Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moonlight and mystery

Submitted by Lucky Smith, mother of Constable Molly Smith of Trafalgar British Columbia. The latest in the Constable Molly Smith series by Vicki Delany is Negative Image.

Children! What are you going to do with them? They think they’re all grown up and don’t need you any more. But you never stop worrying, do you?

Me, I have more to worry about than most of you do.

Andy and I named our daughter Moonlight, for the full winter moon that fell on the snow covered forest outside my window the night she was born. A beautiful name, for a beautiful little girl. Warm and loving. Peaceful.

And what does she do when she grows up? She becomes a cop! And decides that police officers need to have names like John, Paul, Dave, not Moonlight. So she starts calling herself Molly.

And then she cuts off her lovely long blond hair. And don’t get me started on that uniform! She looks like a storm trooper. All jangling equipment, dark colours, that bulky Kevlar vest with POLICE written across the back. And the gun. That a child of mine would ever have a job that required carrying a gun, I never would have imagined. Arresting people for sitting in the park minding their own business, smoking a hand-rolled cigarette. So what if it’s marijuana? When was the last time someone went on a marijuana binge and beat up his wife or got into a bar brawl. Answer that!

Of course, the police here in peaceful Trafalgar, British Columbia, aren’t like the fascist scum who ran amok at the Democratic Convention in 1968. I’ll never forget that pig of a… pig… who hit me across the back of the head with his nightstick and tossed me into the paddywagon. I spent a night in jail. There were hundreds of us. We sang songs and talked politics. Proudest night of my life, let me tell you. We were out to change the world.

And what did we get? Children who grew up to become cops themselves. Perhaps even worse, my son Sam is a corporate lawyer for an oil company. An oil company! I ask you. I doubt his wife even knows his real name is Samwise. (Another lovely name, chosen with care) And his wife! Social climbing rich-bitch wannabe, that one.

There’s the beat cop coming down the street now. She’s grabbed a little girl who was about to run into traffic. I see she’s watching Charlie Bassing, that piece of scum who beat up Christa. He’s out of jail and the police are keeping a careful eye on him. Just yesterday someone stole an expensive pair of sunglasses from my store, Mid-Kootenay Adventure Vacations. He ran out the door, me in hot pursuit, and almost bumped into a passing police officer. I got the sunglasses back and the little weasel was carted off to the police station.

Sorry, gotta run. It’s Moonlight and she’s heading this way. Stopping in for a visit with her mom. Isn’t that nice?

Perhaps it’s not so bad having a cop for a daughter after all.

Vicki Delany writes the Constable Molly Smith series of which the latest is Negative Image. The fifth book in the series, Among the Departed, will be released on May 3rd. She is also the author of the Klondike Gold Rush series (Gold Digger, Gold Fever) from Canada’s Rendezvous Crime, and novels of psychological suspense. Visit Vicki at www.vickidelany, on facebook (


  1. It is nice to have the kids drop in, no matter what. Molly's a good girl. I have read the Molly Smith mysteries and really love the part you play, Lucky! One of these days I am going to visit the town of Nelson, B.C. I hear it's a lot like your spectacular Trafalgar. Thanks for coming by Killer Characters today

  2. Is she coming to see you or to ask what you may have seen from your well-placed shop?

  3. Lucy, I'm going to have to get this book so I can read Molly's story and I hope you're there as well.

    So, tell us how you really feel about your DIL?

  4. Thanks to Killer Characters for hosting me. Janet, my daughter knows that I'm the go-to-girl for all the news in Trafalgar. What I don't tell her, or the police, won't hurt them, now will it?

  5. Wow, those pictures of BC are gorgeous! I feel for you, Lucky. I was fortunate with my mother-in-law but Natasha, who some think stole my husband, hates his sweet mother. At least you have great kids, even the storm trooper!

    ~ Sophie
    Domestic Diva Mysteries

  6. Oh,'re daughter's doing just fine, so don't worry about it! I know you tried to have her follow in your footsteps...but you're right...that's kids for you! She makes a good cop though -- conscientious, cares about the people she serves, and that hot RCMP boyfriend--"Lucky" her!