Thursday, November 18, 2010

Comment Today and be entered to Win a gift certificate!

Julie Hyzy here, grabbing the keyboard from the gang at Marshfield Manor to try to get a post up before they mutiny and grab it back!

This is my birthday month (yep, I'm a Scorpio!) but I want to give a gift to one of you!

Over the past few months, you've met a bunch of my characters from Grace Under Pressure. As you know, that's the first in my new Manor House Mystery series, and -- if you don't know -- the second book (coming in June, 2011) will be called Grace Interrupted. I love it!

Thus far, none of my White House Chef Mystery characters have barged in here to take control of the blog, but I think they're coming soon.

In fact, that's one of the reasons I'm here today. To remind you about Grace Under Pressure (Books make lovely Christmas and Hanukkah presents!) and let you know that Buffalo West Wing comes out January 4, 2011.

In honor of it being November, I'm giving away a $10 bookstore gift certificate to one lucky commenter today. There are no right or wrong answers here, just a chance to share opinions.

The winner will be announced here late tonight or early tomorrow - and I'll contact him or her personally as well (so be sure to leave an email address or link, okay?)

Here are the questions (answer any, all, none... whatever. As long as you comment, you're entered).

- Who, of my characters in either the Manor House or White House Chef Mysteries, is your favorite?
- Least favorite?
- If you haven't read any of my books, then tell me who your favorite cozy mystery character is of all time.

Have fun. Happy Birthday to all November babies, and good luck!

PS: Please check out my newly updated website!


  1. Gotta say....not sure who my favorite heroine is..Ollie or Grace...Happy to say I'm proud to have passed along all of my White Chef books & Grace Under Pressure to MOM. Very sorry to have missed you last December at my library....

  2. Of course, love Ollie in the White House Chef series.

    In the Manor House Mysteries, I know she's necessary to the plot, but Frances is most definitely not my favorite person.

    Is it January 4 yet? LOL!

  3. I think it's gotta be Ollie for favorite, for me. Least favorite...Peter Everett Sargeant III!!!

  4. Can't decide between Ollie and Grace... I've read Grace more recently, so she's fresher in my mind and I love her back story. Really looking forward to the next Grace book.

    bearchicko at

  5. My favorite is Ollie and least favorite is Sargeant. I am delighted to hear that there is a new White House Chef mystery coming in early January. Covers on both new books are great.

    Helen Kiker

  6. Looking forward to the new White House Chef mystery, Julie, and looking forward to the 2nd Grace Under Pressure in June!

  7. My favorite is Ollie, but that's probably because I read that series last - I started with Grace, and because I loved the writing style moved on to the White House Chef series. By the way, I'm a Scorpio too!!! Can't wait for the next Grace book in January.

  8. My favorite is Grace :) My least favorite hmmm I would have to go with Peter myself. Us scorpios have to stick together :).

  9. I've not read any of your White House Chef books yet (I just got the first one from the library). But I did buy Grace Under Pressure over the summer and have added that series to the ones I buy for my own personal collection. My favorite character is Grace, of course. She's young, professional and just very likable. My least favorite character is Francis. It seems we all have a Francis in our lives at some point. I think Grace is saint for not having told her Francis off - yet.

    Beverly aka Bookwoman

  10. Thanks, Janeen - I *love* it when readers pass books to family. That's so great!

    sstude - LOL I get a lot of email about Frances!

    Mary - I'm having a lot of fun with Grace's backstory, too. Next up, we learn a bit more about Jack!

    Helen - thanks! I really love the covers, too. And you're not alone with disliking Sargeant.

    Thanks Elizabeth! And I'm looking forward to your second Memphis BBQ coming out the same day as the next Grace. How fun!

    Kuzlin - Go Scorpios!! And I'm the same way... whichever character or book I'm writing is usually my favorite.

    Babs- Love that! I think I actually "like" Frances better than I do Peter, myself. But both of them are so much fun to write.

    Bookwoman - so happy you enjoyed Grace. She would love your description of her. You're right about all of us having a Frances in our lives. You wouldn't believe how many emails I get asking if I based her on a real person!

  11. Hi Julie! :-) Your books sound exciting and love the gorgeous covers, I have now added them to my wishlist, hopefully with Christmas approaching one of my relatives will get them under the tree for me ;-)

    My favourite cozy mystery characters are Hercule Poirot (love all his quirks, love how Afatha Christie managed to infuse some humour in books about murders :-D lol) and I really liked Becca Robins from Farm Fresh Murder by Paige Shelton. :-)

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Ollie is my favorite and I agree that Peter is my least favorite... Have a great birthday!!! I now have "Grace Under Pressure" in my TBR pile and can't wait to get started on it!
    Alicia (

  13. My grandson and my youngest son both have November birthdays too. I loved every bit of Grace Under Pressure as you know and can't wait for the next one!!! Working on on the White House series to get ready to read BWW. I wish I could find more hours to read in my day, there are just so many good books and never enough reading time.

    Have A Great Day!!

    dollycas79 at gmail dot com

  14. I like the Ollie the best, but that could be because, after three books of hers and only one of Grace, I feel like I know her better. (But Grace is a fabulous character, too!) As for least favorite, I concur with several other fans, Peter is a jerk. Good luck with both series. I look forward to reading more in each!

  15. I love both your series. Don't know how I could choose just one character!


  16. Stella - I hope my books are under the tree for you too. And I agree that Hercule Poirot is great. Becca Robins too!

    Alicia - Ollie and Peter are having quite an argument in the current manuscript. They sure don't get along, do they? Thanks!

    Thanks, Lori - I just loved your review of Grace Under Pressure. Makes me smile whenever I read it. Thank you!!

    Tony! Thanks for popping in here today! Great news on the Grand Master and Raven winners today, huh? So exciting to actually know all of them. Glad to hear your favorites and why. Peter really is a jerk, isn't he?

    MJ - you're so sweet. Thanks!

  17. Julie, I definitely like Grace best. But I love Ollie, too, so I'm torn. Definitely don't like Sargeant. Frances is a hoot. And Ollie's mom...adore her.


  18. Oh Avery, you are so sweet! Thank you. I love Ollie's mom, too. Love their relationship... It's solid and strong, just like Charlotte's with her grandmere!

  19. I think I favor Grace over Ollie, but I really do enjoy them both.

  20. Julie,

    I haven't read any of your books yet, as I mostly rely on the read-and-return at the library.

    My favorite cozy character ever is Kelly Flynn from Maggie Sefton's knitting series.

    Thanks for the contest!

    vtcjan at yahoo dot com

  21. Hi Mare - I know Grace is thrilled to hear it. She's the "new kid" on the block (and kind of a people-pleaser too).

    Jan - Kelly is great, isn't she? I hope Maggie's reading this!

  22. All your characters are fabulous! Can't wait to read the new books coming in 2011.

  23. I feel the same way about yours, Heather!

  24. I haven't read any of them, but I have been looking for a new series to start. Kinda got caught up and waiting on others.I have lots of favorties from Hannah Swenson and Goldy Schultz to Kelly Flynn and Lucy Stone and can never forget the "Death on Demand" bookstore with Annie Darling.

  25. Great choices, all, Mytimindi! Carolyn Hart is also one of my favorite authors. She's such a cool lady. Absolutely great.

  26. Julie, my favorite character is a toss up between Grace and Bennett.
    I would say my least favorite is the secretary, Francis or Harriet, forgot her name. But her actions do add so much to the book. I guess she is a character you love to hate.

  27. Julie, it's not very nice of you to make us pick favorites. But since there's a gift certificate at stake, we're all forging ahead. I haven't read any of you books yet, so I'll have to choose another favorite (or two) and go with Kelly Flynn and LuLu Taylor - they've both staked out a corner in my literary heart.

    P.S. Scorpios ROCK!

  28. I have not read any of your books, but the good news is that I just bought Grace Under Pressure. I am certain that Grace will become one of my favorites!

    As for other cozy series, I have so many favorites that it makes real hard to choose!

  29. I like Ollie and Grace equally and my least favorite is probably Frances.

  30. Shel! How did I miss your comment??

    Annette - I love Frances for just that very reason. But I agree. I love Grace and Bennett best at this point.

    Merry Lu - Scorpios totally rock! LOL Kelly Flynn and LuLu Taylor are fabulous choices. Love them both!

    Queen Liz - I'm hoping you like Grace, too! Let me know!

    Dru - that's nice to know. Frances is a pain, all right. She sure strikes a nerve with a lot of people. I wonder why? Could be because we've all had a Frances in our lives!