Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Friends and Lovers

by Jennifer Stroud, one of Kelly Flynn's best friends

from Maggie Sefton's SKEIN OF THE CRIME

Hi, there, everybody---It's been quite a while since I've had the chance to chat with you all. Kelly slipped me a note yesterday while I was waitressing at Pete's Cafe where I work every morning. Real estate is my afternoon job, but business is so bad it's on life support. Thank goodness Pete has increased his catering business in the evenings and needs my help, otherwise my budget would be on life support.

Anyway. . .Kelly wanted me to "update" you guys on my. . .well, my relationship with Pete. I've known Pete for years, ever since I started working morning shifts at the cafe in the back of Lambspun knitting shop here in Fort Connor, Colorado.

I've never worked for a kinder, more understanding, nicer guy in my life---and believe me, I've worked at a lot of restaurants over the years. Waitressing helped me work my way through college years ago. Who would have thought that I'd still be waitressing after all these years? I thought for sure that I'd be able to support myself as a real estate agent. I was good at it. And everybody was buying houses then. Of course, that was several years ago. That's the bad thing about real estate as a career. When things are good, they're very good. But when things are bad, well. . .they're awful. Bottom line: People don't have to buy a house. But they do have to eat.

Another reason I've stayed with the cafe is the great people I've met while working here. Most of my closest friends I've met in Lambspun around the knitting table. That's where I met Kelly. And, I can safely say that without having them as friends, my life would be very different. . .and not as happy. I also wouldn't have been able to take a hard look at some of the decisions I'd made and why. . .and then, make new decisions. Pete was one of those good decisions.

I knew that Pete had feelings for me, just as I had for him. But I wasn't ready to admit that to myself. Maybe I didn't feel I deserved a great guy like Pete. Maybe that's why I wasted so much time with sexy bad boys I'd meet at the clubs. Or, the bars. But, that's past history. Now, for the first time in my life, I can picture a future. . .with a very good guy. Pete.


  1. Glad to hear it Jennifer we could all tell Pete cared for you. You just needed to open your eyes. Hopefully all will work out great. Not sure what Maggie has in store for the both of you. Tell the crew I said hello and will be reading soon.

  2. How wonderful, Jennifer. It's good you've got a great guy in your life now. Here's hoping that future is going to be real sweet!

  3. Jennifer, can anything be done about Kelly and Steve? Do you think that's completely over now?

  4. Jennifer, I am so glad things are working out with you and Pete. There has to be a happy ending!

  5. Wow. . .thank you guys. I didn't know I had so many people rooting for me. I feel honored. Happy Endings? You know. . .I used to think that only happened in books and movies. But now. . .now I think differently. I believe happy endings are possible in real life.

    As for Kelly & Steve---I definitely believe they will get back together. They have to. They belong together. And, you can't tell me they've stopped loving each other. No way. I'm a believer now---in happy endings and in people.

    Ohhh, yeah. . .I had to leave this scribbled note on her desk. Her, being our Constant Observer. She's always keeping an eye on us. Gotta get back to work. Break's over. See you, guys.

  6. My comment disappeared! So let's try it again. Here's hoping we'll read happy news in future books about these captivating characters.

  7. Jennifer, I'm so glad that things are working out with Pete.

  8. Nice to hear from you Jennifer.

  9. Thank you, Lin, Dru, & Annette for all your good wishes. ---Jennifer