write one of my own.

See, I'm Rags, Charlotte's Ragdoll cat. She brings me to Fromagerie Bessette every day, and I get to lounge around in the office. I'm not allowed in The Cheese Shop, but that's understandable. Health reasons. As long as she brings me a nibble of Mascarpone cheese, I'm in heaven.

Bozz--he's Charlotte's internet guru, a rangy kid with a flop of hair--he comes into the office and pets me whenever he's here. He likes it when I wrap around his neck and just hang there. It makes him laugh.

Grandmere--Charlotte's grandmother--isn't quite sure what to do with me. I mean, she likes me and all, I think, but she's sort of officious. She claps her hands. Makes sure I'm not walking on the desk, getting into things. I'll hear her say, "That cat," and she's not pleased. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm just, well, being a cat. I like to laze, like to snoop.

Rebecca--Charlotte's assistant--she's sort of kooky funny. She makes faces at me.

The twins--Amy and Clair--are my best buds. Clair, especially. She likes to read to me.

And Charlotte? I adore Charlotte. She's good to me. She took me in when I had nowhere else to go. See, I'm sort of a scaredy-cat. I get spooked. An animal rescuer had me about a minute. I'm not quite sure how long that is in cat-years. Anyway, she brought me to Charlotte, and it was love at first sight. I loved how she smiled at me and scratched my ears. She set me on the floor and immediately rubbed my belly. There's almost nothing better than that. She cooed over the spot on my eye. She said it's pretty. And she worried over the spot on my tail. Long story. Alley cat attack. I did my sporting best, but that wasn't good enough. Shook me up so good I didn't know where I lived any more.

But after that to-do, I became more aware of my surroundings. I hear things better, smell things better. I sense things. Whenever I sense danger...I try to tell Charlotte, but she simply pets me and says, "There, there." I've got to figure out how to communicate better. I think it would freak her out if I typed her a message and left it on the computer, don't you?

By the way...I think Charlotte should make cheese cat biscuits, don't you?


  1. hmmmmmm.....I say try leaving her a message....if nothing else you'll get her attention!

  2. I agree with sstude. Type "Charlotte I luv u" and tell her you would love her cheese cat biscuits cause you're sure she knows how to make them. You are a very sweet smart kitty. Charlotte was very blessed the day she found you. I can tell you brought lots of love into her life. God bless you too, Rags

  3. *pet* *tummy rub* you adorable precious gorgeous cat....
    (hoping my own feline fur babies don't catch me making up to another cat, they'll be jealous!)

  4. Hi Rags! What a beautiful cat you are! It's got to be frustrating to you to sense danger and not be able to communicate it to Charlotte. Maybe an anonymous email to her? Then she won't know it's from you and get all freaked out!

  5. I agree with Elizabeth - the anonymous email is the way to go. You don't want to give away all your secrets.

  6. Cheese cat biscuits--mmmmm!

    Mr. Cat aka Bingo Denison

  7. purr, purr...oh, hi there. Tuna goes nicely with cheese, don't you think? 'Scuse me, gotta go - there's a ball of yarn beside my right front paw. Bye!

  8. Rags - you are adorable! I'd love to introduce you to my neighbor's cat Caruso - another ragdoll kitty. He is the sweetest thing. I bet the Cheese Shop get a lot of visitors because of you!

  9. You sound all right, Rags. For a cat. Anonymous messages are probably the way to go. That's what we would do if the barking didn't work.

    Truffle and Sweet Marie (we love cheese!)

  10. Anonymous email. I like this suggestion. Must go myself. I see a butterfly in the window.

  11. Another note from Rags - Psssst. By the way, I heard that Avery is giving away a free copy of The Long Quiche Goodbye on her other blog today. Mystery Lovers Kitchen. Have you heard of it? She's sharing an ice cream recipe. I'm hoping Charlotte will make a batch so I can have a lick.
    Mystery Lovers' Kitchen

  12. Hi Rags! Glad you secretly know how to use the computer so we can read all about your day. Good luck with those cheese cat biscuits - - it certainly sounds like you deserve them!

    Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway and the ice cream recipe. I'm going there now!

    Happy Monday!

  13. Rags, if we could have a cat in our house, we'd have a Ragdoll. DH is, unfortunately, allergic.
    How clever of you to know how to type!