Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Really Awesome Prize for Kate’s Contest

by Kate Collins' feisty fearsome sleuth (that's me!) Abby Knight.

If you’re not familiar with the Flower Shop mysteries, I’m Abby Knight, a florist-in-training at my cozy little flower shop named Bloomers. Okay, the bank’s flower shop. But I do own the mortgage. I also have a very hot boyfriend named Marco Salvare, an Italian-American hunk who I am on the verge of thinking about probably marrying.

But you’ll find out more about that in DIRTY ROTTEN TENDRILS, number ten in the Flower Shop series, in which I get into major trouble because . . .

You did not actually think I was going to give away the plot secrets, did you?

But here’s a secret that Kate is letting me leak – her contest prize. She’ll tell you how to enter later this month on her Facebook page, and it’ll be posted on mine, too, and in Kate’s newsletter. If you haven’t signed up, you can do so on Kate’s website.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the necklace. It’s a heart on a denim blue background framed in sterling silver, with three crystals attached, two in blue and one in red, with a sterling silver chain. The heart is significant. Read the book and find out why.

The necklace is made by Kate’s friend Jennifer Badry, a jewelry designer in Key West. You can see her work at 7 Artists on Duval Street, where Kate often hangs out, or at

I think it’s beautiful. I hope you will, too. Just don’t mention this to my mother, okay? You know how she thinks she’s a great artist? Kate was afraid she’d want to make the contest prize and, well, I have one word for that. NOOOOO!

See you in October!



  1. What a lovely necklace. I'm looking forward to reading your latest adventures in October.

  2. It's a beautiful necklace. I just received DIRTY ROTTEN TENDRILS and am looking forward to finding out what major trouble you're into this time.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. It's beautiful! Beats the heck out of that golf tea cart made by you-know-who. Loved your latest adventure, Abby!


  4. The necklace is beautiful, Abby, but awarding prizes your mother makes might be a good idea too.

    Think of how many of those gorgeous objets d'art you would be able to send far, far away...

    Oh, wait. Let me reword that in case your mother reads this. Um...think how many people from far distant parts of the earth would be able to appreciate your mother's artistry.

  5. What a lovely necklace! I can't wait to read Dirty Rotten Tendrils, which might be my favorite title of yours yet.

  6. The necklace is so beautiful; Jennifer makes amazing pieces of jewelry.
    Dru, I hope you'll enjoy my next adventure. October is just around the corner!
    Mason Canyon, you got the jump on everyone! I hope you have fun catching up on my life!
    Kaye, you are so right...and yet, the tea cart was one of her better accomplishments!
    Haylee, no worries, Mom doesn't "waste valuable time" on the computer. And I love your idea! Far, far away...
    Heather, I'm glad you like the title. Kate works hard on those title I'm sure you understand!

  7. I love this necklace and was already looking forward to the book. How nice that you and your friend support each other's creative activities!


  8. Abby, what a lovely piece of jewelry! Lovely. I hope your mother doesn't try to copy it, but if she does, perhaps it will help you solve a piece of some puzzle.

  9. Gosh - I love that necklace. It's stunning! I agree with Avery -- I hope your mother doesn't!

  10. *grin* at keeping the secret from your mother. Mum's the word....for lack of a better pun....

  11. Yes, Mary Jane, Kate and Jennifer appreciate each other's work very much. It's a lovely friendship.
    Avery and Hannah, thank you for reminding me NOT to show this piece to Mom before I send it to the winner. :)
    Vickie, perfect choice of words!!

  12. I am ready to find out more about your life Abby. And that necklace is very pretty.

  13. Oh, I love the necklace. It is just beautiful. Fantastic workmanship. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh, I love the necklace and the cover of the new book is so colorful, it's gorgeous.

  15. nlb, I don't think you'll be bored!
    susan e, you can see more of Jennifer's work at her website, listed above. Lovely!
    Annette, the cover really pleases me, too!
    Thanks, everyone!

  16. Kate/Abby,
    I can't wait for the new book. The necklace is gorgeous. =o)