Wednesday, October 13, 2010


By Bernadette Bessette
Bonjour. I am Bernadette Bessette, Charlotte's grandmother. Charlotte, my sweet darling, is a cheese shop owner and she should be writing today, but she has granted me this day to share a tidbit or two.

And though it is my day to write about the people of Providence, Ohio, I have been in contact with the author, Avery Aames, and she has advised me that she would like me to dedicate this post to her friend, a fellow author, Kate Collins. Kate has suffered a recent tragedy. I will keep the details private. So much in life should be so, non? But Avery suggested that I tell you that Kate's latest book is out.

The title: Dirty Rotten Tendrils.

Avery loves Kate's character, Abby. Abby owns a flower shop and has a darling of a boyfriend and solves crime. She sounds like my granddaughter, non? But I digress. Pardonnez moi.

Please, if you will, honor Kate and purchase a book for a friend, for a librarian, or for someone in need. We are all readers. We love a good mystery. Why not share the fun?

Soon, I will return to this lovely blog, and I will tell you about my passion for the theater. Ah, you didn't know? Yes, I am not only the mayor of Providence, but I established Providence Playhouse. We put on, how do you say, eclectic pieces. What a thrill. The lights, the action, the humor, the drama. The world is our stage. Welcome to it.

Au revoir.


  1. Bonjour, Bernadette!

    Thanks for spreading the word about Kate's latest book.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your theater company.

    au revoir

  2. So nice of you both to drop by. Today, we are rehearsing a new play, by a new playwright. About Edgar Allan Poe. Trés unique.

  3. Bernadette,

    Your dedication is wonderful. (And I can't wait to hear about your theater group).