Friday, October 15, 2010

Journal Entry #4, by Harlow Jane Cassidy

Dear Journal,

Three women who were out for a stroll around the town square today actually heard about Buttons & Bows.  But why they chose today, of all days...

They blew into the shop.  I excused myself from my new clients to answer a slew of questions from the my potential new clients.  How would you describe your style?  What actresses have you designed dresses for?  Have you had a dress on the red carpet at the Oscars?  
I answered the best I could and explained to my captive audience that no, I’d never had one of my designs worn to the Oscars because until I’d opened Buttons & Bows, I’d worked for Maximilian as one of the workforce, and that no, I had no plans to go on Project Runway, but yes, to see Heidi Klum in one of my designs would be like a dream come true. 

I caught snippets of conversation from various corners of the shop.  ...shotgun?... way she can pull it off in twelve days... ...acting so odd...  ...gained a few pounds...
The tidbits of conversation felt like lead bullets ricocheting through my body like pingpong balls.  At the time I hadn’t wanted to be in on the gossip, but now, after the body...  

Oh how I wish I’d paid attention to the gossip.  

Are you a gossiper, or do you turn your back on it like I did?  


  1. I think, when there's a mystery going on, it definitely pays to listen to gossip! :) Otherwise, I probably try NOT to listen to it...although that's hard...

  2. You never know. Eavesdropping could save a life...

  3. Gossip is the life blood of Scumble River. I don't so much seek it out, as it washes over me wherever I go. My advice, always listen, but never repeat (unless it leads to solving the mystery).


  4. Hard to resist sometimes. Let us know what happens. We're on your side.

    Charlotte Adams.

  5. For me, it's easier to resist repeating than to resist listening! Yikes! Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. People just say things around me and I retain it because you never know what was said may come in handy.

  7. I need to do better at not gossiping. I think I should take Skye's advice!

    And I'm so curious about that body...

  8. Not a gossiper,,But do listen Especially if a Body/Fashion is involved...Keep us in the loop..Because you can't leave us hanging..BTW Still salivating lol for "Ms.Webbers Absolutely,Positively..She tends to keep us on the edge of our seat, always,just saying...