Monday, January 24, 2011

Better Late Than Never. . .I Guess

by Kelly Flynn of
Maggie Sefton's SKEIN OF THE CRIME,
8th in the Knitting Mystery series

Wow. . .it's been a long time since I got to talk to you guys. For some reason, this blog decided to change things around and move all of our "post dates." I hope you guys weren't confused, because I was. :) Now, I'll be posting on the fourth Monday of the month instead of early in the month. I checked the dates for the upcoming months, and they're all in the 20-somethings. Still confused? Well, so am I, but I put the list on my daytimer, and I'll remind you guys at the end of every post when the next one will be.

Since it's been nearly seven weeks since the last post, I guess I should catch you guys up on what's been happening. That's easy. I can tell you in one word: Holidays.

Both of my business clients seem to go into slower-motion around the third week of December. A lot of people start traveling for the holidays. Some are already gone. Me. . .I stayed here in Fort Connor. It's my home now, and I am SO GLAD. Thanks to all my friends, the holiday season was jam-packed. Mimi & Burt had an open house, and Curt & Jayleen had a great sleigh ride party & dinner afterwards. There were cookie exchanges at Lambspun, and a HUGE party at my Denver client. Warner Development. I invited Jennifer to come down with me for that one. I thought she might appreciate some face time with all those real estate developers. My Fort Connor client, Arthur Housemann, gave me a very generous holiday bonus, which I used to buy presents for the gang. We spent a wonderful Christmas Eve together. Then Jennifer, Pete, and I joined Mimi & Burt for a Christmas Day church service and a fantastic dinner at their home.

So---thanks to my family of friends, I had a wonderful holiday season. I sincerely hope all of you had family, friends, or friends-that-are-family to celebrate with. Meanwhile, it's now January, and it's back to the work routine for all of us. See you all again on Monday, February 28th.


  1. Good to see you, Kelly!

    If folks are confused about who's posting when, click on the "Killer Character Line-Up" link in the menu ... we now have a handy calendar with all the dates, including those of our fabulous guests!

  2. Glad to hear you had a great Christmas, Kelly!

  3. Happy New Year, Kelly. Hope you have lots of 'yarns' to share with us.

  4. Thanks for the "Welcome" back, guys. I appreciate it. I'll keep you updated on what's happening. . .plus I've learned that some of the gang have logged onto this post, too. So, who knows what you'll find.

  5. Hi Kelly, it was so nice to see you. I hope your January is a good one.

  6. Hmm. Welcome back, Kelly :). I think I learned mmore by what you didn't mention than by what you did, though...

  7. I have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about, Shel. None whatsoever. I need some coffee.

  8. Kelly, I sincerely hope you and the Lambspun gang
    can enjoy the holidays and each other. Best of wishes for a happy, safe and prosperous New Year and please give Megan and Marty, my best wishes
    along with all of my favorite people.

    God Bless
    Rob (Grand Rapids)

  9. Dear Lambspun fans and readers. Kelly, girl, you are a certifiable hoot! Pete and Jen do make a cute couple, just like all of your "Momma Maggie" characters! I was writing a few months ago to Maggie and she confirmed my suspicions about the next "couple". So glad that Jennifer recovered from her "attack" to find Pete adoringly waiting in the wings! Some women go through that kind of attack and never recover completely or are unable to trust a man enough to risk themselves again. But Jennifer has a great and loving community of friends, that are family and I know they all had a hand in Jen's recovery-especially Pete. Alls well that ends well in that one. Hoping to read more and will be tuning in after "Unravelled" to see how Jen and Pete are faring. Toodles all of you.
    Rob-Grand Rapids