Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Fun in the Colorado Rockies

by Kelly Flynn
from Maggie Sefton's SKEIN OF THE CRIME
8th in the Knitting Mystery Series

Okay, I only have a few minutes to talk to you guys because I am seriously swamped with client accounts. And---I have to finish because my friends and I---aka, the Gang---are getting our gear ready and loading the cars tonight, because tomorrow we're all heading up to the High Country. That's what we in Colorado call our high mountains. Here in Fort Connor we're already over 5000 feet above sea level, like Denver, an hour to the south of us. So, when we go higher up into our mountains, we're talking 8500 feet, 9500 feet, 10,000 feet or more in altitude.

That's seriously high. Some visitors to our beautiful state experience a headache at first when they arrive, but it's usually gone by the next day. Most people don't experience any ill effects. I would advise, however---if you're coming from sea level cities like the East Coast, please take it easy. When you arrive in Denver or other Front Range city at 5000+ ft, you should take a day or two to acclimate before you travel to the higher elevations. Just a helpful hint, guys.

Anyway---we're all driving up tomorrow for an all-day skiing/snowshoeing trip. Most of us will be skiing. Megan, Marty, Lisa, and Greg have gone several times this winter---last December, January, and February. I didn't go because I was way swamped with accounting work. Or, that's what I told them. The real reason is I felt like a "third wheel." Whenever we've all gone skiing in the past, I was always with Steve. Now, I'm not. We're no longer a couple. Heck, we haven't even seen each other in nearly six months.

But, that's okay. I'm okay. Hey, Life changes. We all move on, right? Anyway, I decided I really wanted to join the Gang for this trip. It's almost March, and that's Colorado's snowiest month. The High Country has been dumped on with snow, as usual. So, the slopes will be gorgeous. I haven't skiied in over a year, so I'll take it easier.

Another reason I'm looking forward to this trip is because Jennifer and Pete will be joining us. They won't be skiing, they'll be snowshoeing. They've actually gone up twice this winter into Rocky Mountain National Park nearby to practice. As a couple. Oh, yeah. We're all mega-excited about that. Pete owns the cafe at the back of the knitting shop, Lambspun, right across from where I live. And Jennifer has waitressed for the cafe for years. Long before I arrived in Fort Connor. Anyway. . .all of us have been watching Pete pining away for Jennifer quietly for ages. Jennifer, meanwhile, has always acted like she didn't notice. Uh, huh. We know better.

Finally, Jennifer and Pete began going out together for dinner. . .or a movie. Heck, we don't care if they go to the grocery store, for Pete's sake. We're simply happy to see them together. You know what I mean?

Gotta go. Accounts to finish up and gear to be packed. Oh, yeah. . .I've received another message that I'll be posting on the 8th of the month from now on. That's great. That's the day I used to post to you guys. I'd already marked it on my daytimer. Talk to you next month. Or, maybe one of the guys will.


  1. That scenery would be worth a headache! Have fun skiing, Kelly.

  2. I use to shy away from trips with my coupled-friends too, but now I go and just enjoy myself as well. Have fun skiing.

    pps..thanks for the tip about the high altitude.

  3. I love Colorado and all those peaks! Enjoy your ski trip!

  4. Look at those mountains! There's nothing like the Rockies for drama. Have a great time, Kelly!

  5. Enjoy the ski trip. I'm going next week to clear my head. I thoroughly understand the appeal!

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  6. Oh! How wonderful. I keep telling myself that I can ski. But whenever I go on a ski trip, I remember that I'm terrified of heights and the thought of barreling down a mountain at top speeds is, well, crazy!

    However, I do enjoy the hot chocolate at the lodge. And the scenery is inspiring. Have a safe trip!

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  7. Janet & Dru---The scenery is stunning, truly. And don't worry about headaches. Most people don't get them & even if they do, it only last less than a day usually,

  8. Erika---Thanks! You should come back for a visit.

  9. Mary Jane---Thanks. I plan to enjoy just being out in our beautiful Rockies and being with my friends.

  10. Ooooo, Dorothy---If you're that scared of heights, maybe you shouldn't be out on the slopes. You should stay in the lodge and enjoy that yummy hot chocolate.

  11. Kelly, you haven't seen Steve in 6 months?!!!! I hope you two get back together. You two make such a cute couple!

    My husband and I met in Colorado and have been married almost 7 years now. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

    Have fun skiing, sometimes we really miss being in Colorado right by the mountains.

  12. I agree with those that think Kelly and Steve should be together: but for their sakes, not just because they make a cute couple. Maggie made them "cute" as she made Jen and Pete, Mimi and Burt, Curt and Jayleen, etc, Lisa and Greg and Megan and Marty! Great people in this series and by this talented author that made Kelly and Steve too. And as she writes from real life, and it is so real it can hurt too, so can she heal and reunite them, in her own good time...and theirs. So there is Hope, people. Keep reading Maggie's books. She always tops her last work...rather like Kelly, isn't she? An accident...not on your life!

    I also agree with Dru in that Kelly is a member of good standing with Lambspun and just needs to go, enjoy and be Kelly without needing to worry about being a duo. Very wise, Dru. A message Kelly needed to hear for her own peace of mind. Thanks.
    Rob, Grand Rapids