Friday, October 1, 2010

In Honor of Abby Knight

After nine adventures, Abby Knight is back for more antics, sleuthing, and of course, flowers.

Dear Abby.

Why am I writing about her? Because our own Kate Collins is unable to promote Abby's upcoming mystery, Dirty Rotten Tendrils.

All the characters from A Killer Plot have banded together and purchased
ten copies of Kate's latest Flower Shop Mystery.

They're also going to post Amazon reviews (Olivia promises not to give away any plot lines), chat up the book to their friends, and watch as Kate hits the NY Times list!

The Bayside Book Writers know they can count on you to do your part.

Who would you share a great new mystery with?


  1. When my order comes in I am sending one to my good friend in NJ. The other ones are going to the library.

  2. I've had my book pre-ordered for months. Yesterday, I ordered a book for a friend. I'm sure she'll love reading about Abby and her latest adventure as much as I will. Can't wait to read it!

  3. I bought a copy for my cousin, Bree ... and one for Grandma Peachy. And I'm pretty sure my author, Wendy, bought one for her mom, too.

    We're sure thinking about Kate and Abby, holding them close to our hearts.

  4. I have my copy on pre-order but then I'm hitting B&N on Tuesday and picking up several copies to give away to friends.

  5. My bibliographer hit the Barnes and Noble and Borders in her area yesterday and the books were already there! Yeah!

    Skye Denison
    PS I've asked Father Burns to say a special prayer for Kate and her family.

  6. Kate and Abby are lucky to have such good friends.

  7. We cozy-mystery lovers are right - cozy mystery authors are the most wonderful people in the world. What an amazing group of friends.

  8. I already have three copies on their way - one will end up in England -- let's Go Global!

  9. I've got my books pre-ordered. And I'll tell my librarian. Hope everybody else will!


  10. I've already preordered the ebook for myself, and am planning on picking up a paper copy asap for my library.

  11. I will be getting my copy this week, will go to the store for it.

    It is so heartwarming to see the different authors and characters helping to promote Kate's book(s).