Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where Did I Come From, Kate?

Dear Kate,

We want to know where we came from. And no, we’re not asking for a lesson on the birds and the bees.


Abby, Marco, Lottie, Grace, Maureen, Jillian, Tara

Well, gang, here’s the thing. Each of you came from a story in my head. You’re not based on any living persons, although I have seen people who reminded me of some of you.

Take Abby’s able assistant Lottie, for instance. A few years back, my family and I were eating at an Italian restaurant in Chicago when our waitress bustled up and smiled a big hello. My eyes got wide when I realized this woman was Lottie! She was big boned, had a hearty laugh, a full-throated voice, and a Kentucky accent. I glanced around the table and saw that my daughters were thinking the same thing. We mentioned this resemblance to the waitress. She gave me a look that said, Um, okaaaaaaay. Whatever.

Then there’s Tara, Abby’s niece, a miniature version of Abby. When I first tuned in to “Castle” on TV, I saw Richard Castle’s daughter and drew in my breath. Tara! Granted, this actress is a bit older and more sophisticated, but she has that same fresh-faced innocence, spunky attitude, and red hair.

Then we have the ever-sexy Marco, who sprang fully-developed from my imagination, a composite of the guy every woman wants for herself. Hubba-hubba! Sadly, I’ve spotted only a few Marcos, but not in this country. One was in Greece, one in Italy. I’m still waiting for one to appear here. There are a few actors who come close to the hunk I imagine, but I won’t say who. Better to let you imagine your own Marco.

As for the rest of the gang, I haven’t seen any doubles yet. But I’m sure they are out there. Somewhere is an elegant 60 something Brit loaded with common sense. Somewhere is a wacky schoolteacher/artist mother who sincerely believes her odd works of art will help Abby’s profits at Bloomers. Somewhere is a tall, willowy, vain, copper-headed Jillian, Abby’s cousin and thorn-in-her-side. And let’s not forget Sgt. Reilly, a nice-looking, tall but not thin, brown-haired, average-looking guy, the cop you’d want responding to your call.

If you’ve seen anyone matching their descriptions, let me know. The gang will be watching.


  1. I've seen some of my characters, too. It's always surprising. I thought I made them up! I'll watch for yours, Kate.

  2. It's funny to discover our characters--in the flesh!! I've had the same thing happen, I ran into someone I swear was Vera Mae from WYME. She even said, "Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit." Now, really, apart from Vera Mae, who else would say that? Great post!

  3. I do like that sometimes I see a person that reminds me of a character I've read in a book.

  4. Is Abby totally fictional. I thought for certain part of her would be someone you know or perhaps even yourself.

  5. I definitely agree that the daughter on Castle is a perfect Tara....both lovely in my eyes!! I was going to say in my book...but alas I don't have a book!!

  6. I used to work with someone like Lottie.
    I just wonder how much of you, Kate, is in some of those characters that have some things in common with your life and career. Hmmm.