Friday, March 4, 2011

Lost and Fondue

By Charlotte Bessette

From LOST AND FONDUE, by Avery Aames

May I share a secret? My friend, Meredith, wants to throw a fund-raiser in a long-abandoned winery, a winery rumored to have not only buried treasure but buried bodies. The fund-raiser's for a good cause. Meredith wants to convert the winery into an institution of higher learning. That's right, she wants to start a college. In Providence, Ohio. I can't keep her down sometimes. Her enthusiasm is so infectious.

But I'm a little wary. The winery has such a checkered history. Wouldn't having the fund-raiser at a different place serve the same purpose? Couldn't she just get the money, then tear down the winery, and build what she wants? Yes, of course, I've put these questions to her and she's just laughed me off. Superstitious, she called me. And yes, the chicken word was used. Years ago, she'd tried to get me to steal inside the building. I'm not superstitious, I told her, but I have my moments of caution. [Not as many as my grandfather would like. I've been a little rash lately. And I sort of like being daring, I have to admit.]

But back to Meredith. She talks about the winery like it's a living breathing thing. She says the building has character. She says it deserves another chance. I like old buildings as much as the next person, but this one has bad vibes. The Zieglers...well, let me just say that they were not a happy bunch. The father...and the mother...and then the daughter left town and...rumors of pirates and...

I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it. And I'm not the only one worrying. I mentioned Meredith's idea to my grandmother, Grandmère, and her face turned stoney.

So what do you think? Should I try to dissuade Meredith? My cousin Matthew says I won't be able to.

Have you ever felt creepy about an old house in your neighborhood and avoided it like the plague?


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Say cheese!


  1. You won't be able to stop her if this is what she really wants to enjoy it. Not a house in my neighborhood that made me creep out. It was my great aunt's house. You'd hear knocking all the time. Then she'd say, " Come in if you're able." I never knew what that meant...then my mom told me my aunt spoke to spirits. I never went back.

  2. I think it will be fun to do the fund raiser there and knowing Meredith, no one could stop her.

  3. Wary? I'd be running the other direction!

  4. Oooh, Kissablesweet 1 - come in if you're able. How daring!!!! I'm giggling with nervous anticipation.

    Dru - okay, I guess you're right.

    Janet - running? I should run? Oh, no, so many decisions!

    Um, thanks to all. I think. Oh, my.


  5. Give it up, Charlotte. Meredith's too bullheaded. Maybe you'll find a long-buried and priceless bottle of wine.

  6. Oh, Lila, do you think? That would be lovely and we could celebrate with a wonderful cheese platter of Taleggio and Morbier and Tuscan Tartuffo. Oh, yum. Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease!


  7. Perhaps you should be a bit daring, Charlotte. Besides, what's a body or two in a good mystery!

    Sounds like it will be tasty, anyway!

  8. I think you're right, Charlotte. I love old buildings, in fact, I live in one that was around during the civil war, but bad vibes mean stay out. Krista, my author, isn't as smart as I am and insisted on going to a haunted insane asylum last fall. Can you believe that? All for research she claims. Hah! I have to watch out for her.

    And Kissablesweet1 -- Krista *loves* "come in if you're able."

    ~ Sophie Winston

  9. Charlotte - you won't be able to talk her out of it, but do be careful, okay? I know from personal experience that old buildings with history can be terrifying. Watch your back!

  10. Old buildings are wonderful and they do have a feeling of character and gentile beauty. In my past life, did a short term rental in a home that definitely had issues. I would not let my children go to a certain part of the second floor, it felt cold, damp and very angry and sad. But, convincing someone else to do as we wish is generally not successful...go with the flow and be prepared for anything.

  11. Erika - a body or TWO?????!!!! Yipes.
    Annette - Go with the flow. (Yes, that might be best)
    Grace - I can't talk her out of it? Watch my back??? Double yipes!
    Sophie - A haunted insane asylum? Oh, my!!!

    Thanks to all for your advice. I think I need to bake. That always seems to calm my nerves. Hmmm, a nice quiche. I think I have a recipe for that...or Avery does (on her website; she's so into sharing). LOL


  12. Old buildings? Bad vibes? Missing people? What's not to love ... and read. You know it's going to happen, Charlotte.

  13. Having the fund raiser at the old winery WITH it's reputation is the draw that will bring out the curious and the givers... They will raise more money that way.... Meredith knows a good marketing ploy when she sees one. GO FOR IT !!!!

  14. Wine, cheese, pirates and ghosts? Sounds like my kind of fundraiser.

    PS - Wish I could download a piece of quiche right now. Yum, yum.

  15. This sounds like spooooooky fun!!

  16. MJ...oh, no.
    Nora, go for it. Love your enthusiasm.
    Cindy, you like pirates and ghosts? Gasp!
    Victoria - I'm not so sure it's spooky, but I hope it'll be fun. Putting on my "daring" hat right now.