Monday, January 17, 2011

Lost Dog

By Lucy Valentine
From Heather Webber’s Lucy Valentine series
Have you ever lost a pet? It’s such a horrible feeling, isn’t it? Now, imagine losing two and you might understand the kind of trauma I’ve been living with lately! In the past couple of weeks, I’ve lost my boyfriend Sean’s dog Thoreau, and my grandmother Dovie’s foster dog, Rufus (you can read all about Rufus in Absolutely, Positively, which comes out in two weeks!).

Okay, the first time, with Thoreau, well, that wasn’t my fault. He was dog-napped by someone out to play test-the-psychic. Little did that person know I can’t get readings on pets. Oh, the guilt!

And Rufus? Well, okay, I was dog-sitting him when he disappeared, but I’m not taking full blame for him running off, either. There were other forces at work that I didn’t know about.  Still, more guilt!

Really, it was enough to send me to bed for the whole day. A psychic can only take so much.

Were the dogs found? you’re wondering. Well, you’ll just have to wait and see—and see if my talents were of any use whatsoever. But be sure that I’m glad Grendel is a house cat. If he ever ran away…shudder. I don’t even want to think about it.


Note from Heather:
When I was little and living in Las Vegas, my family had a dog named Charlie, who was half great dane, half boxer. He was an enormous slobbery mess and dearly loved. Then one day, he was gone. Hopped the fence and disappeared. One week. Two. Three. Then finally, those LOST posters we put up paid off. He was found about ten miles away from our house. I still remember the joy, and I still wonder at the adventure he had…


  1. That would be a bad day for a psychic! Hope the dogs were found.

    We had a cat to run off once when I was a child...came back after a month. I was *so* happy.

  2. I'm sure your talents will guide you to the lost dogs. Looking forward to reading your next adventures.

    Our cat loved looking out the window and watching the world go by. One day it was accidentally left open and off she went. We searched high and low for her and a couple of months later, she came back with her new family in tow. Took us a while to find new homes for her babies.

  3. Lost dogs? As a known dogophile, now you've really got me! And you had me before with your terrific adventures. I don't know if I can wait to find out what happens poochwise! Eeeek.

  4. We looked after a very mischievous and entertaining dog for three weeks until our advertising brought the dog's owner to us. The owner put the dog in her car. While we chatted, the dog locked the car doors. Yep, the keys were inside . . .

  5. I don't know what I would do if I lost Daisy or Mochie! I had a panic like yours in The Diva Cooks A Goose. It's just awful to know they're out there in the world by themselves. I'm so glad it all worked out well for Charlie.

  6. My father, Jed, loves his dog Chocolate, but has not trained him at all. This means that every so often Chocolate disappears. It's a bad time in Scumble River when that happens because stoic Jed goes to pieces.


  7. Can't wait to read all about it. But this one will be a bit painful. We lost our beloved dog, Timmy, when a repairment let him out of the house while we were gone. We posted rewards, searched our area, and made the rounds of local shelters for months but never found him.

  8. Linda, that's terrible. And it's so hard to get over something like that (if ever).

  9. Oh Heather what a Surprise!!It just want's me to read Absolutely,Positively Even more Is that possible? Yes ..On BN Pre-order so maybe an earlier release..Excited for more and more Valentine Adventures You always keep us on our toes...Best

  10. Looking forward to reading Absolutely, Positively.

  11. I'm always paranoid when I have someone doing work in the house. Kitka got out a couple of times when the door was open too wide, but I think she's grown out of that now. Hope so. Thinking about poor little animals out there unprotected is terrifying.

  12. Lucy, we had a dog -Belle- who loved adventure. People all over town would call us. She was a sneaky pooch. Thankfully we had good ID tags!
    ~ Avery

  13. I guess if I could ever have a dog I'd want GPS on his dog tags...or a dog-vibe-friendly psychic!