Friday, January 7, 2011

A Resolution for Keeping

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Hi y’all. Lulu here with some Happy New Year wishes for all of you and some thoughts on resolutions.

At my age, I’ve seen quite a few new years roll by. Sometimes I’ve put myself in a pickle trying to make drastic changes for myself for the upcoming year.

I’ve tried focusing on weight-loss. Now, y’all know that’s not going to go over too well. After all, I own a restaurant. I’m faced with barbeque sandwiches, coleslaw, and banana pudding! Who could resist? Apparently, not me. :)

I’ve tried focusing on getting organized. I had a little better luck with that one, although it wasn’t much fun, I’ll admit.

I’ve tried the one about getting more exercise and brainstormed about more interesting or fun ways of getting active. I discovered I was much more the type that likes to sit on screen porches and rock in rocking chairs.

This year? I got smart.

I found a resolution that I needed to make that I’ll enjoy keeping: spend more time with my friends. Yes, my friends have been with me through thick and thin, murder investigations…you name it! I need to spend more time being a good ear for them and showing them how much I appreciate their friendship.

So there you have it! The secret to resolution success is to make resolutions we’re happy to keep!

Did you make resolutions this year? The easy kind, or the harder kind?

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  1. No resolutions this year, but small goals that are easy to keep.

  2. Lulu, yes, have great times with your friends (between murder investigations . . .)

  3. Got both kinds. Including losing weight, exercising, and getting together more with friends.

  4. LOL! I love your way of looking at resolutions. I made some this year, but they're not quite as easy to keep as yours, Lulu. However, now that I think about it -- it wouldn't hurt any of us to be a better friend!

    ~ Krista

  5. No formal resolutions for me, Lulu, but I'm trying to drop a few pounds and move more. I read elsewhere that Laura Lippman encourages one-word resolutions. Mine, I think, would be "Strive" - to do more, get more healthy, write more, be a better person...
    Love the idea of one-word...

  6. I set goals instead of resolutions and my goal this year is to lose 30 pounds, if I do more that would be awesome. I want to get healthy and have more girlfriend nights!

  7. I had done away with resolutions, but I might reconsider after reading your's.

  8. I made tons and if all goes as years past, I won't stick to a single one of them!

  9. Dru--Sounds like the best kind, to me!

    Janet--Those murders always seem to get in the way!

    Linda--Sounds like a little of both!

    Krista--Most resolutions are the hard-to-keep kind!

    Julie--What a great idea! Okay, so mine would be "friends." Hmm. Except that's not a verb. So "visit" maybe.

    Shelley--That's a great goal! Fingers crossed that it goes well. We could all do with a healthy 2011, couldn't we?

    Harbingerdc--Thanks! I'm right pleased that I came up with one that I have a shot at keeping!

    Heather--It's sort of a tradition, isn't it? :)

  10. Lulu, I like resolutions about giving friends more time. Great idea! Good luck at keeping yours.