Thursday, September 2, 2010

The View From A Little Lower

by Melissa Kerby
by E.J. Copperman

First of all, my mom doesn't know I'm posting today.

That's only because she might think I'd run into some Internet stalker or something, but I've been reading KILLER CHARACTERS, and I know you're all really nice people. I know I'm only nine, but I'm a good judge of character.

Take Maxie Malone, for example. My mom doesn't like Maxie, who's a ghost that lives--is that the right word?--in our house. Mostly I think she doesn't like Maxie because she thinks Maxie is a bad role model for me, or at least one that isn't like Mom. But I think Maxie is a lot of fun.

She wears t-shirts with funny slogans on them like, "What are YOU lookin' at?" and things like that. And she still knows what it's like to be a kid, because Maxie was murdered when she was only 28, and that's not really old, it's just kind of old.

But she annoys Mom. I think it's been hard for Mom since my dad left to go to California. Mom thinks I don't know he has a new girlfriend, but I do. I don't like it, but I can't do anything about it yet.

Anyway, Maxie. Maxie just got some bad breaks. She should have had time to find her way, you know? She wanted to be a designer or something for rooms, and she comes up with really good decorating ideas, even when Mom doesn't want to admit it. But we usually end up using the things Maxie suggests, and that makes her happy.

Maxie pretends she doesn't like Mom, either, but I can tell she does. Otherwise, she wouldn't come up with all those decorating suggestions or hang around so much. Maxie can go sit on the roof--I wish I could sit on the roof!--or wander around the great big backyard whenever she wants, but she still stays wherever Mom or I are in the house. I think she misses being alive, and that's how she makes up for it.

I think Mom and Maxie might be more alike than either one of them would admit. And one day, they might just realize that and become really good friends. I might help that along a little, because I think Mom needs more friends. And Maxie would make a good one. I know.

After all, I'm a good judge of character.


  1. Mom and Maxie are lucky to have you, Melissa. You Triple M's make for a great mystery series.

    Charlotte Adams

    Charlotte Adams mysteries

  2. Melissa, you're so right ... sometimes the people who annoy us are most like us. We see in them the things that bug us about ourselves. Give your mom and Maxie some time, and I bet they'll grow to appreciate each other. In the process, your mom may learn to love herself even more.

  3. Melissa, even though you're only 9, I think you're a really good judge of character. I've found in my psych practice that kids and animals are excellent judges of character--it's hard to fool them. So I never trust anyone if little kids (or cats and dogs) don't like them. Dr. Maggie (Dr. Maggie Walsh, who slipped away from WYME to write this post.

  4. You certainly are a good judge of character, Melissa, but don't even think of going up onto the roof.

  5. Melissa,
    How mature of you to recognize that Mom and Maxie really like each other!! I am anxiously waiting for my library to get your book in so I can read all about you, Mom and Maxie!! I will also repeat Janet's warning...stay off the roof!!!!

  6. Melissa, you are a very wise nine-year old.

  7. Really looking forward to reading your story. It's on the nightstand, ready to go after the current book.

  8. Melissa, you are wise beyond your years!

  9. Melissa, don't you think it'd be fun to let Maxie decorate any one of the guest rooms she wants, any way she wants, and then call it Maxie's Room and tell the guests all about her?

    I'll leave it to you to convince your mom.

    Tell your grandma I said hi. Can't wait to visit with you all again.

  10. Melissa, I think you make a lot of sense. Hope that your mom and Maxie will end up being great friends, despite the challenges. :)