Friday, March 25, 2011


An interview with Seth Chapin, from Sheila Connolly's Orchard Mystery Series.

You want me to what? Oh, sorry, I’ve got to get that phone. [GAP]

Now, where were we? You’re asking me about Meg Corey? I don’t know that she’d want me to be telling tales about her. Have you talked to her?

Oh, you have. Okay, I guess. Meg is a neighbor, and my landlady, sort of, and one of the most determined people I know. It’s not obvious when you meet her, because she comes across as really nice, but she’s got a lot of bulldog in her. I mean that in a good way. She moved to Granford a year ago and stumbled over a dead body right away. I have to admit when it happened I had some doubts, and so did a lot of people in town, because we hadn’t gotten to know her yet. After all, she knew the dead guy, and he was found in her yard. Well, actually, I found him. Not pretty.

Some people might have just given up and left town at that point, but Meg didn’t let a bad start discourage her. She stayed in Granford and she decided to try to work the orchard up the hill there. It’s an old one, and it’s been producing for as long as anyone around here can remember. It runs right up to my land—I live just over the hill. What’m I doing here? I’m renting space in Meg’s outbuildings, for my business—building renovation and restoration. Yes, old buildings take a lot of maintenance, but I enjoy it. Letting me use the space works well for both Meg and me.

Excuse me again—I’ve got to take this call. It’s about town business—I’m a selectman. [GAP] Sorry to keep interrupting. Meg says I can’t keep myself from helping anyone who asks, and on top of that I’ve got a business to run. Where were we? Oh, right, the orchard. So Meg dug in, hired people, took some classes, and darned if she didn’t actually turn a profit on her apple sales this past year. That’s not easy to do, and I keep telling her she should be proud of herself.

Murders? Well, yes, she’s found a few bodies, but it’s not her fault. I mean, no way is Meg Corey a murderer—she’s as honest as they come. Her mother? Okay, there was a little while that we thought maybe her mother had been involved with a murder, but it wasn’t true. You’re right—Meg’s had kind of a tough time of it here.

What do you mean, are we involved? With each other? Why don’t you ask her? Oh, that’s what she said? Well, we’re friends. More than friends? Isn’t that kind of a nosy question? We’re old-time Yankees—we don’t talk about personal stuff with people we don’t know well. Not even people we do know well, most of the time. But I’ll back Meg one hundred percent in whatever she wants to do. I hope she decides to stay in Granford—we need good people like her in this town. Do I want her to stay? You mean, personally? Well, yeah, I do. She knows that.


  1. "Well, yes, she’s found a few bodies, but it’s not her fault."

    I can identify, Seth!
    - Marcy Singer

  2. You are a great neighbor and friend for Meg, Seth.

  3. Are you sure she knows that you want her to stay? Women like a little reassurance about that sort of thing.

    ~ Krista

  4. Murder and apples...they sort of go together!

    Glad you'll be staying in the picture, Seth. Meg's a lucky gal!

  5. Seth, don't hide your feelings! If you like Meg, let her know. Don't go all 'Yankee' on her!!

  6. I love this cover!

    Seth, don't assume, tell Meg you want her to stay.

  7. I love the cover, too. Seth, I like how you're supportive of Meg. But a girl likes to know where she stands. Talk to her.

  8. What Victoria, Dru, and Dorothy said. Way to say nothing at all with a lot of words, Seth. Yankee or not, don't leave stuff like that to "she knows", because you don't know if she really does or not until you talk to her, straight out and honest. You don't have to tell us your business, but you do have to be obvious with Meg.

  9. Seth, this isn't really an enemy interrogation. By the way, I figure you could withstand a lot of punishment. But this is Meg - your Meg. So we'll just plug our ears and turn our backs and you just make sure you don't miss your chance.

  10. Hey, I haven't wanted to push too hard--Meg has had a lot on her plate this year. Besides, I've got some personal baggage of my own. We're just taking it one day at a time. But we're definitely working on it. (Sometimes it's hard being a Yankee!)


  11. Well now Seth... if you and Meg don't work out in the future.. look me up!

  12. Sending out the vibes for you and Meg, Seth.