Friday, October 29, 2010

An Irresistible Temptation

From Janet Bolin -

The first of the Threadville Mysteries, Dire Threads, about Willow Vanderling's future adventures, is coming out June 7, 2011. Meanwhile, here's what Willow has been doing in October:

From Willow Vanderling -

Gulp! I've taken a gigantic - and daring - step.

My best friend, Haylee, moved from New York City to Elderberry Bay, Pennsylvania, and opened a fabric store, The Stash. I've been jealous ever since. Finally, I visited her.

After Haylee opened The Stash, her mother started a yarn shop. Haylee's mother's two best friends opened a notions boutique and a quilting shop. Word got out about this village where people could buy everything they needed for their textile arts projects, and Elderberry Bay earned a nickname - Threadville.

Busloads of tourists shop and take classes in Threadville. These tourists have been pestering Haylee to find someone to teach them how to embroider with sewing machines, so Haylee introduced them to me.

Everyone calls what I do machine embroidery, but perhaps thread art would describe it better. Though I usually use embroidery software and high-tech sewing and embroidery machines to create pictures with thread, I showed an enthusiastic group of Threadville tourists some fun tricks they could do with ordinary sewing machines. They wanted more.

Across the street from Haylee's shop was a recently renovated store with a For Sale sign in front...

On the outside, the building was a charming Arts and Crafts style bungalow. Inside, it was perfect for the sort of thread art shop I've always wanted to own.

I fell in love with the apartment underneath the shop, also. Because the building was on a hill, the apartment was bright and airy. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooked a private, hedged-in back yard. At the foot of the hill was a riverside cottage that I could fix up and rent to summer visitors.

When I wasn't running my store (yes, I quickly began thinking of it as mine) or playing with my software and machines, I would be able to hang out with Haylee, hike on the trail between the cottage and the Elderberry River, go boating, stroll on the village's vast sand beach, browse in those other amazing Threadville shops, or dine in restaurants overlooking the lake.

So...I put in an offer on the property. If it's accepted, I'm quitting my job in Manhattan and making this big change in my life.

I'm excited and scared. Scared that I won't get that Threadville property, and scared that I will. What have you done that gave you a similar feeling? Did it work out?


  1. Way to go, Willow! Fortune favors the bold. Good for you. I absolutely cannot wait to sit down and share stories with you. And I would love to see some of your work. Embroidery of any kind is a bit beyond my capabilities, but I can appreciate beauty and quality. Let's plan to meet up soon. Pennsylvania isn't all that far...

  2. Willow, I have faith that everything will work out for you.

    I can't wait to read about your adventures.

  3. And Grace, I can't wait to come down there and look through more of your attics for antique linens I can copy with my machines!

    Dru, isn't it funny how sometimes we're so sure about what we want, then we change our minds? I always wanted to live and work in NYC, and now I'm excited about (maybe) living in a small village.

  4. Willow, change can be so good for you. You'll be surprised at the verve in energy. The way you look at things with a whole new perspective. Embrace the future! As the saying goes from "Shakespeare in Love," "'Tis a mystery!"

  5. Willow, I'm so happy for you! Mars and I were uncertain about moving into the big old house his aunt left to us, but it turned out to be a fabulous place to live. I'm sure your decision to move to Threadville is the right one. I can't wait to hear if it all works out for you!

    Uh, you don't think there are any ghosts in that cottage, do you?

    ~ Sophie

  6. Willow,

    The first step is always hardest. Everything will work out the way it's supposed to work out.


  7. A very daring step, Willow, but one that has all the marks of a wonderful change in lifestyle. Threadville sounds delightful! Change can be rejuvenating and I think this is just what you need in your life. Good for you for having the courage to take that step. Fingers crossed for you that your purchase goes through...

  8. Avery, I'm a little frightened of mysteries, but...imagine! I'd be able to play with my "toys" (sewing and embroidery machines and software) all day every day!

    Sophie, yes the cottage does need some work, so it does look a little haunted. But it can't be, can it?

    Skye, are our biographers only relating our stories, or are they pulling strings? Just wondering...

    Jen, I may have turned a corner (or gone around the bend.) If this deal doesn't go through, will I be content to stay in NYC and continue to work in finance? When I could play with toys all day every day? Hmmmm.

  9. Erin, I had to answer because Willow . . . um . . . won't be able to see the cover until after she's lived the adventure in Dire Threads. It is a pretty cover, isn't it, and it does look like she's moving to Threadville, doesn't it? Shhhhh. She doesn't know . . .

  10. I hope we'll be seeing some clever book slipcovers coming out of Threadville! You know, that Holiday That Dare Not Speak It's Name (after all, it's ONLY Hallow'en!) is coming down the pike!

  11. I can't wait to read about Threadville and all its residents. And what a great cover! Love it.

  12. circuitmouse, those Threadville people sew, knit, crochet, quilt, and just generally make things all the time, so I'm sure many will make clever book slipcovers. And wait until you see how they decorate what they create...!!!

    Heather, the residents and customers of Threadville are part of the reason I want to live there.

  13. It sounds like the best idea ever for a book!
    LOL, willow Vanderling: "are our biographers only relating our stories, or are they pulling strings?"
    Pulling Strings! (What a wonderful title that could be!)
    Good luck with this endeavor, I can't wait to hear the results!