Friday, October 8, 2010

Spies are Everywhere

by Kelly Flynn in Maggie Sefton's SKEIN OF THE CRIME

Okay, what is up with Megan and Jennifer? Suddenly, they have to use my laptop to check email. And it's always when I'm in the cafe talking to shop owner Mimi or Pete who owns the cafe in the back. I've been coming to Lambspun knitting shop ever since I returned to Colorado for my Aunt Helen's funeral over three years ago. And....neither Megan nor Jennifer has ever grabbed my laptop to check emails before. Never.

Something's up with them. They're up to something. I know it. Hmmmmm. This didn't happen until I started posting on this new blog "she" told me about. She is Maggie, and she's the one who's always hanging around watching us and looking over our shoulders and eavesdropping on our conversations. It gets REALLY annoying at times. I shoo her away sometime, but she just ignores me. Then, I see her on her laptop, writing away. I KNOW she's writing about us. She's told me. You'd think she'd be ashamed of herself for all that spying. But no, not her. She's shameless, I swear she is. She even shows me the books she's published about us. SKEIN OF THE CRIME is the 8th in the series. So you can see, she's been spying on us for a looooong time.

Anyway. . .I have this sneaky feeling that Megan and Jennifer were looking at my posts on this blog. Brother! Now they're spying on me. I swear....there is NO privacy around here. I'm going to have a little talk with those two when we get together for pizza and movies tomorrow night with the rest of the gang. Set 'em straight.

Meanwhile, I'm going to get another cup of coffee and go back to my accounting spreadsheets. I guarantee no one will want to spy on those. But. . .just in case, I'll take my laptop with me to the cafe.


  1. Kelly, honey...*shakes head* I think you need more caffeine...why don't you go grab another cup of coffee?

  2. You can't take your laptop, how else are we going to get information about Steve.

  3. Spying is what writers do best! Well, aside from writing. It's probably in your best interests, Kelly, to let Maggie spy as much as she needs to. :)

  4. Kelly,

    There is no hiding from your friends, family, or biographer. Believe me. I've tried.


  5. Always great to hear from you Kelly.

  6. I am a little behind in knowing about your life now Kelly,"Dyer Consequences" was my last Adventure with you and your Wonderful cast of Characters/friends..Have a Cup Of Coffee for Me too At The Cafe..from what I remember,it was The Best....Will be back once I catch up..BTW Hows your Knitting coming along?

  7. Shel---You bet I need more coffee. I always do.

    Dru---Steve? Who's talking about Steve? Are Megan & Jennifer talking? I swear. . .man, am I gonna have to talk to them.

  8. Elizabeth, I should have known not to expect sympathy from another writer. You guys stick together. Hummph.

    You got that right, Skye.

  9. Thanks, Annette, I'll talk to you again next month.

    My knitting is coming along a lot better now that I have a little more free time on my hands. Or, rather, I can have my hands free. Whatever.

  10. Kelly, I can tell you right now, that neither Jennifer (although I'm a bit surprised about Megan trying to look at your blogs)-that as a pastor, what you write, unless you make public, should be left to your privacy. If you have it on your laptop, bury it lady or everyone will know what you don't want to share and in Jennifer's hands, it just isn't safe, period. Your thoughts about Steve or anyone or thing else is not for public consumption! Only if you post it, you can expect it to be public. The girls want to know what you are saying and thinking about you-know-who and if you don't protect yourself, sorry sweetie, they can get at it and then the whole of Ft. Connor will know.

    I remember when Jennifer (and Lisa) were at you about dating Steve and your love life and then next thing you know-Jen has Trish out after his hide. You're a smart girl, Kelly. Get the connection. Unless you or Steve or both told the girls that your love life is their business, it isn't. It's yours and Steve's. Your Dad was in the Navy, Kelly. So was I. Protect your laptop and bury your blog.
    They don't have a need to know, unless you want them to. Hope you can use this but without those juicy details, there is no story so your call. Good Luck.