Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cheated All Around . . .

By Richard Alpert

Wedding band I love my wife.  I wanted to get that out right away, because . . . things have been strained around our home lately.  There's a lot going on.  You might even call some of them tragedies.  And, yeah, I'll say it--this wasn't the life I thought we'd all be living when I asked my brother to come live with us earlier this year.

You see . . . there's something going on between the two of them.  Or at least going on with my brother.  My wife would never hurt me ... leave me.  And there's a reason one of the ten commandments mentions coveting a brother's wife.

Little black dress I guess I was jealous.  And I really had no intention of meeting with that sweet little thing who kept flirting with me.  Like I said, things have been strained.  When you're under a lot of pressure and someone says funny, kind things to you . . . you tend to listen.  Maybe a little longer and harder than you should have.

I'm not sure what do to about the whole situation.  Do I confront my brother?  I can't really talk about it with my wife -- she's going through the worst life can hand you.  It started when someone began to stalk her and just escalated until now . . . .

But what about me?  I need some love and affection, too. I need my wife, and right now, she's just not there for me. I can't explain it all, but somebody else did--in a book called Cheated by Death.  Yeah, we were all cheated by death in one way or another.  And the ramifications keep going on and on and on . . . .

I can't talk about this any more.  I'll pour just one more glass of scotch and then . . . well, I'll figure something out.  I always do.


  1. Richard, don't take that drink. Talk to your brother and you'll see it will all work out. Brenda needs you as does Jeff.

  2. I think everything will work out if you talk to your brother, Richard. And I think you should talk to your wife about it, too, hard time or not.

  3. Richard, communication is the key to any good relationship. Good luck.


  4. Question...Don't you share the same name as a character on the TV show "Lost"? He was a couple of hundred years old, or more, wasn't he?

  5. Signlady127--I was around l-o-n-g before he was. In fact, the first story I appeared in was written back in 1985.

  6. Pull yourself together, Richard. Accept that your brother is a decent man and sit down and talk to him. Do not take that drink!

    Charlotte Adams

  7. Richard, I think you have to clear the air, no matter what the fallout is...anything is better than uncertainty...