Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day!

by Alice Anders
from Wendy Lyn Watson's Mysteries a la Mode

Today isn't a regular day for the Dalliance, Texas contingent to post on this blog, but I'm soooo bored. Dickerson U cancelled classes today--for the fifth time this semester--because of snow and ice.

We put up with the godawful horrible heat of Texas summers specifically so we can gloat about our winters. And then mother nature throws us days on end of sub-freezing temperatures, sleet, snow, ice ...

I suppose for folks up north, the glossing of ice on our highways would be no big deal. But we don't have snow plows or salt spreaders ... or even salt, really. My mama was joking that we should sprinkle bacon on the roads, since we have plenty of that. Maybe she's on to something?

Anyway, here I am, stuck at home again. Mama's upstairs practicing karaoke in front of her bureau mirror. Aunt Tally is canoodling with her new boyfriend in the den, where the TV is. Grandma Peachy is visiting, and she just shooed me out of the kitchen because I kept stealing bits of cookie dough from the bowl. I'm all caught up on my reading for class, I've already read the stack of novels on my bedside table, and I lost my MP3 player last week.

I'm going to lose my mind.

What should I do? Any suggestions? How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. Make snow ice cream - but stay away from the yellow snow!

  2. Do you have any DVDs? If so, you can watch it on your laptop.

    I'm in NYC and we're dealing with cold temps and I'm not liking it at all.

  3. Does anyone there have a stash of fabric or yarn? If they're too busy to show you how to sew, knit, crochet, embroider, or quilt, look for tutorials on line.

  4. I think you should give us a hint as to who your aunt's boyfriend is. Just sayin'.

  5. Miz Heather, I value my life. I'm not saying a word.

    Thanks for the ideas.

    I'd love to watch a movie, but all the DVDs are in the den with Aunt Tally and Mr. X. Ick.

    Actually, a lot of Gram's crafting stuff is crammed into tubs in the front closet. Maybe I can convince her to teach me to knit. As long as we keep the yarn away from Sherbet -- we can't get out to take him to the vet if he eats it.

  6. How about reading a good'll find many great suggestions in this blog!

  7. Don't waste that snow! Try snow angels or sliding down the hill. Snowballs can get you in trouble but may be worth it. I've had snowy winters all my life and I know you can't fight it so you may as well join it.

  8. A snow day is always good for reading a good book or working on a puzzle! Of course where I live it's -25 today. We have lots and lots of snow days.:)