Monday, February 21, 2011

Speaking Poundage Wise

From Judie Valentine (aka Lucy’s mum) from Heather Webber’s Lucy Valentine series.

Do you know the Winnie the Pooh song “Up, Down, Touch the Ground?” Lest you think I’m a complete nut, Pooh was one of Lucy’s childhood favorites and some verses just stay with you. These, for example:

I am stout, round, and I have found,
speaking poundage wise,
I improve my appetite
when I exercise!

I am short, fat and proud of that.
And so, with all my might
I up, down and up, down to
my appetite's delight!

The song is all about Pooh undertaking an exercise program—not to lose weight, per se, but because exercise makes him hungry, and Pooh loves to eat. The hungrier he is the better.

Like Pooh, I am stout and round (I prefer the term “curvy”), and I’m in need of an exercise plan (and I also love to eat—especially cheesecake). Unlike Pooh, I’m trying to lose a few pounds. Everyone thinks I’m trying to become a Skinny Minnie to keep my latest beau (no spoilers here!) interested. Especially Lucy. But that girl of mine worries too much. I’m simply trying to get a little healthier. I’m not getting any younger, that’s for sure, and I need to start caring about things like cholesterol (shudder) and body mass index (vile).

And if I happen to make my curves a little curvier in the process, that’s not a bad thing, is it? And if I happen to resent that my current beau usually dates size 2 tarts, and I’d rather he not dump me for one, then who can blame me if I want to drop a few pounds? And if I happen to keep a cheesecake hidden in the fridge, you won’t tell anyone, right?


  1. Definitely not tell anyone what is funny I just hid a cheesecake away from the hubby and kids last night. My lips are sealed. Good luck on loosing a few pounds.

  2. Judie, I applaud your healthy attitude. You know when to get serious about eating carefully and exercising, and you also know when you have a forkful of hidden cheesecake. Very well-balanced! But don't worry--no "sack of antlers" size-2 tarts could ever hope to shine with your luminosity.

  3. Ah, but the important point is... what kind of cheescake???

  4. You go Judie!! Just cause you're watching your figure doesn't mean you can't occasionally have that slice of cheesecake. those tarts can't compare with you in any way!!

  5. Umm, size 2 tarts -- you definitely have tasty treats on your mind. You've got the right idea though...eating healthy for your body, but with a few nibbles for your soul thrown in! Good luck!

  6. I'll keep your secret for a share of the cheesecake! And I like you find the way you are.

  7. Julie, I'm with Victoria. Forget about the size 2 tart. What kind of cheesecake? Yum!


  8. Good for you and everyone needs some delicious waiting for them.

  9. Judie only eats New York-style cheesecake, usually plain, but sometimes with strawberries or raspberries.

    And she doesn't like to share, though sometimes, certain people sneak slices in the middle of the night...

  10. Vile is the perfect word to describe BMI :) Good luck with losing some poundage, Julie!

  11. Went to my first WeightWatchers meeting this morning after going to Daylight Donuts for one of their fab cinnamon buns and then to Starbucks for a venti nonfat,no water chai with one pump sugarfree hazelnut.....Once a week I plan on treating don't tell my honey, I won't tell yours. We keep secrets....
    I am curvy, will always be curvy, would like to lessen the speedway a bit, though.

  12. You can always rationalize the cheesecake by *planning* to exercise more. Like, maybe tomorrow . . .

  13. Vickie, that sounds like a good balance to me!

    Janet, you think a lot like Lucy. :)