Friday, December 3, 2010

Secret Santa

By Tally's Mystery Man
From Wendy Lyn Watson's SCOOP TO KILL

Shhh! Don't tell Tally I'm here ...

Those of you who've been keeping up with Tally Jones through that Wendy woman's books probably know that she's got a new man in her life. That's me. Dalliance is a small town--no bigger than a minute--and both Tally and I have been in the public eye a fair amount lately, so we're trying to keep our (new, fragile) relationship quiet ...

But Christmas is coming up fast, and I need some serious help in picking out a present for Tally. I asked her cousin, Bree, for advice. I'm pretty sure this is a PG-rated blog, so I'm not going to pass along her suggestions. Suffice it to say that there were numerous references to "stocking stuffers" and a lot of throaty chuckling. Dang, that woman has a dirty, dirty mind. I sort of admire her for that, but in the end, Bree's X-rated recommendations don't get me much closer to finding Tally a gift.

See, here's the thing: I'm tail-over-tea-kettle in love with Miss Tallulah Decker Jones. But we haven't been dating for very long and Tally's a little gun-shy when it comes to romance. I want to show her how important she is to me, but I don't want to spook her. My gift to her has to be something special, but not over-the-top. Something romantic, but not too mushy. Something perfect, just like Tally.

Can you help this Secret Santa make his girl's Christmas merry and bright? What's the best present you've ever gotten?


  1. How about a weekend stay at a B&B? Or a bracelet, nothing fancy since this is the start of your new relationship.

    BTW, could you give us a hint as to your identity ;)?

  2. I've gotten tickets to plays and other special events. Good luck!

  3. Excellent suggestions!

    Dru - Mwah-ha-ha! No way ... I'm sworn to silence until A Parfait Murder hits the shelves. :)

  4. A picnic at the zoo! That is so original cute and still romantic. I would love it if someone took me there (of course for that you would need to live somewhere where it isn't snowy and ice cold..) :-)

  5. I'm not certain what's perfect for Miss Tally. But the best surprise was on a planned trip to NYC, the hubby bumped us to first class. Then when we got there, it was a late night carriage ride through Central Park. Total surprise, totally taken off-guard. So whatever gift you doesn't matter if it's tangible...just make it memorable.


  6. She could use a new freezer case. Just sayin'.

  7. Let her drive a NASCAR at TMS - it'll prepare her for any high speed chases---or escapes! LOL
    My husband got me that for my birthday a couple of years ago. It was totally unexpected and fun.


  8. NASCAR! What an awesome idea! Though Sally's correct that the new freezer would be far more practical. :)

    I also really like the idea of a special date - picnic at the zoo? carriage ride through Central Park? You all are really raising the bar!

  9. Definitely a trip somewhere sweet and quaint with no exes or dirty-minded cousins nearby.

  10. My best gift from now DH was his surprise weekend when we were stationed in California along the Central Coast. He took me to Morro Bay for a night at Morry Bay Inn, then a visit to Hearst Castle. A gorgeous weekend, completely planned by now DH and very much a fab surprise for me.

  11. Timberline Lodge, Oregon (Mt. Hood). Excellent northwest food; fresh powder measured in triple digits; great rooms; hot tub outside; three story high stone fireplace; timber you wouldn't believe; an hour or so drive from PDX airport.