Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two Days Before Christmas

By Molly Pink (of the crochet mysteries series by Betty Hechtman)

I was going to be serene this year. Have everything done in advance. Then I’d be able to sit and watch a marathon of Christmas movies with a bowl of homemade caramel corn. Ha. What’s that saying about no rest for the wicked or the procrastinator? I was going to go the store bought route for Barry and Mason, but both of said something about how there was nothing better than getting a gift that was made just for them.

It’s two days before Christmas, folks and I haven’t even started anything for them. Ah, but I found a secret weapon, or more accurately a secret stash. Everyone I know has a pile of UFO (unfinished objects) stuck away in a drawer or plastic container. I’m no different. And now they are going to save my life.

If I’d thought of it sooner, I’d have gotten some soft cashmere yarn and made Mason a beautiful scarf. Instead, I’m going the serendipity route. Wouldn’t Mason just love that cute stuffed elephant that has been laying in a drawer begging for a face and to have his body parts sewed together? That is if I can get the elephants mouth right so it looks like he’s smiling instead of sneering. I better move his eyes wider apart, too or he’ll look like he has beady eyes to go along with the sneer. I’ll get it right - I know I will.

Barry mentioned wanting slippers and he would have gotten them, too, if I’d started a little earlier. Oh, well there’s always next year. For now, he’s going to get that burnt orange afghan I almost finished over a year ago. It just needs fringe all the way around. Making fringe is tedious and not nearly as much fun as it was crocheting the afghan with that giant hook. But I can do it. I can finish it in time.

Maybe I will still be able to watch the marathon of holiday movies while I work, but it’s ixnay on the caramel corn if I don’t want sticky yarn.

That’s it. For sure, this time I’m going to start making holiday gifts in January. I’ll plan it all out, starting with those slippers for Barry. Okay, what is the real chance of that happening? Probably little to none.

Anybody else let things go to the last minute?


  1. I love the UFOs I have in my workspace, especially for those quick handmade gifts.

    Good luck with finishing these two projects.

    Stores are still opens to get those slippers for Barry.

  2. Ready for Christmas? What's that? If I finish my projects, I start more.

  3. Every year. I'm the worst procrastinator. Today, for example, I should be wrapping. But now I have caramel popcorn on my mind...

  4. LOL Molly. This year all the presents are bought and even wrapped ahead of time. But the cards suffered. No Christmas cards from the Hyzy family this year - we just couldn't get to them! Do you think people might enjoy New Year cards instead? LOL

  5. I'm the worst procrastinator ever! I love Julie's idea of New Year cards.

  6. LOL - My tree remains undecorated, not a present to be seen ... as for cards, I'm thinking "Happy Spring!"

  7. I am so glad to see I'm not the only one a little behind. My cards are always New Year's greetings. Wendy, good idea about "Happy Spring" :-)