Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nate or Dom: The final chapter!

(Submitted by Ella and Marie Porter, Morse Point
town historians or rather elderly gossips, from
Lucy Lawrence’s Decoupage Mystery Series)

E: I’m Ella Porter, and this is my twin sister Marie.

M: Hello.

E: We’ve been watching the Brenna, Nate
and Dom love triangle for months now.
And of course we all know that Brenna
should choose Nate.

M: No, we don’t.
E: Yes, we do.

M: No we don—

E: Let’s explain, shall we? Then they can decide for themselves.

M: Fine, but me first. (Marie clears her throat) Once upon a time
there was a beautiful young woman.

E: I’m gagging already.

M: Shut it, sister, it’s my turn. (Marie clears throat again) Forced to
flee a traumatic experience in Boston, our brave heroine finds herself in
the small, picturesque town of Morse Point, where she takes a job working
for the town’s fair maiden and her long time best friend Tenley Morse in
her paper store.

E: My turn!

M: But I haven’t gotten to the good part yet.

E: Oh, piffle, you’ll take forever to get there. Now, this is where
Brenna befriends her landlord Nate Williams, a reclusive artist.
Unfortunately, Nate and the town mayor have had a bit of a scuffle
over Nate’s land and when the mayor is found dead, Nate is the prime

M: Brenna, having developed tender feeling towards her landlord,
decides to help prove that he didn’t do it. But while sleuthing the case,
she meets the dashing hero a former mobster named Dom Cappicola.

E: He’s not the hero. Nate’s the hero.

M: No, he isn’t. Dom is.

E: And so, we have the classic love triangle.

M: An epic love triangle.

E: You always have to get in the last word, don’t you?

M: No, I don’t.

E: Yeah, you do.

M: No, I don’t.

Ladies, please! Tenley Morse, here. I just wanted to say, that yes,
Brenna is caught up in a love triangle. Nate is an artist and he and
his dog Hank look after Brenna when she gets herself caught up in
murder investigations, which happens more than you’d think. And
Dom, well, he does have that pulsing personal aura of power that is
hard to deny, and he has made it very clear that he cares for Brenna.
But who will she choose? Who will she have the better life with?

When my father is accused of murdering his business partner in
SEALED WITH A KILL (to be released on March 1st) Brenna and
I will have to solve the murder to free my father and...
all will be revealed!

Well, you didn’t really think I was going to tell you who she chooses, did you?
Have you ever been caught in a love triangle? Who did you choose?


  1. This will be very exciting, especially to see who Brenna picks.

  2. Ella and Marie, did you notice that someone referred to you as "rather elderly gossips"?

  3. The suspense! And as for the "rather elderly gossips" -- that's my favorite kind.

    A for the love triangle -- Brenna better think long and hard on this. It's all to easy to choose the wrong one.

  4. LOL! Janet, don't point it out to those two. They're trouble -- or so I've heard;-)