Saturday, January 29, 2011


by Jitty the ghost

From BONE APPETIT by Carolyn Haines

Hi, y’all, Jitty the haint here. I’ve abandoned my duties of watching over Sarah Booth Delaney to visit for a bit. In the Mississippi Delta mystery series, Sarah Booth gets a lot of ink solving mysteries, so I’m gonna talk about me
I date back to the Civil War, and I was the nanny for Sarah Booth’s great-great-grandma, Miss Alice. We both lost our men in that terrible war, but Miss Alice and I worked hard together to keep Dahlia House and the land around it. If it wasn’t for that fertile land and our hard work, we woulda starved and the Delaney line would be no more. Now, Sarah Booth is the last of the line, and I’ve come from the Great Beyond to guide her—and lord, she needs some guidance. She’s headed for her mid-thirties and that girl ain’t got no husband or no baby. She taxes all my skills, but I’m not about to quit tryin to keep her headed down the aisle toward matrimony and a Delaney heir, no matter how much she bucks and balks.

Mostly what she wants to do is solve mysteries with her partner Tinkie Bellcase Richmond. I thought Tinkie, the daughter of the owner of Zinnia’s bank, would be a good influence, but it hasn’t worked out that way. Sarah Booth gets her in all kinds of situations. If I weren’t already dead, those two would give me a heart attack.

Sarah Booth didn’t start out to be a private detective. She wanted to be a Broadway star. That didn’t work out so well for her, and she ended up back in Zinnia, Mississippi and had to take some quick action to save her family home, Dahlia House. The old house needs some work (then again, so does Sarah Booth—but don’t tell her I said that).

At any rate, one thing led to another, and now Delaney Detective Agency stays pretty busy. She’s met all kinds of interestin’ folks, but she is just a death ray when it comes to romance. I try hard to help her, but so far my success rate is pretty dismal. Work, work, work, that’s all she thinks about.

Most recently, Sarah Booth and Tinkie took a vacation to Greenwood, Mississippi and ended up in the middle of a beauty pageant cook-off, complete with dead bodies, in BONE APPETIT. And before they’d recovered from that, they took a case in Natchez, Mississippi. A “simple insurance” case, as Sarah Booth calls it. Only BONES OF A FEATHER is anything but simple. You can read all about that one in June.

Right now Sarah Booth and Tinkie are runnin’ around New Orleans tryin’ to find a medium who bilks rich people out of their money. No wonder she can’t catch a man. She don’t hold still long enough for a man to get hold of her.

Most recently, I’ve taken up writing an advice column. Since Sarah Booth won’t heed the good advice I give her, I figured I could put my decades of knowledge to good use and help some other folks. So if YOU there, reading this, have a question, please go to I got my own pages called Jitty’s Jilted Hearts. You might want to read over some of the advice I’ve already given, but if you don’t get the answer you want, drop me a line. I’ll be sure to answer. And it’s free. Why pay a shrink when you can talk to me for free?

Thanks for chattin’, and see you around the Mississippi Delta.

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  1. Jitty, keep trying. You've got to find a man for Sarah Booth and keep that Delaney line going!

  2. I'm torn because I want Sarah Booth to keep the Delaney line going, but afraid that if she does have a baby, she'll close up her agency and we won't have any more adventures with Sarah Booth and Tinkie.

  3. This is Carolyn here. Jitty refused to come when summoned, but that's not unusual. She's the most cantankerous ghost around. I feel sure that Sarah Booth will find true love--eventually. Dru is correct. Fictional characters, like real people, have a hard time managing family, children, and career. All in good time. Unlike the rest of us, Sarah Booth is aging at a snail's pace. There's plenty of time!

  4. Jitty, you are one smart woman. I don't know why Sarah Booth doesn't always take your advice. she would be so much better off.

  5. Love advice from a 'haint'... now I just might have to look into that!! LOL. Does Jitty have access to other 'haints', like Casanova or Don Juan??

  6. Love these books. Will go and check out the advice column, too. Jitty knows what she's talking about.

  7. I think Jitty is having a romance in the Great Beyond with Elvis. She's always singing "Love me Tender" and saying things like "Jitty has left the building." Honestly, she is hard to keep on a leash. She's a willful character who tries to steal the storyline in every book. And she gives "tough love" advice in her column. Jitty doesn't suffer fools!

  8. Good luck with Sarah Booth, Jitty! Can't you find her a live Elvis type?

    ~ Krista

  9. That's a good thought, Krista. Jitty should find Sarah Booth an Elvis type.