Monday, November 1, 2010

Authors Gone Mad!

Yes, my author was willing to be hypnotized to cure her sugar cravings and spend a week as a vegetarian.

And did her efforts go into a Books by the Bay novel?


She made these sacrifices for those Flab Five people who formed a supper club of some sorts several years ago.

I'll give her this: there is a delightful cocktail recipe in the book.

And because I don't her to starve or I will fade away, here's a photo of this supper club mystery novel for those of you who like those sorts of things....Olivia Limoges

Do you have a favorite vegetarian dish?


  1. Dear Miss Olivia,

    I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian.

    Charlie Patukas (Skye's godfather and owner of the Up A Lazy River Motor Court in Scumble River).

  2. Olivia, I happen to love my salads. In fact, I offer recipes on my blog and on my website with pretty pictures of salads. Some would be terrific on your restaurant menu! Of course, many of mine have cheese added. Say cheese!

    Mystery Lovers' Kitchen

  3. Hear, hear, Charlie! I love your motor court, by the way.

    And while I love and agree with Charlie's comment, there are lots of not-meat things I like--macaroni and cheese, lasagna (no meat), black bean soup, salads with lots of greens, fruits, and nuts. I could probably eat vegetarian for weeks - but not vegan!

  4. Pretty much any pasta dish. Love pasta.

  5. As a vegetarian, I have lots of favorite vegetarian dishes. :)

    There's actually a great recipe for penne with roasted cherry tomatoes on my website ( But my favorite is actually a vegan enchilada bake ... I shared the recipe on the Mystery Lovers Kitchen blog back in July ... yummy!