Thursday, October 14, 2010

An interview (of sorts) with Charlotte Adams’ BFF Sally Januscek.

Shh, Dallas, honey, mummy’s talking to the nice people. Can you play with your toys for a few minutes?

Sorry about that. Now where were we? Oh yes. Charlotte. She is a very dear friend and we have been close forever, since we were in school. She’s very loyal and organized and she always looks like she’s ready for a fashion photo shoot, but— oh, excuse me.

Madison, why is Savannah crying? No, don’t shrug, honey. I think you do know. Do you want a time out? Because Mummy is talking to these nice ladies, that’s why. So I really want you to behave. Can you do that? Good girl.”

So, um, right. Charlotte. What can I say? She has that lovely apartment and everything is perfect in it, believe me. No toys on her sofas or unexpected and unidentified puddles, not even with the dogs. And that cute little sports car, fun for a single girl. But, I mean, is that enough? I can’t even think about life without my four little angels. Can you be happy without—

Is that water running in the kitchen? Who’s in the kitchen? Did someone turn on the tap? Shenandoah!

So sorry about that. Oh dear, I’m dripping wet now. I’ll just put the baby here. She has a fascination with water and I guess she managed to get a chair over and create a little excitement. Ha ha ha. They’re not usually like this. They’re very— never mind—we were talking about Charlotte, weren’t we? I suppose that no discussion of Charlotte can be held without our friend, Jack. Jack is absolutely crazy about kids. What honey? No, Jack’s not coming right now. Because he isn’t. No, he is not. He’ll visit you at his regular time. Oh look, now you’ve upset your sisters. Listen kids, Jack will be coming in two sleeps. Cuddle up here and be nice for the ladies. You can close your eyes and imagine Jack’s visit. Right. Charlotte. Well, I wonder when she’s going to get over that lying hound of an ex-fiancĂ©, consider her options and get on with things. I suppose you know that Charlotte didn’t have the happiest home life and her mother was married at least four times (I’ve lost count of the husbands and the lovers and all that), but I think that Charlotte doesn’t really trust men that much. It’s too bad because I am pretty sure that Jack is – Oops.

Come on kids, run upstairs and find your new books to show the ladies! That’s it. Go get ’em. So, Jack is crazy about her and she seems so unaware, although I’m pretty sure that she loves him too and not just as a friend. He’d be perfect and if she had a family, she’d eventually learn to give the kids a bath without a disaster or make lunch without anyone getting gum in their hair or, you know, a fire … well, you get the picture. Jack would do all that stuff anyway. He’d be the perfect daddy. But the main thing is, if Charlotte had her own perfect little family, she’d be busy with organizing birthdays and Halloween and maybe she’d be less inclined to get mixed up in murder. I think that would be great for her and for all of her friends. Because otherwise, it’s just a matter of time until one of us gets killed. Quick, before the kids come back. What do you ladies think? Should Charlotte settle down and–?

What’s that noise? What’s going on up there? Flushed WHAT down the toilet?

Don’t go away. I’ll be back ...!

Psst: author intervention here: You can meet Sally and her kids in any of the Charlotte Adams books including the latest: Closet Confidential. Shh!


  1. I don't know, Sally. I mean, can you imagine how perfect her children would have to be? And even if she gets married and has kids, do you really think Charlotte will ever NOT be able to get involved if a murder happens practically right in front of her? Why is Shenandoah's hair purple and sticky? And why are her sisters whispering and giggling?

  2. Sally, "lying hound of an ex-fiance"? Hound?

    You'd better hope no one tells Charlotte's dogs what you said...

    They're good and sweet and would never bite your ankles, of course, but they're sensitive, too, poor maligned darlings.

  3. Sally,

    Love the names of your children, but they sound like a handful.

    FYI--There are some parenting tips on my biographer's website. Just sayin'


  4. Sally, I can see you have your hands full with your children. I think we'll have to let Charlotte and Jack come together on their own and I can't wait to see that explosion.

    I hope nothing that was needed flushed.

  5. Ohhh. It all makes sense now. Single women have time to sleuth. Mommies, well, they're busy making those adorable costumes the three cuties are wearing.

    ~ Krista

  6. I've gotta get these books!

    I don't have kids, but most of my friends do, so I understand about all the interruptions!

  7. The Cutist Babies..I love that ..I still have so many of my daughters"Baby"Things"..She is 25..I Love The look of your Covers..Must email a friend who just had TwinGrandchildren..She will love the Books..Mm Could be a Good Gift for her Much Luck

  8. Thank you for dropping in, ladies. Sally is busy with the plumber now and she called me, her hardworking author. I've just arrived in San Francisco for a mystery conference, but I'll check back in later and give you all the update on her plumbing and all that.