Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A pink apron? Really?

Tate Harper here. My business partners, Angie DeLaura and
Melanie Cooper, left me in charge of the bakery today. We
co-own Fairy Tale Cupcakes together and we each have our
personal strengths. Mel does the baking, Angie is more of a
bouncer (those cupcake crowds can get unruly, you know), and
I'm the financial backing, or money bags as Angie would say.

But today, when I walked into the bakery from my day job (I'm an
investment analyst at my father's firm), Angie threw a pink apron
at me and told me to cover them for a while. I'm in an Armani suit
here, people. The pink is clashing with my tie. Besides, if I know
those two, and I do, they're up to no good nosing into crimes and
murder and putting themselves in danger...again.

Then again, Mel and Angie are my two best friends. They are on
my short list of people I would give a kidney to. I suppose I can
man up and sell cupcakes for an hour or two.

Oh, wait, is that...? It is! It's Olivia Puckett, a rival baker
who's been trying to shut us down since we opened. Ah!
She's got a gun...a frosting gun! Run for your lives, everyone!
She'll buttercream you to death!

To see what I mean, check out:

Coming January 2011!


  1. Looking forward to reading this one! And I think that pink icing and Armani suits probably *don't* go so well together. :)

  2. There's only one thing to do, Tate. Tailor your own suits. Come to Threadville. I teach classes in tailoring (yes, men's suits, too) and can sell you the perfect fabrics. Pink frosting wouldn't show up (much) on pastel floral wool suiting...

  3. Being willing to give up a kidney is saying a lot. I agree with Elizabeth, though. Armani and frosting? Not so good.

  4. I can't wait to read this one. Nate, I hope you at least took off the jacket. Be careful of the frosting.

  5. Armani and pink frosting? No. Armani and a pink apron - doesn't sound nearly so bad now, does it?

  6. Tate,

    Some women find men covered in buttercream icing sexy. In my last adventure, Wally ended up covered in cake and I enjoyed helping clean it off.

    wink, wink.


  7. Oh this sounds good to read Tate really take the jacket off frosting will not look good on that suit.