Monday, November 8, 2010


And the winner is (drumroll, please) Laineshots! Mainly because she will actually use the cozy, and as a sister tea drinker, I applaud that. The costume sounds pretty cute, er, gruesome too. Your son didn't grow up to be a serial killer, did he?

Just email me a snail-mail address, to, and I'll send it right out.

Thank you all for entering!

Sheila Connolly


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  2. I won the tea cozy?? I won it? I am honored; there were some really great costumes listed. This calls for a celebratory cup of tea! Thank you, thank you! E-mail address coming right up.

    No, he didn't grow up to be a serial killer (well, that I know of, anyway).... he grew up to be a private investigator, and is now studying counterterrorism. I think his goal is to be either Batman or James Bond. Who knew?